Working with Rotavators


For homeowners that take pride in their lawn and landscaping, some may consider utilizing a rotavator to plough or rototill their yards. This tool is a motorized tiller used to work and loosen up the soil in your yard or garden area to prepare the ground for planting seed or a new lawn.

This piece of yard equipment has rotating blades designed to break up chunks of dirt or hard ground. When working with this type of equipment it is important to take all the necessary safety precautions. It has blades so it is dangerous and should not be used in the presence of children. Unlike a mower, this is not the type of yard tool that children should use, nor should they be around while it is in use.

Because this is such a powerful machine designed to break up hard ground, the adult user should be thoroughly trained in all necessary safety techniques before using. Of course with any type of motorized equipment there should be specialized safety training before using, and that is especially true with a piece of equipment with blades. Another name for rotavators is a power harrow. Regardless of what name it goes by, it essentially is used the same as a cultivator. Most retailers for this type of equipment will offer a safety course or at least include a safety video in with the purchase of the item. And as with any outdoor machinery, aside from learning the proper and safe way to use it, you should also wear protective equipment.

People invest a considerable amount of money on equipment to maintain and beautify their yards. A well maintained lawn can be a huge selling point when houses are on the market. Even if the home itself isn’t much to look at, one thing that will definitely make a potential buyer stop and look is a well maintained yard. And if the cost of the rotavator is a large factor in your decision to purchase one, you can always search your local want ads or another option is online auction sites or listings that sell all types of miscellaneous products.


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