Waterscape Designs add Relaxation and Beauty to any Yard

It is the ultimate in curb appeal for the front of a home, or a secret garden addition for serenity in the back yard. Waterscapes, or water features in landscaping, have become exceedingly popular in the last 10 years, with no end in sight as homeowners strive to beat the stress of everyday life.

But what constitutes a water scape design?

Simple ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains are examples of water scapes that can be installed in the smallest yard, or even onto a balcony. As the space available increases, so too can the options.

Imagine an English Garden with an old style fountain amid beautiful roses, or a Japanese Garden, complete with a koi pond surrounded by a small thicket of bamboo. Or if space permits, a terraced collection of small boulders with water cascading over like a mountainside.

Costs will vary depending on the size of the water scape, the location that is best suited to your location (equipment considerations) and the types of foliage included. The first step is to take a photograph of the area that will be used, which will give the landscape design consultant a base to work from.

From there, the company will ensure the design of the water feature is suitable for the clients, taking into consideration the region of the country and its seasonal variations, i.e. snowy winters.

Natural foliage can be added as a complement to the water scape and mirroring the surrounding native plants, or a fantasy world of vegetation can be created that could rival a first-class botanical garden.

Caution: An incorrectly installed water feature can be extremely costly, time consuming and frustrating. Do your homework on the professionals in your area.

Indoor ponds and waterfalls are a way to create a piece of serenity in any building, from homes to businesses. The sound of water is a naturally relaxing event, and most welcome in homes in the northern part of the United States during long winter days and nights.

Stonescape additions will enhance any water scape, whether it is an outdoor or indoor version. From paving stones on a pathway to little bridges arching over a pond, the combinations of natural environments will be enticing for anyone.

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