Vehicle networking still holds partly concealed brand

Usher in the wake of the automotive electronics market after the beginning of spring, the Guangzhou Automotive Products Fair and Jassen exhibition also has the opening in the face of the automotive electronics market experienced a little “late spring”, and how to go the way this year¬† Can not help but think of the same time in the side of the ocean, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States, said with a smile that sentence of the Sino-US relations, “ask where¬† Road at your doorstep.”

Road at the foot really not an empty talk from the 2011 reshuffle, the automotive electronics market has been spit old satisfied that the new, mustering the strength to catch up in the path. The word “brand”, deeply branded in a public enterprise, although the spring time, be able to see the complete corporate “bottom line”, but from the two exhibitions, several new conference can still peep my humble opinion Leopard.

Becoming increasingly clear that cross-border brand continue to simmer

From the single “car navigation” to “car entertainment systems, car video security system,” is not just proper nouns change, the development of a single vehicle computers to today’s “system”, in addition to outside the media to drum up support, car the enterprise of “spontaneous” very important; I sweep the Museum found that almost every big car machine corporate booth, have a modified car “gorgeous” on display, Hua Yang, Fei Song, Lu Chang shows the latest automotive entertainment systems, if the three-screen interaction is to revisit the issues, then the business under the sound foot effort is common a few years ago without the “new  car machine business now more than staring at the car machine cake and hold the previously mentioned car audio, domestic brands should be an international brand “back away”, with vehicle computer market share advantage, the sound is the soft underbelly to display outside the car depot happy to the general direction of the audio conversion effect; fly song, the Europe and China has always been proud of the sound advantages: the Philco this machine in the car on the booths, in addition to with headphones to the audience audiovisual entertainment system build specifically for the vehicle also gives a shock; Europe and China to’s answer seems to open a new path, and removed to the sound module to display confidence, quality, but also seems confirmed the “master” advertising non-virtual; road smooth sound a modified car fetish, the murder of many of the “film” wings, double bass, four screens, a host can also be with the music beat telescopic can not help but admire modified humanely obsessed; the one hand, confirms the stability of the S, Chang An, on the other hand “gimmick” full, after all, marveling at the I also skip the hair feeling, the first car machine manufacturer wins the eye, early adopters of novelty, it is each other “competition” to stimulate the development of the industry.

The Philco exhibited car machine, headrest, audio in-one entertainment program

Murder of a lot of film, Lu Chang modified cars, for the dissemination of broader microblogging

From the advantages in terms of brand development, can not fail to mention a good helper and Huayang industry car camera resources to go the first step;’s a good helper “Caska”, “Feng promise,” Wings cards were accounted for vehicle computer. safety electronics, car networking service providers and other resources, this time I see these three stand system for entertainment, security features, but each have their own selling pointComputer Technology Articles, it seems the latest development of automotive electronics in here to see clues.