Top Do It Yourself Basement Tips

Are looking for do it yourself basement tips? Then you have come to your one-stop source. Finishing your basement can create a beautiful addition to your home and is a great investment. A finished basement can be a new living space such as a game room, media room, bar and even bathrooms and guestrooms.

When working on your do it yourself basement remodeling project, one important tip is to plan. You cant just start working on your basement without drawing it all out on paper first and expect the end result to be something you truly wanted.

What is main purpose of the room? This is what you want to do first – to figure out what main purpose you want your finished basement to have. For instance, what type of space do you have always waned in your home but never got the chance because your existing basement is unusable? Did you always want to do some woodworking or crafting but did not have the space available? In this case you could have a hobby room right in your basement.

Keep in mind not to over-specialize your space though. Take this advice especially if you are planning to sell your home in the next several years. Not all potential buyers will be into a hobby room. So make sure your finished basement can be easily transformed for other purposes.

Lighting is another aspect you may want to consider seriously. Yes, you could always install lighting fixtures but why not save on energy bills and utilize natural light? Aside from ceiling height, inadequate lighting is one of the major reasons why basements feel typically claustrophobic, cold and uninviting. In this case, search for any way to incorporate a connection to the outdoors. If your home provides walk-out opportunities, you could perhaps install new sliders or French doors to enhance natural lighting. You could also add more mirrors to reflect natural light.

Think of a theme or color palette if you do not know where to start with the paints and colors. Maintain finish continuity. Try to match the hardware of furnishings, lighting fixtures, etc. Do you want a sense of calm and serenity in your living space? Would you like your basement to appear larger than it really is? In these cases you may want to use cooler colors such as greens and blues. If you want something more lively, you can use warmer colors such as reds and yellows.

Before you start with your decorating ideas, it is important to solve existing basement problems first. This involves waterproofing and repairing all cracks, holes, chips and other types of damage that is usually found in a basement. Overlooking this step could mean damage to your finished basement within just a short period of time.

So you can get started on your do it yourself basement remodeling project, here is a basic project sequence: first clear out your basement, do some waterproofing, incorporate a subfloor, lay out your walls, frame walls and ceiling, install electrical appliances and plumbing, schedule electrical and plumbing inspections, install insulation and drywall, install flooring, install lighting fixtures and finally paint your walls.

Basement remodeling need not be costly. Follow a do it yourself basement remodeling project. Discover some of the most easy-to-follow diy basement remodeling plans online.