Tips for Choosing Daily School Cleaning Service Provider

Customize your experience. Some cleaning companies expect you to provide the cleaning equipment and materials while others don’t.There are benefits to both scenarios, but only if you’re aware of and satisfied with whatever the package happens to be.If you provide the equipment, like window or bathroom cleaner, you can control costs more and ensure you’re purchasing the greenest or safest products. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to store and stock all the materials. Know what’s expected and choose the cleaning package that works best for you.

Know the details. Most cleaning service companies offer a booklet or checklists clarifying the services that are covered in a typical daily school cleaning visit. You can use these specifications to modify your experience or include additional notes. What may not be covered in the booklet is how to address service problems. No one makes the grade every time, so understand the ideal way to make suggestions or voice criticisms.

Make sure they’re insured and bonded. School cleaning services that are insured and bonded are there to help you out, when it comes to unforeseen mishaps and unexpected losses. Even if it costs a little more, stick with cleaning service providers that have bonded and insured staff.

Choosing daily school cleaning services can help you create a more blissful school environment while liberating some time to enjoy your tidier school. Make sure you’re getting the good service by understanding your needs and asking good questions of the Manchester-based company that you’re looking to take on.

Questions to ask your daily school cleaning service representative:

*How many years have you been in school cleaning business?
*How many staff do you have, and how long have they been with your company?
*Will the same team come daily?
*How do you handle cancellations, problems, or requests?
*What’s your company’s breakage policy?
*What safeguarding policy do they have in place.
*What will the housecleaner(s) clean on a routine visit? What will they NOT clean on a routine visit?
*Also, ask to check the tools they will be using for cleanliness.

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