The Commercial Cleaning Industry in Australia

Commercial cleaning generally involves the cleaning of commercial areas such as buildings, apartments and generally everything bigger in scope when in comparison to residential dwellings. Commercial cleaning is generally undertaken by a firm or agency that specialises or caters in this particular field. Generally, the custom is that an agency will contract out its services to individual agents, who thereby take the responsibility of cleaning the designated areas. In essence they receive the contract for the particular job. It is usually undertaken by a team of 2-3 depending on the scale of the operation. Commercial cleaning differs from cleaning residential dwellings in the respect that the scale of the operation is much greater as there is much more floor space, also the general duties differ as the focus is on various aspects such as the carpet, desks, and toilets.

Commercial Cleaning generally involves using advanced chemicals to tackle tough stains and grease; also the type of equipment used differs from those used in residential dwellings. The type of equipment is much more expensive in price, and is much more durable. Commercial cleaning is generally undertaken in the evenings when office hours are closed, this allows the workers to do their job in a much more efficient and professional manner. The most common hours are between 7-8pm and in the mornings before work reopens for the day. The duration differs according to the scale of the job, but generally as a rule of thumb it would not normally exceed 2-3 hours.

The majority of commercial buildings and offices today generally employ the services of commercial cleaners; this is because a greater priority and emphasis is placed on hygiene and cleanliness.

Cleaners are specialised in this field, and undergo vigorous training to ensure jobs are done to an exceptional standard. This is understood and accepted by firms, thereby contracting out these jobs.

Commercial cleaning is usually done to an exceptional standard, and generally you would not associate them as amateurs. It is more efficient and professional to employ firms that specialise in this field, rather than a DIY job. This is because the type of equipment and resources that are available to them, are usually redundant when doing it yourself. Take it from John ” Hygiene, professionalism and cleanliness can no longer be underplayed within the work force, it is becoming more and more important, it is come to the point where the service is no longer optional but essential”.

In summary, commercial cleaning is important today where great emphasis is placed on cleanliness and hygiene within the work place, it is no longer efficient nor professional to do it yourself.

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