The challenges of cleaning a commercial swimming pool

Hiring a commercial swimming pool cleaner may be an expensive undertaking but many people find it is well worth the money paid. Professional swimming pool technicians can keep your commercial pool clean and sanitized so that no bacteria get introduced into the pool water. When you have a lot of people in and out of the pool, the need for cleanliness of the water and the pool itself cannot be stressed enough.


If you have a commercial swimming pool and wonder what a pool cleaning professional can do for you, here are a few items:


Debris removal: The first thing a commercial swimming pool cleaner will do is remove the dirt and debris that has accumulated in the pool – whether it’s floating on the surface or if it’s sunk to the bottom. The technician will have access to pool cleaners and skimmers with removable, movable and various shaped and sized net heads. These allow you to use the telescoping poll mechanism to clean the pool without much bending over. You may decide to remove dirt and debris from the swimming pool in between the times your pool technician is scheduled. Talk with them about the proper supplies you need to perform pool upkeep between his or her visit.
Grime removal: Your pool tech will use a pool cleaner that’s designed to work underwater. The “grime cleaner” removes the dirt and debris that might have settled in the bottom of the swimming pool. The pool tech will also take a brush and scrub the sides and bottom of the swimming pool to remove any built up grime. He will focus on the parts of the swimming pool which are prone to becoming moldy and slimy. Following the debris and grime removal, the swimming pool will be vacuumed.
Checking the chemistry: The pool water will be checked for correct chemical levels – chlorine and pH. The tech will have a water testing kit to make certain the levels are in correct balances.
Filter changes: Your swimming pool filters are a major component and are needed to keep the swimming pool clean. Prior to cleaning the filters, your pool technician will make certain the power supply is turned off to prevent injury or damage. Because the filters are highly pressurized, care must be taken when removing the valves where the filters are stored. Following the release of the pressure the filters will be cleaned, and replaced if necessary. Keep in mind that thoroughly cleaning the pool filters is rarely done. It’s good practice to keep some of the good bacteria which grows in the pool filter. This helps remove dirt from the swimming pool.
Pool cleaning agents: During the cleaning phase, your pool professional will add chlorine and other cleaning agents that are necessary to keep your swimming pool clean. It is sometimes a delicate balance to keep the chemicals in line. Too much chlorine can cause burning eyes, dry skin and damaged hair. Too little chlorine and bacteria and algae can take hold.


Having your commercial swimming pool cleaned by a professional is usually what most individuals opt for when it comes to keeping the pool clean and safe for those who visit and enjoy it.



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