The Art of Interior ReDesign

Have you ever said, “I would love a new look for my home but I can’t afford to purchase all new furnishings and accessories.”? Or maybe, “I’m bored with the same old design I’ve had for so long and I want a change.” Then you might want to think about a popular concept known as Interior ReDesign or One-Day Redecorating. If you have ever watched some of the shows on HGTV, you would know it is possible to create a completely new look with the very furnishings and accessories you already own.

These days many people don’t want to change where they live, just how they live. Interior ReDesign is fast becoming an affordable solution to transforming your space without the added expense of new purchases. Instead of shopping in a store, you “shop” your home for hidden treasures. Updating your home’s look can help you love the place you live once again.

Simply by rearranging your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories, an entirely new design can be achieved. In my home, every time I move a picture, my husband thinks I’ve made a recent purchase. Not only does it give the room a different feel, the relocated item looks like a brand new piece without spending any money.

Following are some tips I use when redesigning a home:

1. Create conversation areas: One of the most common mistakes people make when arranging a room is to line the furniture around the perimeter of the room. When placing furniture in a room, start with the largest pieces to create an arrangement that’s more conducive to conversation. You don’t want to have to shout across the room so bring the pieces into the room and away from the wall. Once you have your basic arrangement, lighting and artwork can be reintroduced.


Lighting tips: Lighting is a very crucial element to creating the warm, inviting atmosphere most people want to achieve. Start with three points of lighting such as floor lamps and tables lamps placed in a triangle pattern around the room. Add a dimmer to overhead lighting such as chandeliers or recessed lighting. This will help soften the room and still give you the option for bright lighting if needed. To achieve a more intimate environment, completely turn off overheads and use lamps, ambient lighting and candles.

3. Artwork tips: Artwork brings color and balance to a room creating a more inviting space. A common mistake people make is to spread several small pictures around the room to try to cover the wall space. Grouping pictures together creates a greater visual impact. When hanging a group of pictures, find a common theme to tie them together such as color, artist or similar frames.

The concept of Interior ReDesign is to create an atmosphere that is not only beautiful but functional as well using what you already own. It’s a fast, affordable way to get a different look. Before you decide to throw everything out and shop for new pieces, think of how you can use what you already have to get a fresh, new look.

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Sharyn Hutchinson of ReDesign Concepts, LLC is an Interior ReDesigner/Home Stager who specializes in helping homeowners create beautiful spaces using their exisiting furnishings and accessories.