Are you standing in front of your wardrobe, feeling depressed that you do not have anything to wear to the party in the evening? Time for you to dig into those lower drawers, and pull out your mom’s sari. Team it with a designer blouse, and you will be cynosure of all eyes tonight.

When the West first came to know about the Sari, they were amazed at how Indian women can wear a 6 yard long piece of cloth without tailoring it, and that’s how the western craze for Indian saris started. But in India, the sari has been around since time immemorial and is a part of daily culture, and that too, most Indian women feel comfortable in a sari even when compared to a Valentino evening gown.

Designer Sunny, while speaking about his fall collection with an Indian theme confesses that he loves the fluidity of the sari, and believes that when a woman wears a sari, she not only adorns her body, but also her soul.  Now-a-days, even college going teenagers are opting for the sari, as they feel that one can never go wrong in terms of the party theme with a sari.

The sari is a versatile and an almost perfect garment, even in relation to the present day Fashion scenario. The sari is formal and can be worn to office. Pin up a cotton starch sari, and you are good to go the morning conference. Let your hair down with a bold print, and you are good to go to the evening party, again in a sari.

With Bridal collections gaining prominence, designers all over the world have started concentrating on saris, as every Indian woman will wear a sari on her wedding day. She may be the most modern, foreign- brought up, English speaking independent woman, but if she is Indian, she will wear a sari for her wedding. The Bridal collection is made of elaborate saris with heavy brocade and intricate designs. Be it chiffon, or georgette or a traditional Kanjeevaram silk sari, there is a sari for every woman, suiting her personality.

A wedding is the most important moment of a girls life, and the Indian wedding sari is made to suit the bride’s whimsical fantasies. With custom-made saris gaining momentum, Indian wedding sarees are now being studded with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

One important thing to remember while buying a sari is you should buy something that suits your color and body contour, and not just because it looks fancy. All types of saris do not suit everyone. Women on the plump and are on the heavier side should opt of chiffon, georgette or Mysore silk sari, as it will it will help them look much better, where as slim, thin women should go for saris made of tissue or net. Tall women can experiment with bold prints and huge borers, but short women should wear saris with small or no border.

Now buying the sari of your dreams is just a click away! For women who know what suits them perfectly, it is easier to shop for daily wear and party saris online, as it will save much time. All online sari stores now offer cash on delivery, and most have them have a return scheme, so there will be no need to worry about a bad delivery. Online sari stores offer the much needed freedom- you can browse and look for any length of time before deciding on your pick.

The quintessential Indian woman has always been depicted by artists in a long- flowing sari, and it will continue to stay that for a very long time to come. Now a woman can proudly say, that she is six yards ahead of her time!

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