Cleaning Your Own Residential & Commercial Windows

Large amounts of people think they can have sparkling windows by using a bottle of glass cleaner and a paper towel, if only it was that easy. Most of the time you use this kind of product to clean a dirty window it will smear and smudge. Your commercial windows might appear to be clean at the moment, but just wait until the sun shines through and you’ll see what I mean. This article will show you what you can do yourself to get your windows very clean. Some think its the technique, some think its the soap, some believe the tools used are responsible, when in reality all of these are responsible for having a window so clean you’ll thinks its open.

First off you want to make sure your using all of the correct tools to get the job done, if your serious about residential or commercial window cleaning then you must fork out a bit of cash that’ll save you in the long run. If your home is two stories you’ll need to buy a ladder, this will be the only safe way to clean windows above a roof on a two story home. You will need a squeegee, make sure you buy a small one and large one (the 5 inch restroom windows would be a pain to clean with a large squeegee). Your also going to need a pack of micro fibers, these can be bought at a local hardware store. Micro fibers are essential if you want to touch up the soap left on the windows edge without leaving a streak. You’ll need a razor, they’ll help you remove the paint/plaster/bird poop you’ll most likely find on any home.  You will also need a bucket, soap (dish soap will be fine), T bar with a sponge (to scrub window and apply soap), and a belt (to hold all of your equipment).

Now that you have the materials you need for a perfectly clean residential or commercial window you can start working on your window cleaning technique. Most professionals I know will use the “s” method to clean windows because its faster, but we will focus on the basic “up down” while you start out, both methods give the same results. Start of by applying soap with your sponge. If the window has any paint or stubborn bird poop then use your scraper to remove it with ease. After scrapping make sure to re-apply the soap. Position your squeegee on the top edge of the glass and pull strait down, dry the squeegee with a micro fiber and continue until you’ve completed the window. You will almost always end up with a bit of soap on the edge of your windows, just use a clean micro fiber to wipe them and you’ll be sure not to leave any streaks.

Cleaning your own residential or commercial windows may seem very difficult at first, but with time and practice Im sure you’ll be cleaning windows like a professional in no time! Remember to take your time and do a good job, speed will come automatically with time. These are just a few cleaning tools / techniques that have helped me personally with my Riverside commercial window cleaning business. Feel free to throw in anything else you think might help you also. Good luck to you, and be careful on those ladders!

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