Best Type of Insurance For Your Cleaning Company

What is the difference between being insured or bonded? Is it better for your cleaning company to be insured or bonded? When you are going into your clients homes and doing work being insured is very important. It will put your clients at ease. Most of the time the reason that you are cleaning their home is because they are just too busy so when you go there to clean your client will not be home. If something gets broke or comes up missing then this where your insurance will cover you. Even though your company did not take the item it will still look bad for your business.

This is why if you do not have insurance then most people will not hire you. When you are starting up a cleaning company the best insurance for you would be general liability insurance. This type of insurance covers you if something accidentally gets broken or damaged. It also covers you if you were to get injured while on the job. The price of the insurance depends on certain things. It depends on the amount of employees you have and also your business track record. Depending on the services that you offer can also cause the price of your insurance to go up. Two examples of these services are window services, disaster clean. Depending on all of these factors will determine how much you are going to pay for insurance.

A bond is similar to insurance it protects the client and you because if something were to go missing or broke then your client would get reimbursed from your bond. In the cleaning industry the best type of bond is a fidelity bond. This kind of bond works by if one of the employees that you hire do end up taking something then the bond will pay the client after the court case.

Another bond that is good to have when you are running this type of business is the surety bond. This type of bond is not a necessity but it sure will make you clients feel more comfortable hiring you. This type of bond guarantees your work. It means that if your client was not given the service that was promised to them then the customer can go thru you insurance to get reimbursed. The customer can either get their money back or the insurance will pay for them to hire another cleaning company.

Technically you do not need to have these types of insurance but it will help with getting your business jobs and it also protect you if something were to go wrong. Even if you may never need to actually use these types of insurance it is definitely not a waste of funds. Just having your customers know that they are covered will be great when developing trust with your customers.

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