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Tork, a business division of SCA Tissue Europe, is internationally recognized as a market leader in the development of hygiene products and cleaning supplies. SCA Tissue Europe was named as the world’s second greenest company by the Green Leader’s Global Top Ten, with environmental sustainability being one of the core issues present in their manufacturing policies. Tork products can be found in washrooms all over the planet, and although they are designed primarily for industrial and office environments, they can be installed in homes as well.

SCA was presented with two designer awards for their Tork Elevation dispenser range, including an iF design award in Hanover, Germany. The innovative design and technology which characterize the majority of Tork products seems to have earned them their reputation as an ethical, environmentally-conscious, hygienically alert company.

When searching for hygiene products and cleaning supplies online, Tork products regularly top the search results list, with Tork zigzag folds, Tork dispensers, Tork paper towels, and Tork dispenser hand towel rolls appearing as internationally-acclaimed best-sellers.

The Tork dispenser hand towel Interfold is ideal for environments such as restaurants and offices, with its slim and sturdy design, and one-towel dispensing that ensures economical consumption. The Tork Dispenser hand towel zigzag fold is one of the simpler, more robust Tork dispensers available. The convenient design makes it easy to refill with Tork zigzag rolls. Tork paper towels seem to have developed an almost legendary reputation for their softness and absorbent nature.

Bacteria can spread easily on surface skin and can be transferred almost effortlessly upon contact with other objects, where they will multiply until the reaching high numbers and the individual who comes into contact with a large quantity of infectious bacteria is bound to fall sick. Soap easily kills bacteria and hence should be used regularly. The hand towels made of paper are also referred to as disposable towels since they are meant to be used only once after which they are meant to be discarded. Since this prevents usage by multiple people, it promotes a better sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

It is due to these reasons that disposable towels definitely feature in the list of eco friendly cleaning supplies and hygiene products of most of the homes, commercial establishments, public areas and offices. Another type of product that helps with your air and smell problems is an air purifier.

The Tork Dispenser Wiper Mini Center feed Roll is another Tork product ideal for small scale use such as kitchenettes and laboratories. It is designed to enable the individual to reach and grab for a paper towel smoothly and take as much paper as needed. The Tork Premium Extra Absorbent Kitchen Roll is an ideal alternative in large kitchen settings where food spills may occur on a regular basis. This kitchen roll has a superior absorption capacity and is ideal for busy kitchens everywhere.

The Tork Universal Hand Towel roll has a large amount of towels in each roll, making the need for refilling less frequent. Other Tork products include office cleaning supplies such as air fresheners, facial tissues, wash cloths, bins, and couch rolls. Many of these products can be purchased directly from Hygo at their online store. This is an advisable method of purchase as not only is the pricing reasonable, but the customer service is exemplary as well. Therefore an individual, who is thinking of purchasing quality cleaning supplies, must surely consider Tork.

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