Secrets become a Big Dreamer and Take them Come True

3 fundamental things people need to have and live a successful life are Philosophies, Attitudes and Actions. The way you think about life and the way you look at things influence your attitudes and the way you handle situations in your life. Philosophies are the important element on the way you go in your life. Your actions are the vehicle that make you down that road, good or bad. Below are the secrets of a college dropout and Navy janitor turning his life around to become the Opposing Solo/Lead Solo Pilot for the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Team, The Blue Angels.



The beauty of living in a free society is that WE all have the responsibility for our own path in life. There are many examples of people who have taken a bad situation and turned it around for the better. They took responsibility for themselves instead of blaming others for their situation. If you can learn to create a foundation of GOOD philosophies, then you will affect your attitudes on how you deal with situations and your actions will reflect your foundation. You will have created a successful style of living that will transport you down the road to a life filled with rich experiences, personal growth and the ability to pass the baton to others and inspire them down the same path.


One of the philosophies I talk about is dreaming. My personal belief or philosophy is to DREAM BIG and EXPECT BIG? Why not? As far as we know, this is the only life we have to live, this is not a practice run. I have never met someone who aspired to be a drug addicted thief but I have met many people who dreamed of being a Doctor, Entrepreneur, Professional Athlete, Politician, Scientist etc. These great people used their BIG DREAMS to fuel their SIMPLE choices in life that led them down the path to achievement.


Remember the formula from Math class? Rate X Time = Distance

Here is another formula for life:

Focus/Passion/Action X Commitment/Time/Patience=Success/Accomplishment

This formula has worked for mankind throughout the generations. When I discovered the pieces of this formula I was able to take myself from a very bad situation to a level of achievement that many people will never have the chance to attempt.


You see, I flunked out of college at the age of 22 in debt, with not much left to do except join the military and grow up. I joined the U.S. Navy, spent my first 9 months aboard my ship scrubbing toilets, scraping paint, painting and shining brass. Being a nautical janitor for that amount of time woke me up. If I did not change I could be doing this for a very long time.


I took control and responsibility for my life, changed my philosophies and attitudes about life and ten years almost to the day I flunked out of college I was flying an FA-18 Hornet as the Opposing/Lead Solo Pilot with the Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. My tour with the Blue Angels was one of the highlights of my life.


Why was I able to change my life so drastically? I DREAMED BIG and EXPECTED BIG? I fueled my simple choices with those dreams, changed my path and used that life formula to head on a different journey.


DREAM BIG with ME. YOU can too DREAM BIG and achieve financial freedom. Definition of Financial Freedom: You don’t have to work anymore if you don’t want to…


Mark Provo
Leader in Lightyear Wireless-
“Change Your Cell Phone from an expense into Income!”

Take the Time to Plan and Structure Your Bathroom Re-Design

As rooms go, the bathroom stands out as one if not the most prominent room to consist within the home.

Most people will agree that when given a chance to envisage their perfect home the bathroom is dreamt of featuring extravagance and luxury all contained within a large room. This will feature expensive items such as hand crafted furniture combined with a mixture of traditional and modern fixtures and fittings.

However this for most is only a dream. We are all not lucky enough to have a large bathroom with a wealthy budget to furnish it. But this does not mean that we cannot create a beautiful bathroom that offers a tranquil and ambient atmosphere in which the body can relax.

Budget is also not always a necessity either. With a little planning and a good eye for a bargain this once bare space can be transformed in to a functional and yet stylish location in which you and your family can be proud of.

If like the majority of us, we have a small bathroom, limited to space then consideration has to be taken to what exactly can and cannot be used to decorate the room. You do not have to go spending a fortune either making the room enticing. Simply by using your initiative and creativity you can give you bathroom a fantastic overall. Using elements such as decorative mirrors and lighting combined with idyllic colours and functional yet stylish furniture, balanced with strategically placed accessories will enable your bathroom to become perfect for your requirements.

Where do you start though? The first options you need to consider are the overall purpose of your bathroom. Knowing exactly what and who is going to be using the bathroom will help you to realise the best accessories and furniture required. For instance, if the bathroom is only for you and your partner storage will not be a main precedence. But if the bathroom is going to be used by all your family including children etc. then the use of functional furniture that can be utilised for storage will be a main factor.

The main and possibly the most important issue will be if you require a plumber and electrician. This could be because you have decided to install a new toilet, sink or maybe a new shower. If this is the case you need to ensure what your overall requirements will consist of. If you are going to simply replace an existing sink or toilet then the project will be relatively straight forward and in most cases could be undertaken by a handyman. However if you are considering a total refurbishment, where the whole bathroom will need to be re-plumbed then you will in all likelihood require the services of a professional plumber and an electrician.

One of the most important aspects of remodeling the bathroom is the measuring up process. Many of us forget this priority which can result in cluttering up the bathroom to actually finding that items will not fit and in the worst case scenario become especially expensive. This is usually apparent through the excitement of going and getting new items of furniture and furnishings for the bathroom. Re-designing the bathroom can be extremely enjoyable but ensuring you plan and structures your project from start to finish will ensure it all go’s without a hitch.

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Yard Sprinklers Take Care Of Your Yard And It Will Take Care Of You

Lawn care is one of those parts of home maintenance that can either be a great joy or an arduous drudgery. This usually depends upon your overall disposition concerning yard work in general. The care of any yard is usually a reasonable barometer for assessing the esteem with which a particular homeowner values his property, and himself. A green, lush and verdant lawn belies a homeowner who values his property, and values his neighbors. But a good and thriving yard does not come easy. It takes planning, energy, concerted effort and one resource that is essential to all life water.

A yard that is not getting enough water will whither and die, no matter the circumstances. Even if your house is located in part of the world that receives a high amount of annual rainfall, it is difficult to trust this Act of God with the continuous maintenance and watering of your yard. You need sprinklers to accomplish this with any consistency.

There are several different options available to you if you are planning to construct and install a lawn sprinkler system for your property. Many homeowners, ones who are not necessarily well experienced with do it yourself home care projects, wrongly assume that a full sprinkler installation requires the services of a professional technician or laborer.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is, if you are able-bodied and willing to put in the considerable amount of elbow grease, you can get a brand new custom-designed sprinkler system installed into your lawn in a weekend. And most of this work comes from simply digging the trenches.

You do need to know that, before you install a new sprinkler system, your old lawn will have to be completely torn up. The trenches required for your new sprinkler system will cut vast swathes out of your lawn, and cause irreparable harm. Make sure that prior to beginning any sprinkler installation that you are prepared to immediately install a new lawn after you are complete. This means that you will have to purchase sod, fertilizer, seeding and perhaps some other agents, and you will have to run your new sprinkler system frequently to ensure that your new lawn grows well.

Once you have laid out how a sprinkler system will go into your new lawn, it is simply a matter of cutting the piping to fit the required lengths, fitting elbows and joints to the pipes and forming a comprehensive pipe grid that will run underneath your lawn. From there, you will need to fit the sprinkler heads at appropriate points to ensure an even and efficient watering pattern.

When designing this pattern, be sure to take into account the natural elements and surroundings of your yard. If your yard slopes downhill in parts, use this to your advantage. If there are natural flood aggregation points in your lawn, be sure to set up your sprinkler system to only lightly water these parts, so as not to flood. Too much water will kill your lawn just as quickly as too little.

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