How to schedule your cleaning chores like a Cleaning Company Wandsworth?

Obviously, cleaning isn’t the most glamorous job, and as we make our way through the property dusting, scrubbing and washing we cannot help but wonder if we are being efficient – or if it is time to call in a Cleaning Company Wandsworth.

We find it easier to be at peace with our surrounding when it is well organised and not gathering dirt, dust and fingerprints. But what does it really take to keep a house well cleaned and looking fantastic at all times? How often do you need to clean your house and what do you have to do?

Here’s an example of what your cleaning schedule has to look like:

Short term tasks: need to be completed ones a week.

– Laundry – Usually once is enough, but if you are doing the laundry for a few people, you may want to do it twice a week.

– Hoover – It’s strongly recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least ones a week. Little particles and filth can get caught within the carpet fibres but you can always avoid that by doing regular vacuuming.

– Dusting – Dust can cause health threats if left unattended for a very long time, this should be done weekly.

– Cleaning sinks and toilets – Sinks look better when they are free of drips, soap scum and splatter marks on the shiny chrome, so this should be done before Friday once the toothpaste starts to develop in unattractive areas.

Toilet cleaning is typically the most unpleasant task – particularly if it’s not addressed every other day. If the toilet is not clean it could start to smell unpleasant and be a discomfort to use.

Medium term tasks: Monthly to weekly

– Windows – There is nothing that improves the positive energy and fresh appeal of a house than cleaning the windows and allowing the light to come in unobstructed by glare, grease, smudges and dirt. This chore can be done weekly or bi-weekly as required. Many houses have big windows and it could be a challenging task.

– Shower and tubs – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This task is needed to keep the presence of mildew from taking root and take away all vestiges of soap scum from the facilities.

Long term (monthly to semi-annually)

– Clean the upholstery – specialist cleaning businesses highly recommend that you clean the furniture every six to twelve months. This extends the life of the fabric and also maintains top levels of cleanliness.

– Deep rug cleaning – Carpet cleaning once every so often can keep your carpets looking bright and neat and will remove much of the dust and dirt that common hoovers could miss over time.

– Blankets and duvets — Count on your keen sense of smell to tell you if the duvets and blankets around the house are consistently smelling fresh and clean.

Most of the regular cleaning can be done with the above mentioned pointers. If you’re stuck or have no time to deal with your regular home cleaning, you could always book a specialist Cleaning Company Wandsworth. Contact 020 3322 5403.

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If you are stuck or have no time to take care of your regular domestic cleaning, you should book a specialist Cleaning Company Wandsworth. Contact 020 3322 5403 or visit our website