Get a Home Design Expert’s Opinion When Re-Decorating a Room

The time comes in every family when the children grow up and move away from home. Some people opt to sell the family home and others remain in it, but decide to re-decorate the kids’ rooms. Depending on one’s needs and tastes, these room makeovers can be subtle or quite extensive. There are home design stores in the Utica, MI area for example, that offer one-stop shopping for people who wish to decorate their homes. Whether one lives in Utica or other nearby cities like Troy or Sterling Heights, MI, or elsewhere, it can be a challenge to re-do a room. Hiring an interior design pro might not be in the budget, but a person can get free design advice at some of the home décor stores.

It stands to reason that many of the home décor stores would want to offer interior design advice; it’s in their best interests. Some shops may discuss the matter with customers in the store, but others are willing to come to the customers’ homes to do an in-person evaluation. The stores that provide these services offer a real advantage because not only is it often difficult to decide what furniture or lighting to use, family members may be divided as to how the space should be utilized. For example one person may wish to make the kids’ room into a den; another may wish it to be an exercise room or a hobby room. The interior designer may be able to help family members avoid squabbles by imagining a multi-purpose space that everyone will be happy with.

Once the home décor store designer has made recommendations, the purchase of the materials comes next. Barring the need for heavy construction to revamp the space, the designer can point out furniture, rugs, floral items, clocks, glassware and other decorative pieces to help create the new look. Colors, textures and shapes can build a very different look for a room, without the need for tearing out any walls or floors. Framed art and lighting alone can change a room’s entire atmosphere. The addition of other elements such as custom draperies, room divider screens and mirrors can drastically alter a room for a rather small investment.

Ideally we’d all like to have an eye for design so we could magically transform a room into something more useful and aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately home décor stores employ design specialists who can help people with re-configuring their space. Some subtle changes such as buying new prints to hang on the wall, or the addition of fresh end tables and lamps can add a new flair to a space. Getting home design advice doesn’t have to be expensive; there are some home decorating stores that offer it for free, and the decorating results can turn out to be priceless.

Bio: Tanya Westin offers ideas on room makeovers taken from her years working for a Utica, MI home design store.

Redesign Your Living Room For Change and Discover You Love Your Stuff Again

Redesign your living room into something new and exciting by creatively utilizing the furnishings and home decor you already own.

Ever look around your living space and think you need to make a change? We all feel that way at times, especially after the holidays, when the decorations come down, the celebrations end and winter is upon us.

The best approach to redesign your living room is to clear out as many of the pieces from the room as you can. Leave the heavy stuff you know will be staying.

Identify the focal point of the room. The focal point of a room is usually the first thing you focus on upon entering the room. It could be the fireplace, a spectacular view out the window or a magnificent antique.

After establishing a focal point, start with the basics, by beginning with the seating arrangement and position it around this focal point.

Be open to new possibilities,

move furniture away from the walls and try placing furniture on angles.

Create intimate conversation groupings by breaking up sets. Separate the sofa from the matching love seat or chair to divide long rooms.

Define and anchor your seating arrangements with area rugs, and maybe try placing the rugs at different angles than the furniture.

Next provide your newly arranged seating and conversation groupings with tables that are easily accessible to set down a drink or book, striking an equal balance between your upholstered pieces so your room doesn’t become “leggy.”

Lighting is an important factor to remember when you redesign your living room. It is an easy way to create a warm ambiance in the living room with the combination of general, (ceiling fixtures and wall sconces), a task, (table and floor lamps) and accent lighting.

Evenly distribute around the room so you don’t have any dark corners. You can always elect which sources of light to have on.

Some of your belongings that you have been collecting over the years may be working and look great, but try using them in a different manner, or in other rooms. You will gain even more enjoyment from them and optimize their usage.

An end table could serve as a small tea table in front of a sofa,

or use a chair at a sofa table to use as a desk.

Place two accent chairs around a round table for a game of chess or a cup of tea.

Rotate furniture and accessories you have from other rooms into the living room, editing out anything that doesn’t “go.”

Redesign your living room in layers with your accessories and home decor accents until the look and feel you desire is achieved, expressing your unique personality.

Instead of spreading your accessories around the room, group items that have a common denominator, like all silver, all vases, or all frames together in odd numbers for a more dramatic and cohesive display.

When you are done, walk out of the room for a second, then come back and appraise your work.

Remove any thing that seems to “jump” out at you because that usually means it is not in harmony and will draw attention away from the rest of the room.

Trust your instincts and have fun with it!

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DIY Laundry Room Design

The laundry room probably isn’t a place that you love to go into. But, you can make it more user-friendly. By doing so, you can keep it organized, useful, and maybe even a section of the house that you actually look forward to going into.

If you ask most people what they don’t like about their laundry room, they will say that it is too cramped, cluttered or doesn’t have enough space. But, the truth of the matter is, that most laundry rooms have a lot of space and it is very rarely utilized. Realizing the potential for usable space in the laundry room can give you even more storage than you thought you had before.

The wall behind the washer and dryer usually has about sixty four square feet of available storage space. But, with just a shelf above the washer and dryer, we are usually only utilizing about eight feet of that space. No wonder we all feel like we don’t have room to put anything!

Use that space to its fullest potential. Pull down that shelf and start from scratch. You may decide to build a platform with a rubber coating to go underneath your washer and dryer. This significantly cuts down on washer and dryer noise and also gives you a usable space underneath for storing linens, out of season clothing, whatever will fit. Plus, if you have a front-loader washer and dryer, raising them up puts them at a more ergonomic height, saving you back strain and pain.

Next, consider a workspace. One thing to consider is a countertop for folding. This can be just a small space next to the washer and dryer, or a long counter down one side of the room if you have the space. Underneath is a good area for stashing dirty clothes baskets and hampers.

You may decide to place a cabinet underneath your countertop for your heavy laundry detergent boxes or bottles. A sliding trash can is also a handy thing to put in a lower cabinet. You may even decide to put two trash cans inside of cabinets; One with a self closing lid for dryer sheets and lint and the other for recyclables, like laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles.

Deep cabinets are useful in a laundry room. Install them up higher than you normally would and place a hanging bar below them. Designate certain hangers, like metal hangers, for drying delicate items.

You can also install small buckets or shelves with bins on one wall of the laundry room. Designate a bucket or bin for each family member and one for money. As you run across things in the wash that shouldn’t be there, you can simply toss them in a bucket for later.

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The Best Way to Redesign Your Living Room

You spend most of your time in this room; the living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you go to relax and unwind after a long day at work. This space fulfils so many functions, entertainment, relaxation and might even double up as a play room.

The best place to start, when thinking about redesigning your living room, is to think of a colour scheme. Make the room reflect your personality, don’t paint a room magnolia if you have bright pink hair, you will the live to regret your choice.

Don’t fit your belongings around the room, make the room fit around your belongings. If you design the room and then start to think about where your things are going to go, you will end up frustrated. You should evaluate where things are going to go, the things you want to keep and the stuff that needs to be thrown away. Then once you come to choosing furniture, chairs and sofas you can match up the things you want to keep with your new purchases. Say for example you have an old dark wood chest which you want to keep; you don’t want to go out and buy a pine coffee table. They just wouldn’t match.

Next, taking into account the style and theme you have decided on, start looking at paint samples. Again, if you are keeping your old curtains, make sure they match. You don’t want a colour scheme that is too busy; a chaotic room creates a chaotic person. It is important to consider the lifespan of the colour scheme, if you are unsure go for a neutral tone. Then if you change your mind you don’t have to repaint the entire room.

The most important feature of the room is the sofa and the soft furnishings; they are your most expensive purchase so you need to think carefully about them. Think about past sofas and how you generally use the room. If you have small crayon wielding toddlers don’t buy a cream sofa. If you do have small children you might be better buying a leather sofa, you can easily wipe them down and you won’t need to wash the covers every time someone spills a drink.

The best advice is to leave choosing the sofa until last, then you can think through what type of design and colour you want.


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Keep Your Room Clean With Toronto Maid Service

Whether the cleaning of your home, office or shop is required as per your convenience and requirements, there must be involvement of maid service. If you are working person, it’s not possible for you to maintain and to keep clean of your home by yourself. In this case, you want someone to make sure that everything is cleaned and taken care for them. As far as cleaning services in Toronto, Canada are concerned, there are many options or choices to take someone for cleaning services of your rooms there. You can afford someone for cleaning on a daily basis as well as monthly basis whichever are best suited for you.

Before hiring a made you should consider many things that will be helpful for cleaning your home, offices as well as shops. First of all, there are differences in charges for residential homes as well as commercial houses or shops and timing will also be different for them. You should ask them about their fees and charges which should be within your financial limit. You make sure that maid will be coming on the desired time as per your requirements. You should clearly specify the duties or tasks that they have to accomplish on daily as well as weekly basis.

If you have a commercial shop and you need maid services for 2-3 days in a week, you can inform them so that they could work anywhere else in the rest 3-4 days. There may be the case when the requirement of a maid is for only one or two days to certain tasks like cleaning the toilets, floors, tubs, windows and the other tasks that are difficult for you to do by yourself. These kinds of works are also done by maid for their customers according to their needs and requirements. You should always ask about their expectations regarding their works and fees that you are paying for the work.

There are many cleaning services agencies in Toronto which provide the services at reasonable prices according to owners’ needs and requirements. You can also go for them but you should choose a reputed agency. Before choosing any one, you must enquire about their quality of services and the duration from which they have been providing services in Toronto. You should compare prices that are taken by different agencies and choose the best one among them according to your special needs and requirements, that too within your financial budget.  



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Tips On Checking Clean Room Supplies

Whether you run an electronic manufacturing company, a data center or a research laboratory, cleanliness is of paramount importance. Although a clean room has a controlled level of environmental pollutants, even the lowest percentage of contamination can harm or damage research work. The success of vivariums, medical research labs and nutraceuticals is dependant on the level of hygiene maintained in their clean rooms. Most industries spend millions on creating the most hygienic clean room environment but later, entrust the maintenance responsibilities to contractors or suppliers. Hiring contractors is fine as long as the clean room supplies they use are up-to-standards.

Clean Room Supplies: Product Tips

Clean room supplies include a large inventory of equipment usually brought in by the contractors themselves. A clean room service must be chosen only after testing certain fundamentals about their equipment:

Vacuum systems: For cleaning floors, a vacuum system proves convenient. However, such systems can only remove particles that are bigger than 100mm. For particles that are smaller than 10mm, these are only 10% efficient. A dry wiper can also be efficiently used to wipe out particles and microorganisms. However, a wet wiper attracts more particles to it, and thus proves more effective.

Disinfectants and detergents: Chemical disinfectants are crucial to overcoming contamination. However, disinfectants have to be selected with care by professionals because not all them are effective against fungus. Cationic detergents should be preferred over the other forms, as they are more effective in controlling static objects.

Additionally, they diminish the surface tension that holds particles to it.

To sanitize surfaces, filtered water or solutions, such as Ethanol and Iso Propanol prove useful. Since alcohols evaporate within a few seconds, adding a microbial inhibitor, such as Trichlorosan or Chlorohexidine, will help. The inhibitor needs to be added in accurate amounts, since it might leave a film on the surface.

Garments: Essential clean room supplies include clean room apparel, such as hoods, hats, masks, boots, gloves, finger cots, goggles and shoe covers. In some industries, reusable garments can be used, while others require the use of disposable clothing.

Wipes and mops: There is no perfect wipe that would suit all situations. Disposable, absorbent wipes shed the most, whereas reusable ones shed the least. There are reusable ones that are absorbent. PVA absorbs the most but also rips and tears when dry. Therefore, a clean room contractor has to be very careful in choosing one that suits the research situation. is a premier clean room service provider that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and supplies. To learn more, visit