Recycle, Reuse and Refurbish?Redesign!

When you get that urge to make a few design changes to the interior of your home, you should start with items that you already have. You would be amazed at how a few simple changes can make a great difference in the look and feel of your home. It’s not just green. It can save you time and money as well.

Everyone has a few things lying around in the garage or storage room that need repairs, needs a coat of paint, or perhaps you’re considering putting them out with the trash. Before you do decide, look at these items one more time and let your imagination loose. You just might be surprised what you could do with them that could add a whole new twist to the décor in your home.

Here are 3 ideas for reusing some of the things you may have lying around your house.

Old Chair = New Chair:

Let’s say that you have an odd wooden chair that just does not seem to match anything else that you have. If it is not very sturdy, then re-glue the joints with good quality wood glue. Sand it smooth and give it a coat of shiny enamel paint in a cheery color that you like. If it has an upholstered seat that is in bad shape or you just don’t like the cover that is on it, then take the seat off and rip away the old material. Simply cut a little new padding from foam rubber, or use quilt batting if you prefer, and cover it with a new piece of your favorite upholstery fabric. Personally, I like Duralee fabrics. It is as easy as pulling the material tight and stapling or tacking it underneath the seat. Trim away the excess material. Now you have a beautiful new chair just perfect for that desk or dressing table.

Turn a Lamp Into a Candle Stick:

On the same order as an old chair, are old wooden table lamps.

If the base of the lamp is wood, it could make a fabulous wooden candlestick. Simply disassemble the lamp entirely and discard the electric parts and the shade. Decorate your candlestick in any way that suits your design sense. They can be painted, decoupaged, decorated with mosaic tiles, beads or pieces of broken mirror or just about anything else you can imagine. You can add small feet if you like, by screwing cabinet knobs or large wooden beads to the bottom of the base. That is all there is to it. Just put a pillar candle on top that is the same diameter as the top of the candlestick and you are all done.

Revive that Old, Faded Lampshade:

Lampshades fade and discolor. You can make a cover to slip over them or spray paint them. You can decorate also them with beading, fringe or other trims.

No matter what it is, there is probably a way to refurbish it and make it seem like a new item. Let your inner designer out and see what you can do. There are many excellent ways to refresh your home interior and do it for very little cost and using a very small amount of your valuable time.

Paula Morris-Dungan attended Art Institute of Pittsburg for Residential Space Planning and Interior Design. She is a full-time freelance writer who writes for blogs and a discount fabric store about various topics including paint, upholstery fabric (including Duralee fabrics and Robert Allen fabrics) interior design.