The Safe Use Of Stationary Yard Ramps

Personal yard ramps can be an effective way to deal with machinery or equipment that is coming in and out of a covered location on a day-to-day basis. The use of these ramps is primarily in homes with functions that exceed the daily maintenance of a home in the suburbs (i.e. a home with a lot of land, a farm, or somewhere that needs constant maintenance) Although these ramps can be convenient and there are many different types on the market, it’s important to consider the safety features of each individual ramp. Although companies who manufacture them will provide customers with a guarantee and guide on how to use these devices safely, there are a few simple things you as a user can follow in order to maintain safe usage for you and everyone who will surround them.

Prevent Overuse, Extend The Life

Even if you have to bring your equipment in and out on a ramp daily, it’s important to consider how the wear and tear will effect your equipment. Sometimes, even if a product has a guaranteed lifetime warranty, there will be defects or general issues that cannot be prevented. By limiting the way you use the ramps (for example, not lifting heavy loads of material across them all the time) you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of your ramp and prevent damage to your equipment.

Always Wear Safety Boots

When dealing with metal or aluminum, again even with a guarantee, there’s always a possibility for injury. Wear and tear can have impacts on how the metal in your ramp bends and forms over the years, which means that there is a possibility for pieces of small jagged metal (no matter how small it may be). Also, by wearing work boots with durability and lining, if you end up tripping on your yard ramp you’ll be able to prevent damage to your feet.

The Same Can Be Said For Overall Safety Gear, As Well

Even if you’ve grown one hundred per cent comfortable with the way you function with your machinery and how you ascend and descend the ramp, accidents can happen. By wearing the appropriate work clothes (overalls, protective gloves, kneepads) you can limit the amount of injury that could be done to you. Do not let anybody on the ramp who is showing an overbearing amount of exposed skin, as safety is also a factor for them as well.

Educate The People In Your Family

Let everybody know that the yard ramp is not a toy. It’s not meant for climbing, exploring or even using as a ramp for things like bikes or scooters. Serious injuries can happen if you’re not careful. Put limits on who is allowed near the ramp and the machinery it leads up to, only those in your family who agree to approach with caution and safety should be allowed to approach this area even remotely. It sounds strict, but you might save lives.

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