Over Use of Cleaning Supplies Can Be Dangerous – A Workplace Safety Issue

If own a small business, or you are the manager for a franchise chain outlet, then you need to pay special attention to your younger workers, and any workers that you have that speak broken English about their use of cleaning supplies. All too often, the mixing of cleaning supplies and chemicals is done on the property. Unfortunately, workers tend to mix the cleaning chemicals too strong and they put them in squirt bottles and use way too much.

Not only does this end up damaging, tabletops, coatings, paints, and windowpanes, but it also discolors toilet seats in the bathroom, and stainless steel equipment. And that is the least of your worries. The younger generation often doesn’t notice when they use too much cleaning chemical, because it doesn’t affect them very much, but older workers, are affected, as their lungs are not as strong as a young person. You may have customers in the store who have health problems or are hyper allergic to such things.

You can ask just about anyone that works in a fire department and they’ve all been called out to businesses where workers have collapsed because they mix the wrong type of cleaning chemicals, or someone is having a respiratory issue or they have fainted because of the use of cleaning supplies. It is a very serious issue and when the fire department comes generally an ambulance will take someone away.

In case you didn’t know that will cost you a lot of money, not to mention it could cause a worker’s compensation lawsuit, or increased premiums which is something you don’t need right now.

I sure hope you will pay attention and train your workers properly as per the OSHA standards. Then I hope you will monitor your employees to make sure that they are following those directions, even when you aren’t watching. Please consider all this.

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Redesign Your Kitchen For A Complete Make Over

You cannot rule out the importance of a kitchen in your life. Gourmet dishes for your family are churned out of here. A neat, clean and sparkling kitchen is a joy to work in. Dull and drab kitchens give negative vibes and they also devaluate the home. The thought of redesigning the kitchen is a daunting task, yet it is essential both for your peace of mind and the investment value. For a complete makeover, the kitchen remodel estimator may throw you off balance. Dont panic, as finally you will emerge the winner. You will more than make up the cost spent on revamping the kitchen, at the time of its resale. Buyers are more than willing to spend a big amount for a home which has a modern and contemporary kitchen. Even if you have no plans of disposing off your kitchen, the sheer pleasure of cooking in your dream kitchen is worth every penny spent. You can find plenty of kitchen remodel estimates online. Does a thorough check before deciding on the cost you want to incur on your kitchen. You will give your home a facelift when you spruce up your kitchen in the following ways-;

Your kitchen may be weird looking with age old cabinets and doors, then just pull the whole thing down. In such cases, the kitchen remodel estimate may hit the roof, but you would naturally have determined your budgets. Shape of the kitchen is the primary thing to focus on. It may be L-shaped, U-shaped, the galley kitchen etc.
Next, you need to plan the placements of fixtures like the sink, cabinets, stove and the refrigerator. Kitchen remodel estimator will give you an idea of how much these various things cost. The sky is the limit, so as per the allocation of your funds, make the necessary selection. Remember to keep the theme of the kitchen in mind, at the time of the purchase of these items.
Backsplash of the kitchens have a huge impact on its appearance. The kitchen remodel estimate for these is different from pattern to pattern. Backsplashes can be of ceramic, wood or glass tiles. Each has a unique look. The criterion here should be easy cleanliness in order for your family to remain healthy.
Floors are the next vital features of a kitchen. They ought to be durable and strong. Slippery floors are dangerous. Kitchen remodel estimator for hard wood and ceramic floors has varying rates. Floors are in the face and must be attractive.
Have sleek and fine looking appliances in your kitchen. They should be in compact designs. The kitchen remodel estimate would be able to guide you in terms of their quality and price.
Redesigning a kitchen is no mean feat. You should take professional guidance from experts in this line, in order to have a smart, functional and sanitary kitchen. Seepages, bacteria and filth are an absolute no, in your new and refined kitchen.

Author is an expert in kitchen remodeling. He has written many articles on kitchen remodeling estimates .