Commercial Cleaning Products in Miniature ? the Future of Floor Cleaning Products

The cleaning industry has always been subject to a dilemma. At the end of one point it is the need – indeed, the legislative requirement – to make premises, businesses and so on clean, healthy and safe. On the other: the demands of the environment, of environmentalists, and (again) of legislation, to curb the amount of packaging used, waste made, chemicals used. Commercial cleaning products, floor cleaning products and so on, have had a pretty rough time of it in the last 10 years.


Fortunately, while most were out scrubbing their floors and grumbling, one or two more enterprising persons were coming up with a solution. It started small; it remains small in size; but in effect it looks poised to take over the commercial cleaning world in a heartbeat. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s cheap. So what is it? Dried powder is what – the equivalent to 150 litres of floor cleaning fluid in a box the size of a normal packet of washing powder.


The prime example of this new commercial cleaning products technology is called Freshclean. It’s available in dried form for pretty much every commercial cleaning application – from floor cleaning products all the way up to heavy duty kitchen sanitises. The technology is really very simple – Freshclean, and products like it, are basically normal type industrial cleaning products that have been reduced to a powder form, where they stay until you add water. That means they can be stored for months or even years, and take up a minimal amount of space when they do so. And they cost next to nothing, either in terms of environmental impact or actual money.


210 litres of a standard Freshclean type product will set premises back £15. And it can be stored in an area the size of a small box. Compare that to trying to buy and store 420 500ml trigger sprays of the same stuff. The amount of packaging alone that has been saved by the commercial cleaning products technology revolution is mind boggling. When one considers that this amount of floor cleaning products can be kept on a single shelf, with room to spare for about 1,000 litres more of the stuff if required, one begins to comprehend the scale of the difference between this and any other industrial cleaning stuff.


Using powder means a business only needs to keep as many trigger sprays, buckets and so on as it actually uses in one day. Rather, then, than actually having 2,000 trigger sprays in the cleaning cupboard (which would require a cleaning cupboard the size of two medium sized trucks), a company can simply store dried commercial cleaning products equivalent to 2,000 trigger sprays and refill their stock of three or four actual bottles as and when they need to. Their floor cleaning products are the same – rather than keeping giant industrial size containers of liquid, for mop bucket dilution, a business just needs a 5kg box of powder and a couple of mop buckets. It’ll save a huge percentage on price and it’ll be kept in cleaning fluid for months.

There’s a revolution going on in the world of commercial cleaning products – with dried floor cleaning products just the tip of the iceberg. For more information please visit