Redesigning a Mechanized Car Wash

We hear a lot of about alternative energy, going green and conservation in the car washing sector. After all, every dollar saved, is a dollar added to the other side of the income statement. Of course, what is interesting is that for all this talk, there are a huge number of operators who simply do things the way they’ve always done them. Car washes use a lot of energy, and a good amount of water, even if they do recycle a portion of it. Just the sheer volume of the cars coming through adds up to a significant amount of water use.

Carwash mechanisms also use a lot of energy to operate, and generally solar power on top of all the buildings at the carwash simply does not create enough energy to run the facilities, especially on busy weekends. But a bit of rethinking can save a ton of energy, and solar panels can run all the lights, cash register, coke machines and such, even if it cannot power up the enormous vacuum cleaner system or car wash tunnel apparatus. Remember every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

And it may be possible to run the vacuums and car washing tunnel for a few hours on the non-busy days, again, a little savings here and a little bit there. Eventually an operator can figure out ways to incrementally decrease power and increase solar collection. Maybe add a couple of small wind turbines too, the vertical type to power up the system. Maybe on windy and sunny days the car wash could run on all alternative energy. Every day running on such system is more energy saved.

Perhaps, the industry needs to re-pencil out a plan and maybe operators need to be thinking here. There are low cost solutions, and a couple of operators now are turning their sludge into energy generation endeavors too, it’s a neat little bio-mass energy trick, something worthy to look into. Please be thinking here.

Lance Winslow is a retired franchisor – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is formerly the CEO of WashGuys family of franchises which Lance;