Life is Your Yard

Luanne was slowly walking through a park path. Her friends had been critical on her decision not to give up on someone that appeared to be a lost cause. Alone with her thoughts, she began to cry out to the Lord. “Daddy, You have given me a gift to love others, especially those no one else want. My friends don’t understand how I can love like that. Honestly, Lord, I sometimes wonder myself. I just can’t. My friends have criticized me and called me a hopeless romantic. Lord, I need Your help.”

As silent tears streamed down her face, she felt the Lord wrap His arms around her. She knew she had found the peace and renewal she was seeking. As she sat on the old park bench, the Lord spoke to her spirit.

“Luanne, My Precious Child, life is like your yard.” Luanne chuckled because her yard is full of moss and dandelions and very little grass. “People are like those dandelions. Many will think those dandelions are just weeds and want to cut them from their lives. Look beyond the weed There is life in that flower that many call a weed. The dandelions roots are deep. Weeds aren’t wanted by people. They have to have deep roots to stand, grow and flourish. Look beyond the weed. They are bright, yellow, colorful. Children pick them with love in their heart to give to their mothers because they’ve seen beyond the weed. They don’t notice the smell nor the stains because they are looking beyond the weed. When you think that you’ve beaten the weeds down, pulled them out of your life and thrown them in the compost pile those roots that have reached deep into the soil to survive come back again the next season, offering happiness in a different way. They bringing smiles to the children’s faces as they blow the dandelion seeds into the wind and make their wishes for happy ever afters. That’s what I want you to do, look beyond the weed, admire it for it’s tenacity, it’s beauty, it’s strength and it’s joy. Look at the dandelion’s ability to bring about smiles, warm hearts and give hope for a happy ever after. Look at your yard of dandelions and see them as the lives of people. Look beyond the weed and love them for what they are.”

Often times, we look at others and we see the mistakes of their past. We label them as weeds – no good to anyone. We excise them from our lives, never giving a thought that God has a purpose for that person. That person lives for a reason. That person has a God given destiny!

Perhaps you’ve given up on yourself. You’ve consider yourself a weed, of no worth to anyone. That’s not true. You have a purpose and a destiny. God doesn’t make junk. You are an intricate piece of God’s overall plan.

Let me inject this thought into your heart. It may not look like God is working. It may look like your marriage is not going to work. It may look like your life isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps you feel non one loves you and you’ll die single and alone. Don’t believe that for a nano-second longer.

Listen! God said, “I swear I will bless you!” (Genesis 22:16). You have not only the content of His Promise but His oath that it will come true. Two things – a promise and an oath – from the Creator of the Universe.

God is not a liar. He swore His oath to us, His children, so we can have unshakable faith, trust and hope in Him.

So as dandelion of the Most High, let’s stand tall and dig in. Let’s stay firm, have courage and speak words of faith. The Lord is coming to our rescue!

The best is yet to come!

Johnny Rivera   2009

Johnny Rivera is a Christian inspirational author and small business adviser. Over the years, his work has been published on several technical and business websites and local newspapers. Johnny invites you to visit his business advice e-zine, The Latino Edge.