Landscape Design Guidelines For Your Yard

Designing a yard which fits into your budget, needs and desires is not as easy as buying a few plants and sticking them into the ground. Landscape design takes planning, preparation and hard work in order for the overall look to maintain its beauty for years to come. With a few guidelines and some research, you should be able to get the style you desire.

Before you start to buy things or make any plans, you have to know what you need from your space. If you want a place where you can entertain, you may need a patio with a kitchen and dining area. You might want part of the yard to have a nice escape and another part to accommodate a vegetable garden.

Budget is a big part of what helps you decide where to spend your money. Once you know how much you can spend on your new project, section it off into categories for the things you need. If you want a new patio, you should put a third of the cash into creating one. Allot the rest of the budget into plants, furniture and accessories.

Once you have a plan for your yard and a budget, you may get a little flustered because the things on your “want” list far exceed the money in the bank. Don’t stress out about how you are going to accessorize your yard because many things can be purchased used at yard sales, flea markets or auctions. Get creative and turn an old wooden chair into a planter box for a nice focal point.

One of the great things about landscaping is the different ways in which you can get something done. If you want a water feature, there are so many options available. You can select a fountain, prefabricated pond, or a do it yourself pond kit. Each one will provide a relaxing setting, but the costs will be much different.

Shopping for plants is one of the best parts about the entire project. When selecting what you will be planting, it is important to have an idea of where you will be planting it. You also need to know the type of soil it will be planted in, the amount of sun it will get and if it grows well in your climate.

When you are picking out the plants you are going to buy, you need to read the tag to see how large they get and how fast they grow. You don’t want to be grouping plants together if they grow quickly and get really big. This will consume the space and become and eyesore. Separate larger bushes with smaller varieties and even flowers or ground covers.

Landscape design plays an important role in the look of a finished outdoor space. It can get overwhelming when you are trying to select the perfect accessories and plant types, so don’t forget to have fun. Refurbish a used piece in order to add a little extra charm and save some cash, then kick back and enjoy your progress.

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