Hiring the Right Tile and Grout Cleaning Company

If a homeowner is contemplating of renovating or remodeling his or her kitchen or bath, some of the details to be considered should be about tiles. If one does not have any tile in the bathroom, the homeowner may want to install it in the bathtub wall, the floor, the shower, and on the walls. If the owner already has a tiled bathroom or kitchen, all he or she needs is to make the tile look new. To truly make the tile sparkle and to make the tile beyond clean, the homeowner may want to consider hiring the services of a competent tile and grout cleaning company.

Cleaning the grout and tile is always only a part of the battle. It is only usual that the grout and tile – over time – will begin to get filthy from both the building of various cleaning solutions and from grime. A good cleaning from a professional cleaning company or a DIY project can return the tile and grout to its former glory.

If the homeowner installs tile for the first time, it is wise to invest in the effort, money, and time into sealing the grout and tile. Before this can be done, the homeowner may want to investigate further so that he or she can ensure that the job is properly handled. The homeowner does not only want to ensure that the professional is using the correct sealant, but the homeowner should ensure that the professional is doing the job right based on the tile material being used.

One thing up for consideration is the tile type being installed. When porcelain or ceramic tiles have been used, it is important for one to be aware of the material’s characteristics. Ceramic and porcelain are dense and do not need sealing. However, the grout that is used to fill in between the tiles does need to have sealant applied.

Conventional grout is very porous and lets dirt and grime to be absorbed easily into it if the proper sealing procedures are not applied. One has to be sure that the grout has been sealed and cleaned properly by the tile and grout cleaning company. Without the sealer, mold and bacteria can easily grow there; thus, causing great harm to the homeowner’s family.

One can use two types of grout sealers and each sealant type has its advantages. One type is a solvent-based sealer, which type has been proven to be applied easily. The solvent sealer also works deep to protect and clean the grout. The other type – a water-based sealer – also gives sufficient treatment. The water-based typed has almost no odor compared with a solvent sealer. As long as it is properly applied, the water-based sealer gives the same protection as the solvent sealer.

If one is not sure on how to go about this process, the homeowner may need to seek the services of a tile and grout cleaning company. There are many companies that can be hired and they can easily be accessed online or through their physical stores.

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Cleaning Grout

Grout is one of the most difficult things to clean in your home and the less often it is tended to the harder the task. Bathrooms are probably one of the most common places to find dirty or stained grout, specifically in the shower. Even if someone is in the shower for five minutes any remaining moisture takes hours to dry and could cause mold or mildew to form in the grout.

The key to maintaining clean grout is maintenance. Clean often, even if its ten or fifteen minutes a week. This can sometimes be hard to schedule so make it a routine with your other house chores.

When youre cleaning, use gentle grout cleaners, as some are so abrasive they will damage the grout, which could cause new problems such as moisture leaking into walls or floor boards.

Now, when youre ready to proceed with the cleaning here are some items you may need: a toothbrush or grout brush, rubber gloves, cleaner (see below), rags, grout sealer, and safety goggles as some cleaners are toxic and with all the scrubbing the last thing you want is a harsh substance infiltrating your eye.

Also, make sure wherever you are cleaning to ventilate well by opening windows and if available, set up one or two fans.

How to clean:

1.Cleaner options:
Use vinegar and water at a ratio of one to one. You may add some baking soda to enhance the consistency.
Mild household detergent.
General household/bathroom cleaners. These may include bleach or sprays. NOTE: do not mix acidic solution household cleaners with bleach as it creates dangerous fumes.

2.Wipe away excess dirt before the actual grout cleaning.

3.Spray or apply your cleaner to the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes fighting the stain and scrub the grout hard with the brush. Work it in well.

4.Rinse the brush and wipe the area with a rag to see if it worked. Depending on the type of stain you may need to repeat these steps.

5.Finally, sealing the grout so it stays clean is a good option. The sealer fills in pores and covers the area so mildew, mold or other bacteria doesnt find a home. By doing this you still need to give the grout a wipe once in a while but not with the same consistency. To apply run the sealer across the grout and wipe away any overflow on the tiles.

If you still havent found a solution to cleaning your grout, there are services for hire that will clean your grout but this must be weighed in terms of time and money; whether you have the time to do it yourself or the money to pay them.

Jakob Barry writes for Networx.com where you can find more information about grout cleaning services.