Commercial And Home Glass Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is well known as the poorer cousin of alcohol, but is enriched with properties that make it an essential neatening product, especially in Window Cleaning operations. This liquid has been historically associated with food preparation and salad dressings, among hundreds of other uses. It is a wonderful product that is economical as well as eco friendly, and renders a commendable sheen to glass surfaces. Vinegar finds extensive application in cleaning glass, mirrors, shower doors, spectacle lenses and other surfaces that make use of glass in their construction. Here are a few items that can be cleaned using vinegar before making a call to Cleaning Contractors:

1.Glass: In a new spray bottle, shake well equal parts of water and vinegar, to prepare an efficient neatening solution. Spray the mixed liquid on glass windows and wipe off with a dry cloth to get a desirable shine. This mixture is able to penetrate the thick, greasy & grimy layers that accumulate on the surface of windows. In case streaks or marks appear on the surface, use an old newspaper and rub it against the window to remove the streaks as part of window cleaning.

2.Mirrors: Mirrors require a complete, concentrated solution of vinegar of the white varietal. The undiluted form of this liquid should be sprayed on the surface and then wiped with a tidy, dry cloth. The mirror is relieved of all the dust and grime that has compiled on it, but in case streaks appear, then newspapers should be used, followed by availing Office Cleaning Services of reputed firms.

3.Coffee Pots: Coffee pots are extensively used in the hospitality industry as well as homes, and it is extremely important to keep them clean from the point of view of food hygiene. The stains on glass coffee pots can be categorized as moderate and heavy. The former can be cleaned by filling the pot in a half and half solution of vinegar and water for half an hour. In contrast, heavy stains can be removed by soaking the pot in a solution having the same composition overnight.

4.Shower Doors: Before calling the local cleaning contractors, people can also cleanse their shower doors by spraying undiluted white vinegar on it. This should be followed by wiping the surface with a neat cloth, which can be done easily, since the concentrated solution can permeate through soap scum more efficiently than any commercial product.

5.Spectacles: If the lenses are cleaned but still not sparkling, then squirting a little amount of mixture of vinegar and water will do wonders. After the lenses have been cleaned with a soft cloth, the difference between everyday cleansing and vinegar-ized cleaning will be evident.

6.Microwave: Food service requires ensuring that the place where the food is cooked is hygienic in all respects. Microwaves are heavily used for cooking purposes, and cleaning their glass doors with a solution of vinegar and water from both sides of the glass is necessary. Even filling a bowl with the solution inside the appliance and turning it on for a few seconds will do the trick. After removing the bowl, the cleaners find that wiping grease becomes much easier and all odours of leftover food are also gone.

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