Colorful Decorating Enlivens a Home

Casual Contemporary home décor can begin to look boring after a while, especially for families with children. Yet families on a budget often find it tough to upgrade their home decorating. That’s why interior designers so frequently recommend turning to that old friend, the color wheel, to enliven a home.

To decorate colorfully, start with a happy attitude and a willingness to bend the official decorating style rules. After all, you are not creating a designer showhouse, you are decorating your own home.

Outside, color can come in many forms, from brightly colored polyresin outdoor furniture to outdoor rugs. Surprisingly, weather-resistant rugs work both on the floor of a patio or a deck and on walls as “outdoor wallpaper.” Hanging up an outdoor area rug is a quick and inventive way to hide any imperfections in a home’s exterior, as well as giving the outside living space some pizzazz.

Next, if there are children in the house, make use of their artwork. Framing his or her art and hanging it in prominent places (not just on the refrigerator door) gives a tremendous boost to a child’s self-confidence. What’s more, framed children’s works give unique wall art that has priceless sentimental value.

Add some whimsy to any room by painting wide color stripes on used tables, chairs, dressers and chests. Don’t limit the placement of these refurbished pieces to the children’s room; they make terrific conversation starters anywhere in the house.

To spruce up a child’s room, try painting a wide band of the child’s favorite color along the center of the walls. Then add two contrasting trips of grosgrain ribbon, one down the center of the stripe and one at the bottom edge. If a little girl loves pink for the wall art, echo the same shade in a lovely pink area rug for her floor.

Most families with children need plenty of supplies for crafts and school projects. As any parent knows, however, craft supplies that aren’t organized quickly become useless. The solution is to set aside a specific area somewhere in the home and furnish it with sets of shelves or better yet, wood cubbies. Paint the cubbies in bright colors or paint them white, whatever works best.

An empty wall anywhere in the home can become a work of art with a little ingenuity. Apply a coat of paint in any desired colored, and then go to town. Families can create a family portrait, a scene from the children’s favorite storybook, a mural that recalls a memorable vacation, or something totally out of someone’s imagination. If there’s a possibility that the décor may change in the future, consider using removable wall decals to create super-graphics that can be taken down later when a new inspiration strikes.

After one or two of these kinds of decorating projects, even the kids in the family may be bursting with ideas on how to color their world. Since painting is one of the easiest ways to liven up a home, projects such as these are sure to inspire a lifetime of beautiful decorating.

Cassia has once and for all chosen table settings for her engagement party. This will be the first time her co-workers visit her house. She has picked glowing blue along with bright white wedding table settings that will enhance the ocean scene coming from her dining area windows.