Redesign Your Living Room For Change and Discover You Love Your Stuff Again

Redesign your living room into something new and exciting by creatively utilizing the furnishings and home decor you already own.

Ever look around your living space and think you need to make a change? We all feel that way at times, especially after the holidays, when the decorations come down, the celebrations end and winter is upon us.

The best approach to redesign your living room is to clear out as many of the pieces from the room as you can. Leave the heavy stuff you know will be staying.

Identify the focal point of the room. The focal point of a room is usually the first thing you focus on upon entering the room. It could be the fireplace, a spectacular view out the window or a magnificent antique.

After establishing a focal point, start with the basics, by beginning with the seating arrangement and position it around this focal point.

Be open to new possibilities,

move furniture away from the walls and try placing furniture on angles.

Create intimate conversation groupings by breaking up sets. Separate the sofa from the matching love seat or chair to divide long rooms.

Define and anchor your seating arrangements with area rugs, and maybe try placing the rugs at different angles than the furniture.

Next provide your newly arranged seating and conversation groupings with tables that are easily accessible to set down a drink or book, striking an equal balance between your upholstered pieces so your room doesn’t become “leggy.”

Lighting is an important factor to remember when you redesign your living room. It is an easy way to create a warm ambiance in the living room with the combination of general, (ceiling fixtures and wall sconces), a task, (table and floor lamps) and accent lighting.

Evenly distribute around the room so you don’t have any dark corners. You can always elect which sources of light to have on.

Some of your belongings that you have been collecting over the years may be working and look great, but try using them in a different manner, or in other rooms. You will gain even more enjoyment from them and optimize their usage.

An end table could serve as a small tea table in front of a sofa,

or use a chair at a sofa table to use as a desk.

Place two accent chairs around a round table for a game of chess or a cup of tea.

Rotate furniture and accessories you have from other rooms into the living room, editing out anything that doesn’t “go.”

Redesign your living room in layers with your accessories and home decor accents until the look and feel you desire is achieved, expressing your unique personality.

Instead of spreading your accessories around the room, group items that have a common denominator, like all silver, all vases, or all frames together in odd numbers for a more dramatic and cohesive display.

When you are done, walk out of the room for a second, then come back and appraise your work.

Remove any thing that seems to “jump” out at you because that usually means it is not in harmony and will draw attention away from the rest of the room.

Trust your instincts and have fun with it!

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