Colorful Decorating Enlivens a Home

Casual Contemporary home décor can begin to look boring after a while, especially for families with children. Yet families on a budget often find it tough to upgrade their home decorating. That’s why interior designers so frequently recommend turning to that old friend, the color wheel, to enliven a home.

To decorate colorfully, start with a happy attitude and a willingness to bend the official decorating style rules. After all, you are not creating a designer showhouse, you are decorating your own home.

Outside, color can come in many forms, from brightly colored polyresin outdoor furniture to outdoor rugs. Surprisingly, weather-resistant rugs work both on the floor of a patio or a deck and on walls as “outdoor wallpaper.” Hanging up an outdoor area rug is a quick and inventive way to hide any imperfections in a home’s exterior, as well as giving the outside living space some pizzazz.

Next, if there are children in the house, make use of their artwork. Framing his or her art and hanging it in prominent places (not just on the refrigerator door) gives a tremendous boost to a child’s self-confidence. What’s more, framed children’s works give unique wall art that has priceless sentimental value.

Add some whimsy to any room by painting wide color stripes on used tables, chairs, dressers and chests. Don’t limit the placement of these refurbished pieces to the children’s room; they make terrific conversation starters anywhere in the house.

To spruce up a child’s room, try painting a wide band of the child’s favorite color along the center of the walls. Then add two contrasting trips of grosgrain ribbon, one down the center of the stripe and one at the bottom edge. If a little girl loves pink for the wall art, echo the same shade in a lovely pink area rug for her floor.

Most families with children need plenty of supplies for crafts and school projects. As any parent knows, however, craft supplies that aren’t organized quickly become useless. The solution is to set aside a specific area somewhere in the home and furnish it with sets of shelves or better yet, wood cubbies. Paint the cubbies in bright colors or paint them white, whatever works best.

An empty wall anywhere in the home can become a work of art with a little ingenuity. Apply a coat of paint in any desired colored, and then go to town. Families can create a family portrait, a scene from the children’s favorite storybook, a mural that recalls a memorable vacation, or something totally out of someone’s imagination. If there’s a possibility that the décor may change in the future, consider using removable wall decals to create super-graphics that can be taken down later when a new inspiration strikes.

After one or two of these kinds of decorating projects, even the kids in the family may be bursting with ideas on how to color their world. Since painting is one of the easiest ways to liven up a home, projects such as these are sure to inspire a lifetime of beautiful decorating.

Cassia has once and for all chosen table settings for her engagement party. This will be the first time her co-workers visit her house. She has picked glowing blue along with bright white wedding table settings that will enhance the ocean scene coming from her dining area windows.

Interior Decorating – Do It Yourself

At the present time, a lot of home owners are very meticulous when it comes to the interior design of their household. They want to make certain that they will have an excellent house that will get the attention of the neighbors and the visitors. Home interior decorating is not an easy task for the home owner most especially if they do not know yet the right furniture and decorations that are appropriate. However, there are some people who depend on an expert interior designer because they will be the one who will design the entire household.

It will really cost a lot of money if you hire an interior designer because you will need to pay the time, effort and services that the designer made use in making your house perfect. There are some simple ways that you can do for you to be able to decorate your house even without the help of an expert designer. On the other hand, there are also some things that must be considered first before you can decorate your house. In this way, you will no longer spend a lot of money. It is important that you identify the interior finishing of the house so that you can determine what are the appropriate furniture and decoration to use.

When you have a perfect interior finishing, you do not have to buy big decorations because it is better if you choose simple but elegant furniture. You must also determine the adequacy of space that you have so that you will know the appropriate sizes of decorations that will fit in a certain area of the house. Most of the time, living room is the first area where you welcome your visitors. In this way, you want to make certain that the living room will provide your visitors with an excellent ambiance and atmosphere for them to be comfortable with the house.

When the construction of your house has a low ceiling, it is better if you choose a decoration that is elongated and light so as to make the room wider and brighter. However, if your house is made with a high ceiling, you might want to have a transverse decoration to lower the appearance of the ceiling. With simple decorations and furniture, you will be able to create a neat and calming environment inside your house. You do not have to buy an expensive decoration because the curtains and the sofa may be enough to create a perfect interior design.

There are also some home owners who are very creative, and they were the only one who made the interior design of their house with the use of a recycled material or stuff that can still be useful. This provides a great advantage because you are able to benefit from the materials that can no longer be used. There are so many ways when it comes to the interior decorating of the house, but it is important to determine if you are really comfortable with the interior design that you will be choosing.

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Redesign Your Home with Interior Decorating Tips from Satellite TV

If your house or apartment just doesn’t feel quite like a home anymore, then it’s probably a good time for you to redecorate it.  Whether your style tastes have changed or it’s simply been an incredibly long time since you update your house, a small redecoration project can really help make a big difference about the way you feel about your home.  Right now, your home probably feels really dated to you, which may make you uncomfortable.  However, you can take some small steps to redecorate your house without spending a fortune while doing so.  If you feel too unprepared or uninformed to take on a redecorating project, you can find some great decorating tips on several shows that appear on satellite TV.  Here are just a few of the shows available on satellite TV from which you may be able to find great design tips.


3. The Home and Garden Television network (HGTV) features several decorating shows.  One of the most popular of those shows is Design on a Dime. The premise of this show is that a behind-the-scenes design team, made up of six experts, helps redesign a house with a budget limit of $ 1,000 in each room.  For many Americans, that kind of budget limit is incredibly important right now since economic times are tough.  The show is hosted by five different entertaining people, and since each episode is only 30 minutes long, they are very easy to watch.  Episodes air on Saturday afternoons, but if that doesn’t work well for your schedule, simply use the DVR, which comes with your satellite TV service, to record the show and watch it later.


2. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – Even if you aren’t a straight guy, you should be able to get some great ideas from these five fabulous men, who have great eyes for design.  Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley and Jai Rodriguez each offer plenty of innovative tips about how to update your style.  The show does not focus exclusively on redesigning homes and also includes great ideas on fashion, wine and food, and developing good relationship and personality skills.  A great aspect of this show is that the hosts always look for affordable ways to help people refresh their lives.  If you would like to update your life in multiple ways, be sure to watch this fascinating show that now airs in syndication on satellite TV.


1. ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is one of the most-watched design shows to date.  On the show, families who can’t afford to redecorate their own homes receive a free redecoration that takes place over a week.  During that week, the family goes on a free vacation, and then they return home to find a practical but beautiful home.  The show is hosted by the charismatic Ty Pennington, who does a great job of explaining various decoration ideas and tips to viewers.  Watch this heart-wrenching show on satellite TV both for entertainment purposes and to get creative ideas for your own projects.

Get great design tips with direct tv.  CannonSatellite provides you with plenty of opportunities to watch great design shows.