Chiropractic Therapy And Osteopathy – The Difference

“These days many people are so stressed out because of the work and the lifestyle they have. We experience differenet body conditions because of this. Chiropractic therapy is considered as an alternative medicine. Many doctors use this kind of method to treat certain kinds of ailments. Chiropractic therapy might just be the answer to your problem but this will depend, of course, on the disorder you are feeling.

Early Development

It was David Daniel (D.D.) Palmer, a Canadian osteopath who developed Chiropractic therapy. The very first use of chiropractic therapy was made in the year 1895 by the founder himself. He convinced his janitor, who has been deaf for 17 years after an incident where he acquired a back and neck injury, to let him manipulate and arrange the janitor’s spine. In the course of the therapy, Mr. Palmer heard a “”click”” sound from the man’s spine and the janitor’s hearing was then restored.

The American Medical Association condemned the practice of chiropractic and regarded it as an “”unscientific cult”” during the 1960s. In the year 1987, the AMA lost its battle against chiropractic. Chiropractic has then gained fame not only in America, but also in Britain and Australia. A law was approved in UK about 16 years ago regarding the training and practice of chiropractic.

Ailments it Cures

It mainly focuses on the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Chiropractic therapy is used to treat or diagnose neuromusculoskeletal complaints of a patient. A list of ailments or disorders that chiropractic can cure is provided.

– Pinched nerves

– Chronic Low Back Pains

– Arthritis

– Migraine

– Problems related to posture and many more.

What is the Difference Between Chiropractic and Osteopathy?

Many people, even professionals, are having a hard time distinguishing chiropractic and osteopathy because the two involves the manipulation of the body. Chiropractic is more of mechanistic in the way it approach the cases which focuses more on the spine for curing. Osteopaths, on the other hand, are more on a holistic approach. It focuses on taking the patient’s lifestyle, character, habits, emotional and mental health to find reasons and give solutions to musculo-skeletal problems.

X-ray machines are used in Chiropractic therapy to study the skeletal system, while osteopaths perform soft tissue manipulation to cure disorders. During the actual therapy, it is very difficult to differentiate the two. Chiropractors work more like of an osteopath and practitioners of osteopath work more like chiropractors.

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