Redesigning a Child’s Bedroom

An impending new arrival can create a great source of happiness just like creating a new nursery, maybe you have chosen pink for a girl or blue for a boy, but as your child gets a little older they’ll want their bedroom to reflect their likes. Nowadays there’s a huge choice of accessories that could be incorporated, including everything from beanbags to personalised roller blinds.

Choosing wall paper enables your youngster the choice from a fantastic assortment of designs . From tiger prints for the animal mad to blues skies and flying unicorns – the possibilities nowadays are endless. Many shops may also offer matching furniture and bed coverings, meaning the selected theme can definitely develop into a perfect bedroom for your child.

Instead of curtains, roller blinds are a fantastic choice. The material that roller blinds are created from means your child can select the design displayed on the roller blind, you can even locate retailers offering personalised roller blinds.

If you decorate your child’s room to reflect their tastes, and they love their room they’ll want to keep it looking tidy! Many parents battle to convince their child to tidy their bedroom, but giving them a room that they’re happy with will encourage them to be proud of its appearance and perhaps tidy their own room.

Creating sections within a room might help your youngster keep their room organised. This is really simple to apply, by just using different areas for different activities. A couple of ideas that could encourage this behavior are, a set of drawers alongside a desk, or if your child possesses a computer, make it a desk top so that it is used in one set place.

Yet another good idea is to have the bed next to the window. This can allow your child to open their curtains or roller blinds once they rise, allowing the light to help rouse them quicker.

Whilst you will choose how the rest of your home looks, allowing your child to pick the decor in their room gives them space of their own and an element of independence. Choosing personalised roller blinds, where your youngster can pick their own design helps to involve them within the selection process. The internet provides a great source of ideas, or perhaps the television where they could have a favourite character. If your child is interested in art, they could even create their very own individual design. You’ll really see your child’s unique character come out, through design.

Everyone knows that children grow up quickly and their preferences regularly change, so you need to be careful to ensure the decor they choose won’t be something they are likely to lose interest in and you’ll find yourself changing it in a year or twos time. This means keeping a lot of the design to the walls – even when your children are asking for walls covered in princesses or pirates the wall coverings are quite quick and cheap to alter when your child’s tastes change. Using classic furniture items which are simply personalised with soft furnishings and roller blinds for the window will ensure you will not need to go to great expense in order to update these.

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