Summertime Is A Time To Re-Design!

Well, here we are, at the beginning of the summer season. We all know that summer is a time to play and have fun. Is there any reason why that would not involve creating some fun in doing some re-decorating in your home?

We all know that with the summer season there is the tendency to want to freshen up our homes, replace some worn out pieces, repaint walls, or even change out the faded window treatments. Most times, it is just about giving the room a lighter and fresher look that says “summer”. It actually makes us feel more cheery and light. So put away the dark and bring in the light!

Here are some ways you can treat your home to a breathe of summer fun:

1. Re-arrange the furniture, or take some out of the room. Change the seating so that new view is the garden outside the picture window versus the fireplace. Make the room function better for those summer parties.

2. Freshen up a rooms walls with a fresh coat of paint that is brighter, lighter, clearer, and seems to breathe in new life into the space. Use lighter shades of the colors you now have. Liven it up! It is an inexpensive way to totally change the feel of the room.

3. Change out the heavy window treatments for something that is light, breezy, and airy…. it could be your “summer” look from now on.. Look for simple treatments.

4. Change the throw pillows on your sofas and chairs to new ones that have lighter weight fabric on them and have cheery colors and patterns. (Of course the colors do have to coordinate with the rest of the room and the new wall color!)

5. Put slipcovers in light or cheerful colors on your upholstery for that lighter feel. They are practical and are a great summer touch.


Bring in flowers from your yard. Place them in cheery and colorful vases, pots, bowls, glasses, etc. (Flowers really lift the spirit.) If you don’t have any, go to flea markets and garage sales for some great finds. Create casual arrangements and put them on tabletops, counter tops, shelving, night stands, and bathrooms.

7. Trade your heavy artwork for lighter, airier pieces. Bring in the outdoors with garden scenes in fresh colors.

8. Replace heavy Persian or oriental rugs with lightweight area rugs such as sisal, straw, or just a light solid color. Maybe you don’t need a rug at all for now?

9. Display a beautiful screen, a large silk plant, a large vase of summer silk flowers, or even a gurgling fountain in front of the fireplace or in place of the old dried logs. How about using bright and cheerful floor cushions on the raised hearth?

10. Replace dark or heavy lamp shades with new ones in a lighter color.

11. Create a fresh summer bedroom. Replace your bed linens with crisp cottons, perhaps in whites or light floral patterns. They bring cool texture to the bed. Use plump pillows and shams in cheerful colors and patterns.

12. Change out your candles to light colored fragrance candles that bring the smell of flowers or fruit inside.

Summertime is about creating a comfortable space that will beckon you and invite friends and family to enjoy all of summer’s pleasures inside your home.

Be daring. Breathe new life and freshness into your home. Have a Fun Summer!

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