Solar Yard Lights: Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving

Alternative energy sources are popular, can save their users money, are better for the environment, and present less difficult technical problems than conventional energy sources. Solar powered outdoor lighting is one of these alternative energy systems that many people may never have considered using, but which have many benefits to offer the users of such lights.

Landscaping lights can add beauty to your yard as well as using them for safety and visibility at night. The illumination from these lights can make walkways and driveways more visible and safer, as well as discouraging intruders if attached to the building exterior. Statues, fountains and special plantings can be illuminated and highlighted by landscape lights also.

There are countless benefits to installing solar lights in your yard. The most evident of these is that it saves you money. Electricity can be really expensive, and every bulb makes a dent in your bill. When solar powered lights were first invented, they were fairly expensive but still worth the money you would save each month on your electric bill. But now these lights have been around for a while and are no longer expensive; sometimes they are cheaper than traditional lights to install. And once installed, they cost you nothing extra.

Another advantage of lights that use solar power is that they are simple to use, without any hassle. Once you choose a site that gets ample sunlight, attach your light or sink a pole and support and you’re finished, unless the light comes with a switch. Solar lights collect energy throughout the day and store it in batteries. They do not require any wiring. Traditional lighting, on the other hand, requires carefully hidden and protected wiring, and sometimes even needs to be installed by an electrician.

The main drawback of having solar yard lights in a completely shady area of your yard is that they may not charge or even work properly. Check with a landscaping professional or with stores that sell solar lighting about the optimum locations for placement on your property. With advances in batteries and storage devices along with the solar cells themselves their requirements are easier to meet and will likely to continue improving.

Another issue is how long a light will function when fully charged, and how long you need lights to be on each evening. Lights will be rated for these parameters and you need to decide what you need and check what each device offers. Online resources can help with such decisions. And also be sure to comparison shop for solar yard lights. Check out mark down discount stores for these lights, since I have seen them in one nationally popular chain store for ridiculously low prices. Go solar for a safer, more attractive yard and save money doing it!

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