Rug Doc – Rug Cleaning Company In Toronto

Many people have embraced the use of carpets and upholstery as accessories in their houses. This is because rugs have a unique comfort to the dweller, especially when they prefer staying barefoot while indoors. Moreover, carpets improve the beauty of the interior of a room as well as being a good indicator of the social class of the owner. However, dirty and unhygienic carpets are a recipe for disaster.

Carpets and upholstery constantly collect dirt as a result of food and drink spills, dust, hair, dandruff and even a pet’s fur. These turn out to be food for bugs and dust mites. They are serious pests that may worsen diseases such as anemia, as the bedbugs suck blood from the host. Mites exacerbate asthma and skin diseases as well. It is from the carpets that the bedbugs spread to mattresses, while the mites thrive on dead skin flakes found on carpets. These two can live for a long time even without food therefore it is hard to get rid of them by just doing ordinary cleaning of the carpets. Rug Doc has the know-how and the right equipment to make your home mite and bug free. The mattresses also are cleaned and you are guaranteed of a same-day service.

The business community has come to appreciate carpets and upholstery. This is because they add value and have a good first impression to the customer. Rug Doc strives to ensure that your carpets remain clean as it has many benefits. These include reduced costs that come with replacements because clean and maintained upholstery lasts longer. Additionally, customers need a clean and healthy environment to do business. Rug Doc understands that cleanliness in a business is the single most important element that will talk volumes about the company or the individual. That is why there is professional and dedicated staff for this service. Rug Doc uses exclusive cleaning agents coupled with a low moisture, fast drying technique that reduces the time it takes for the work to be completed. The chances of getting your accessories lost or spoilt are nonexistent. Furthermore, the business is insured meaning that your items are protected too.

Rug Doc is miles ahead in terms of the cleaning process as the qualified and experienced staff use the latest combination of techniques and agents. Pre-inspection and dye testing is done before cleaning to make sure that the items being cleaned are not damaged. Pre-vacuum and /or pre-spray is also done to remove loose dirt and on heavily soiled areas so that cleaning solutions can work directly on tough stains. Free post-cleaning services are also offered should the customer feel dissatisfied.

Molds too are found in rooms. They have bad odors, stain walls and are a threat to your health. Rug Doc has specialists in this area and guarantees you a mold free home. Let your house become a home by simply making it accommodating through cleanliness and care. Work places too need clean carpets and upholstery as this makes sure that they last long and enhance cleanliness, health and more business.

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