Preparing for your first cleaning company visit

So, you’ve taken the plunge and engaged a cleaning company to help you with your household cleaning. Obviously, you don’t want the house to be a complete mess when they arrive, but there’s no point cleaning to the point where there’s nothing for them to do! How much cleaning, then, is enough?


You probably tidied and cleaned to a certain extent before you had the cleaning company round to give you a quote for their cleaning services. So that level of cleaning is what they will be expecting to deal with. But it doesn’t matter if the house isn’t in exactly the same state every time your cleaner or cleaners arrive. After all, it’s a working household, isn’t it, and nobody expects a working household to be in a state of stasis. Don’t forget, cleaners live in a house of their own, so they understand this! In fact, it’s one of the few situations where you can employ someone and be absolutely sure that they know what to expect… at least to a degree.


Having said that, it’s only courteous to have the house or flat in a state in which the cleaning company’s employees can do the job to the best of their ability. This means it should be tidy enough that they won’t be tripping over toys and books left out in the kids’ bedrooms, or slipping on spilt drinks (or marbles!). Remember, also, that you have a duty to ensure a reasonable level of safety in the working environment. Be careful not to leave cables and wires running round open areas, and make sure electric sockets, etc. are safe. You don’t want them plugging in the vacuum cleaner and getting an electric shock, do you?


Depending on what you’ve agreed that they should do on their first visit, the best thing is to give the cleaning services personnel the chance to show you what they can do. If you’ve chosen to have a full spring clean, for example, the whole house should be easily accessible, and you should provide the equipment and materials that will be needed (unless you have agreed with the cleaning company beforehand that they will provide these themselves). If, on the other hand, you’ve asked them to give all the bathrooms/shower rooms a deep clean, it’s only fair to check first that all the toilets are clean and recently flushed, and there’s no underwear lurking behind baskets or under cabinets! One of the many good things about using professional cleaning services is that it provides an incentive to have a quick check over wherever the cleaning company people are going to be working before they arrive (saves embarrassment on both sides). That way, they can provide the best cleaning services possible, and you get great value for money. But don’t overdo it – if you choose to employ a cleaning services company in the first, it’s because you want them to do the work for you!

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