Modern day architecture has completely changed by 3d home design software

Thus there is a close connect between architecture and civilization. In history you can see that in the most developed and prosperous places on earth such as the Harappa or Indus Valley, Egypt or Rome architects created fantastic buildings; homes, public places, universities, palaces libraries and memorials which have borne well the vagaries of time and still exist. The mainstay of the conversion of this creative effort was the drafting done by skilled and trained draftsmen who made the plans or the blue prints that were needed to construct the building. The difficult and laborious part of the architect’s job was the drafting work of the draftsmen. Yet rarely did they get credit for their effort!
Modern day architecture has changed completely. Architects can now take the help of designing and drafting software to make the building plans and computers make the designs and drafts in a fraction of the time needed by draftsmen to do the work manually. Computer Aided Designing and Drafting or CADD as it is called in short, is now used by almost all architects to design a building.
Advances in architectural software have brought us 3D Home Design Software that is the backbone of architectural endeavors now. This is because by using the 3D Home Design Software, architects and draftsmen can create 3 dimensional models of the house that you want designed by them. The output of this software is a miniature model of the house that will give you a realistic idea of how the house will appear in real life after it has been completed.
Naturally, everyone is excited about this software; the architects because CADD has made it so easy for them to create new designs and plans for buildings and the 3D Home Design Software has made it so easy to explain to clients all the features designed in the house. The draftsmen are also happy as this software has made drafting so easy and quick. Gone are the days of back breaking work. The computer does it all; you have just to learn to use the software.
Using the 3D Home Design Software, trained draftsmen can create a 3D floor plan of the house that is being planned. A 3D Floor plan is a three dimensional but virtual model of the floor plan of a building. A 3D design of a home can give the home owner a better idea of how the proposed house will look than the conventional two dimensional depictions.
Lovleen Barns is a CADD CAM draftsman and does freelance work in Canada

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