How To Redesign A Website

Redesigning your website will surely help to show off a big difference. It will indeed help to determine the time of stay of your visitors on your website and also will help to know the how regularly or frequently your visitors are referring your site to their friends. It will even help you to know how much they buy from your website.

If you don’t see good conversation rates on whatever you sell, it is time to redesign your website. You can opt to hire professional website redesign service providers like EBriks to help you resolve your redesign issues. You should first start with redesigning above the fold. It is a term that denotes whatever a visitor sees before he/she starts to scroll through your website. This will help to determine the time of stay of any visitor on your website.

So what do you need to place on above the fold area? Professional website redesign service providers like EBriks will help you to know things in detail such as the following.

If you are running an e-commerce store, you need to place your most famous selling products. You can also mention about special and unique deals that you possess on your products. If you are offering unique selling point [USP] or coupon on your website, you then need to make sure that your visitors can see them easily.

You also need to make things easier for your visitors to checkout. You don’t have to make them fill out a very long registration form. Instead, you can detain information that is really necessary to complete the sales task. You can even ask them for extra details; however you can make them to be an optional one.

People purchase from websites that they trust the most. You need to make sure that your website is also optimized for that. How do you that? Some colors, for instance, blue, have the propensity to enhance trust. However it also depends on what kind of visitors you are targeting and also on the average age of them.

By having SSL certification, Better Business Bureau, and Hacker Safe certification, you can easily make your visitors trust your site. You can even put them in the footer to make sure they are visible evidently.

It becomes very much difficult to know what your customers want exactly, unless you inquire them. You can ask them for suggestions and also what they precisely want to see on your website. There might be a specific product that is very much famous but you don’t have it on your website. They can even tell you some good suggestions that you might have never thought before. Getting feedback from your visitors will be helpful for you to succeed in your online business.

All these above said things will be performed by good website redesign service providers such as EBriks in the best manner.

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