Home Staging and Design


Home staging is one of the surest ways to increase the perceived value of a property that has just been listed on the local real estate market. In the past two decades, home sellers and real estate professional across the country have all recognized the treasure box that is home staging (also known as home doctoring).


Many home sellers have been able to sell their properties at much higher prices after staging their homes. Home staging also helps to close deals within a short period of time (one to two weeks). That’s the golden timeframe needed by home sellers so they can cash in on a higher price for their properties. If a property is on the market for too long, potential buyers and real estate professionals will think of the house as a “cold property” and it will be harder to sell.


Home staging design tips


If you feel like sprucing up your own property before selling it on the market, here are some home staging tips that will help immensely in the process of doctoring your home to make it look like an ideal living space for potential buyers:


1. Focus on changes in your home that will provide immediate impact to potential buyers. Let their imagination roam free in your home – without distractions.


2. Most of your personal mementos should be removed before you show your house to any buyer. The reason for this is that people won’t be able to fully imagine themselves living in the various spaces of your home if your identity as the home owner is still there.



The process of staging a home and slowly moving out of a former home can be emotionally taxing at times. If this is the case with you, stop and then reorganize.


If you have to slow down with the removal of your personal mementos, do so — but don’t let that stop you completely. Keep things moving so that everything will be finished as scheduled.


4. The easiest way to raise the perceived value of a home is give it a fresh coat of paint both inside and out. However, care should be taken when choosing the colors that are going to be used on the interior and exterior of the home. Use only neutral colors when repainting your home. Neutral colors have broad appeal, which is why it’s best to use these colors when a house is going to be sold in the near future.


5. Every aspect of the house has to be inspected thoroughly, including the state of your flooring. A home’s flooring reflects the way the home owner has taken care of the property over the years. If your flooring looks old, worn, and simply awful, potential buyers will immediately have reservations about buying the home because the flooring covers all of the living spaces inside the home. It is a big deal – so it’s time to check your carpets, tiles, and wooden flooring before selling your home. Repair broken tiles, and if your carpets are old and musty, you can invest in new carpets.





Nigel Spence is a home staging expert. For more information on careers in home staging, visit http://www.stagingahometosell.org/index.html.