Finding a reliable Cleaning Company

Gone are the days when women stay at home to maintain the household and care for the children. Now, days are even more hectic with increased responsibilities. Women are delaying the starting of a family in favour of pursuing careers or furthering their education. Although, women have a busier lifestyle, there is still the arcane belief that tending to the home is within their realm of responsibility.


Don’t worry, men. We know that some household chores have been democratically allocated to you as well. The yawning chasm of representation in household chores is slowly closing thanks to women’s lib and men’s willingness to adapt to societal changes. Honestly, some lives are so busy there is just not enough time in the day to get minimal cleaning done; much less the exhaustive, in-depth, chores that are required on occasion to maintain your home.


Luckily, cleaning services can be provided by a cleaning company that can adapt to your lifestyle. Finding a Cleaning Company is a process that should be handled the way any business arrangement is handled. First, you should decide what cleaning services you require a cleaning company to provide.


Start by walking through your cleaning routine. Ask yourself what the most important cleaning services will be and what tasks you still have time to perform yourself. Make a detailed list. This will help a cleaning company to provide you with an extremely accurate quote.


Remember to include extra cleaning services that you want done; even those that are not done on a regular basis. For example: drapery, carpet, grout, and upholstery cleaning. The Cleaning Company can then set up a schedule for these extra services and include it in your overall pricing so you are not charged an additional charge every time they perform those cleaning services.


Secondly, make sure the price is right. There is a wide array of cleaning companies to choose from, and all of them will have different pricing guidelines. To accurately compare companies, your list of desired cleaning services should be presented to each cleaning company.


Once all the quotes for cleaning services have been received, it’s time to compare pricing, but beware! Not all cleaning contracts are the same. Look at the fine print and realize exactly what is included in the payment agreement. Closely compare each cleaning company’s contract terms and surcharges. Also, pay attention to the insurance and bonding amounts that each cleaning company has in effect.


Remember that some Cleaning Services have variable pricing, which means that they can change your pricing at will. Find out the duration of each contract, whether the pricing is fixed or variable for the term of the contract, and if there are applicable contract termination fees.


Finally, once you have decided on the cleaning company that can provide you with the needed cleaning services at a favourable price, check out their references. This is a vital step! Many cleaning company promises look great in a contract, make sure that the company is reliable and actually provides the quality cleaning services that they claim.

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