Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners are an indispensable cleaning gadget for offices, restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments. As there are many kinds of vacuum cleaners available, it is important the gadget bought is one that is right for a particular setting. One of the ideal ways to shop for commercial vacuum cleaners is to browse online stores which stock various brands and models.

Heavy Duty Cleaning Product

Commercial vacuum cleaners must be easy to use and efficient and able to cope with heavy cleaning jobs. Models like the Sanitaire Vacuum with Micron Filtration or Allergen Filtration are designed with a filtration system that can retain up to 99% of pollen and dust. They are strong enough to capture dirt and airborne allergens. These heavy duty vacuum cleaners have a high filtration outer cloth bag and removable, fan chamber.

User-friendly Ergonomic Models

When it comes to comfort and flexibility, upright vacuum cleaners are a popular choice. Most models come with separate attachments, maintenance-free motors, polycarbonate motor hood and more. The comfortable and convenient long handle attached to these models is the unique feature of these vacuums. They enable the user to perform the cleaning task in a comfortable standing position. The long handle also facilitates cleaning of hard-to-reach areas like under low furniture and corners.

Easy-to-Carry Vacuums

Light-weight models like Mighty Mite Canister vacuums are easy to carry. Apart from a blower port and 9.0 amp motor, they come with a six piece attachment set including a hose, two wands, combination upholstery/dusting brush, crevice tool and floor brush. The Sanitaire Lightweight High Filtration Upright models and bagless models are also suitable for easy and thorough, cleaning of commercial settings. It is important that the vacuum cleaner meet OSHA standards.

New and innovative models of commercial vacuum cleaners come into the market every day. Reliable dealers can help select the model that bests suit a particular commercial requirement.

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