Cleaning Service Companies

Ask For Referrals From Friends – Ask around to friends and family to see what cleaners they use. Sometimes the best finds for referrals come from friends and family.

Ask For a List of Services They Provide – Some cleaning companies do laundry and dishes and others one touch either. Ask them if they have a list of services that they provide. Don’t feel like you are being petty by asking specific questions like, “What tools do you use?”, “What will you dust?”. Find out if they clean blinds or not. It will be easier to compare quotes when you know what jobs that money will include.

Look Online For Reviews – There are many review services popping up online and google maps does have a a few reviews. Just be picky about which place you get your referrals from because most of the review sites online are easily manipulated by the companies themselves to slant the reviews in their favor. Most of the review sites online are not controlled or monitored at all.

Check With The BBB – You can always try checking with the Better Business Bureau before you decide to work with someone and see if there are any negative allegations made by previous customers. Checking here could save you time and money by weeding out those who are already known to have problems.

Ask For References – When getting quotes from different cleaning companies, ask them for a list of references that you could email or contact to find out what their previous customers think about their service.

See my top Recommended House Cleaning Consumer Ratings resource. Read company and independent contractor reviews before you decide on who to hire for the job. Our recommended resource is the largest consumer review source online.