China huge market space and the majority of the territory area

the BMW the interconnection driving business in China to provide mobile communications and call center services based on WCDMA3G networks system integration and content integration services.

The car in networking with a broad form of products and services opportunities, while China’s huge market space and the majority of the territory of regional differences gave the industry’s unlimited imagination. As early as 2009, China Telecom will jointly Toyota to commence GBOOK cooperation. The three domestic telecom operators are optimistic about the market, For through its own network advantages, marketing experience upper hand in this area.

Software and application companies, and fierce competition strong king

Despite intense competition, but Microsoft, high Germany strong enterprises in the field of Telematics relying on its strength and vision rewarding.

Microsoft has extensive experience in working with the depot played an important role in the Ford Sync and Toyota jointly reached a strategic intention to cooperate in the field of telematics (Telematics). The cooperation between Microsoft and Toyota developed the first true Telematics platform based on the concept of cloud computing means that a lot of features, applications, computing power will be vehicle-side transfer to the cloud, by Microsoft and a large number of third-party developers, while Toyota be more focused on closely related to part with the car.

The same excellent achievement in this field AutoNavi. High Germany to continue a solid before the National Car mounted navigation map market, and offer a variety of location-based services support for over 90 percent of China’s former owners of installed Telematics users directly or indirectly, is most welcome by the Chinese TSP location application partners . High German competitive advantage lies in the ability of the Telematics required compound: the pre-installed after the installation of commercial navigation data navigation engine products; automotive industry, the mobile Internet, cross-industry influence; B2B B2C business benefits form; Apple IOS Andrews overwhelming competitive advantage of the platform, this compound capacity before and after the take-all “is unique in China. Other peer, the high Germany and did not rush into the TSP field has been significant in the Red Sea, choosing instead to quietly support the major domestic TSP service, such as universal the OnStar SAIC Roewe mercedes benz dvd player InkaNet, Toyota the TSP Beijing 95190, e Road, Shanghai GM to enjoy Chi Chuan Yue, Guangzhou Automobile line 100 known cases behind can see the shadow of high Germany.

Summary of the 2011 Chinese Telematics market, the government’s concern and support, vehicle networking industry development environment has been further improvement and upgrading. Such as the establishment of the vehicle networking and car information services industry Union (SVCTA), the position Application Contest was successfully held in China, a good organizational foundation for the future development of the Telematics industry and innovative atmosphere.