Brilliant Commercial Window Cleaning Services

The city of London has lots of tall buildings and its ever increasing windows need regular cleaning to keep them maintained and at their best. This is why we at Cleaning Windows London have a dedicated office with an experienced commercial window cleaning team. It is from here that we are offering our customers with a safe and reliable service. Lots of window cleaners are there in London, but we are professionals, applying our acrimonious standards of cleaning and a proven commitment to Health & Safety regulations so that you can be certain that we offer an excellent quality based service.

We have in place a Reach and Wash system which eliminates the use of ladders. This system is fully compliant with the latest health and safety regulations. We have managed to replace the traditional usage of ladders and buckets by the Reach and Wash window cleaning system. In this method we make use of a pole. It is with the help of this pole that jets of pure water is fed to specially designed soft brush or bristles at the end. We only make use of filtered water which is also pure without any sort of cleaning agents or chemicals.

We have a team of experienced people who are all specialists in their respective fields. We also undertake contract work and also the one off work. We offer our customers with a professional service. Being professional window cleaners we know the importance of our work to your business. The reason for this is that we know that your customer’s first impression of your business is the outside of your building. When you use the services of Cleaning Windows London, you can rest assured that all of our employees are reliable, trustworthy and also insured. All of our employees also undergo an extensive background check. This is why we care about who is inside your home just as much as you do.

Commercial Window Cleaning: We are able to provide commercial window cleaning services throughout London and the surrounding areas with our years of expertise in the field.

Residential/Domestic Window Cleaning: We also undertake the responsibility of cleaning windows for small residential houses including conservatories, apartments, blocks of flats and solar panel cleaning.

So if you wish to have a great services as well as value for money prices then look no further as Commercial Window Cleaning services in London is the best bet for your entire window cleaning needs.

Therefore we place a high emphasis on making your business or home windows look good!

Call us today and see your windows sparkle!

The author is an expert in the field of Commercial Window Cleaning London and Window Cleaners Ealing.