Are You Fed Up With Mole Holes In Your Yard? There Is A Solution

Have you ever walked out into your yard and stepped into the grass and had your feet sank down a little? It’s not because it was muddy or wet, but because the ground isn’t as solid as it should be. You see little hills throughout your yard and there appear to be tunnels under the ground. Is it the work of some elaborate plan to destroy your yard? There are spots all over the place where the grass has died or turned brown and your yard just looks terrible. This is undoubtedly the work of moles or gophers.

What could be more annoying than little vermin that totally destroy your yard. You might take very good care of your yard. It doesn’t just happen to people who let their yards go. It can happen to any yard, anywhere. Does this sound familiar? If this sounds like something you’ve experienced before, you need to realize that you’re not alone. Millions of yards across the world are affected by these little creatures every single day. Sometimes, they do more damage than you even thought possible. Other times, you can barely notice it. There really is no rhyme or reason to what they do, and it can be extremely disheartening.

Disgruntled homeowners have gone to extreme lengths to get rid of these little beasts with mixed results. In fact, most of these so called “solutions” just end up costing you more money and wasting your time. They don’t get results and the yard looks like it did before.

There are poison peanuts, sprays, granules that you spread over the yard, and many other devices. “Poison peanuts” are a great idea, but how can you be sure that the little varmint will eat it? He has to eat the poison in order for it to work. Another recent device uses sound to get rid of the pests. You put batteries in it and dig it down into the ground. It then emanates a high pitched vibration that supposedly gets rid of the critters. While it may work for awhile, what happens when the batteries run out? You have to dig it back up and refill it, then put it back in the ground. How convenient is that?

Some really angry homeowners have even taken to more drastic measures like pumping car exhaust into the holes. This might work and it might not. However, it is very dangerous anytime you’re dealing with toxic fumes. Some other angry yard owners have even resorted to flooding the holes with a garden hose. It might get rid of the creatures temporarily, but this is not a permanent fix. Does it get rid of the pests when it rains a lot? Of course not. So why would pumping water in the holes be any different?

My suggestion is to skip past the expensive discovery process where you end up buying many types of gimmicky products, sprays, granular, poison worms, insecticides, and end up pulling your hair out standing over a mole hole for hours with a shotgun. And take advantage of the fact that I already went through all of that and now have a perfected process where I can show you exactly how to get your mole or gopher every time, with just a few minutes work, without spending more than a few bucks total. I not only tell you how to do this, but I also show you on video exactly what I do. I can tell you that I have been able to help a lot of people quickly eliminate their mole and gopher problems for good. You can be back to that plush grass in no time.

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