Ways to get more and more commercial cleaning contracts

Commercial cleaning is the cleaning jobs that are carried on in different premises by cleaning companies who in return earns income from them. They are contracted by individuals, businesses or corporations.

In present days cleaning companies are found nearly in every town and city in the world. The maximum strength is seen especially in affluent countries. The normal ways that these companies take up for marketing their services are via advertising, professional sales force, different websites or word of mouth.

Obtaining commercial cleaning contracts in some of the small cities and towns in the world can be quite a challenging and tough task. The government organizations or big commercial establishment negotiates a lot with the cleaning companies and so the process gets lengthy and elaborate, making it more difficult. But sometimes they can be extremely lucrative for a cleaning service agency. Even getting contracts from big reputed companies are also hard because these companies are extremely choosy about hiring cleaning services. They also have high securities and other strict policies. Their timings are also fixed and so the period of access to their premises for cleaning is also limited.

In comparison the small companies are quite flexible in these aspects, but have limited funds to spend on the cleaning services.

Another very important aspect other than the general issues is that the cleaning service company needs to have suitable resources to provide quality services at reasonable rates.

Keeping all these factors in mind, it’s clear that getting commercial cleaning contracts are intricate processes and needs some management and marketing skills.

Here are some steps that can get the cleaning contractors surely seal some contracts for them.

Recognize your strengths- A big contract would require full prior assessment of resources. In this assessment the areas of improvement and strengthening must also be identified. Weigh your company’s service capacity and workforce strength so that you can decide on the size of the companies you can provide service to. This way you can effectively target the potential group of clients and acquire more contracts.

Conduct suitable research- Conducting proper research on potential clients and their organizations can be very beneficial.

All the cleaning service hiring contracts are discussed and decided in corporate level and mostly all big companies prefer those cleaning companies who could cater services to all their branches and units. But others just leave it to the discretion of the local management. So searching for local companies or the ones which are operative in your locality should be the best options.

Get in touch with the company staffs- It is always a good thing to get acquainted with the company layout of the premisesFree Articles, all the security points and the scheduled timings for your work. So directly contact the company personnel and request him/her to tell and show you all these necessary aspects before you sign the contract. They would also inform you about the areas that are off limits to your service staffs.

These ways and tips would surely come in handy when you require some good commercial cleaning contracts in your bag.

Great Tips for How to Build Up Muscle

If you’re serious about wanting to know how to build up muscle, here are some suggestions based upon experience with ways that have worked for many others. It makes no difference whether you are already working out and would like to vary your routine, or you are recently interested in simply building up muscle, the following tips will help you on your way.

Great Tip No. 1. Work each exercise till exhaustion. It’s important that your muscle fibers are worked to the point where they need repair, which builds up the muscle mass. Make sure that you work your muscles to the point where the last rep is so difficult that you require at least a small break before you can do any more. This is how to build up muscle fast.

Great Tip No. 2. Increase your intake of protein. Without protein you will never see any increase in muscle mass. Protein is an essential building block for building and repairing the muscle which has been challenged by the exercise.

Great Tip No. 3. Perform from eight to twelve reps per exercise set. If you do not do enough reps, you’re resting too much and not efficiently building muscle. If you are doing too many reps, it means that the muscles are not being challenged, and more weight is required to build mass. Make sure that you perform no fewer than eight reps and no more than twelve.

Great Tip No. 4. Eat cottage cheese. Yes. Cottage cheese is a miracle food for body builders. It’s low in carbs and fats and it’s filled with needed protein. If you find that the flavor of the natural type is too strange, flavored versions are available, and can be included in many different recipes.

Great Tip No. 5. Use free weights. Sure, you can build muscle using weight machines, but free weights are far more effective for a number of reasons. Free weights require you to provide balance. Machines are stable and offer no balancing challenges. Free weights also give you the opportunity to perform compound movement where you can work more than one muscle group at a time. Those who know how to build up muscle fast, use free weights.

Great Tip No. 6. Eat often! Eating smaller meals more often is a far better practice than the traditional three big meals a day. Eating a small meal every three hours or so will help build muscle more quickly. Bring a lunch big enough for one big meal, and then split it up into two sessions.

If you’ve been working out diligently in your local gym and still don’t look like Mr. Universe, don’t despair. It takes time to learn how to build up muscle efficiently, but if you follow the steps given above, the task will be easier, and you’ll begin to see progress sooner than you think.

Boost productivity with great office interior design


Keeping your staff happy while they work is important. Small things like complimentary snacks in the lunch room can work wonders, but for an even bigger effect, try complementing your working environment with a new coat of paint and furniture. The right office interior design can work wonders on team morale and productivity, as well as reflect your business positively to clients and customers. All businesses should consider upgrading their office interior design regularly, to help keep their office environment fresh and at optimum working capacity.There are a few prime points of consideration when creating a functional office interior design. Colour and design are perhaps the biggest priorities, as these can really liven up an office interior design and introduce a new energy and mood. Moreover, you need to keep your employees and clients from becoming bored in your environment. No matter how exciting your business is, there will be moments of boredom or fatigue in the office. A dull office interior design can massively compound these negative feelings, and reduce productivity and efficiency. Especially towards your clients, your business must exude a fantastic attitude at all times, through fantastic office interior design.Lighting is also of great importance in planning a new office interior design, particularly natural light. Fluorescent lighting is often harsh on eyesight, overall functioning and general comfort, so if your building lacks natural light, consider alternatives like incandescent lighting. If your office interior design budget has room, you might consider taking out your existing windows and replacing them with larger ones.Your office interior design should also strongly facilitate interaction between your employees, promoting good working habits like collaboration, teamwork and discussion. Considering employee and workstation proximity in your office interior design plan will mean you can tailor your office environment to just the right levels of productivity, while neither encouraging overt socialising or unpleasantly isolating your workers. There are plenty of ways to tread this fine line in your office interior design planning, such as using mid-height barriers for office partitions, and soundproofing for closed offices.Subtle touches like indoor plants can improve an office interior design, not only aesthetically but also by creating a more natural, less stifling working environment. Indoor plants help improve air quality inside, and can liven up an office interior design – even if everything else is bland.It is also imperative to use ergonomic furniture in all office interior designs, to minimise work-related injuries such as repetitive strain injuries, bad posture and worker fatigue. Ergonomic design does not mean boring. These days it is very easy to find ergonomic furniture to complement the look and feel of your office interior design. Choosing furniture that looks good and complements your workers is the best desicion you can make when planning your office interior design.



Choosing furniture that looks good and complements your workers is the best desicion you can make when planning your office interior design.

Commercial Renovation for Improved Business


Most people who own a home decide to do some modification and updating
of the décor and construction. Rarely does someone buy a residence and
decide to keep it exactly as it is. On the other hand this happens all
the time with businesses. People buy or lease a space and then do not
update or improve the building before opening their business. Some make
minor cosmetic changes but the idea of remodeling does not occur to
many. Fortunately there are a number of contractors who specialize in
commercial renovation.

Essentially commercial renovation is divided into two categories.
Improvements for offices and workspaces and then those for retail
spaces. Improving retail space is an integral part of improving sales
and creating satisfied customers. Whether it is a restaurant or a
clothing store the atmosphere a business creates matters. That is why it
is not a simple matter of slapping on some paint and bringing in some

Many landlords allow their tenants to build to suit and that means you
can create elevated spaces install skylights and windows and even create
custom installed counter spaces. There are many things that can be done
to increase business that commercial renovation will accommodate. The
best way to discover how a contractor like this can improve a space is
to bring one in for a consultation. They will be able to lay out their
vision and hopefully it will be something that is conducive to your
concept of your company.

A particularly crucial area for commercial renovation is in offices and
work areas. Often office buildings are poorly designed in terms of
stimulating creativity and productivity. They are made to maximize
efficiency and fit as many people as possible into as much space as
possible. Well, not every company has this goal in mind. For most the
preference is on generating and incubating creative thought and
creativity. They want their employees to work smarter not just harder.

That is why having someone come in and design a space that is both
beautiful and functional is so important. By making the office somewhere
pleasurable it allows employees to relax and thing better. Having a
kitchen with nice faucets and good lighting above desks goes a long way
toward improving morale. Additionally, when clients come for a meeting
the modern and aesthetically pleasing environment, instead of some
cubicle farm, will impress them.

Whether for the benefit of your employees or your customers commercial
renovation is a solution to improve the layout and design of any
building. Contractors who specialize in this type of work are well
versed in design of all types of spaces. They can turn warehouses into
impressive retail areas, small business park rooms into professional and
modern offices and even the drabbest interior into something where
anyone would be proud to work.



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commercial renovation company with a reputation of providing
quality results that leave customers satisified. Take a look at past
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Let Online Traffic Be The Great Provider For Your Online Business

You are going to read important
concepts about online traffic, which, if implemented, will move forward your online
business, giving you greater number of visitors to your websites and thus higher
revenue and profits. So, remember to let traffic be the great provider for your
online business.                  

When you have every part of your online
business in place, all working well at once, your domains hosted and websites ready
to help customers achieve their wants and desires, and solve their problems, which
shows that your niche is well defined and targeted, you  now want to get as many visitors as possible to
your websites. 

Clearly, if your niche is broad and
in a market that has a lot of competition, your efforts for getting a slice of
the available traffic, could be harder to achieve. Assuming that you have
drilled your niche to levels of competition where you can fulfil your customer’s
needs much faster, you can then be more focused in delivering what your
customer wants. 

But, where there is a lot of
competition, there is also a lot of money to be made. Others are doing so, that’s
why there is competition and this should not bother you really. Very often
though, within these broad markets, there are great niches that do not cost a
lot of effort and money to find. The internet makes it so easy for us to find
what our prospective customers are looking for, so the research is not going to
cost you much. 

Visiting sites like Dmoz or Offer
Vault will give you great clues as to what is happening in your niche,
regarding your prospective customer’s interests and problems. Whether others
are making money in your niche; remember that if they are making money, you can
make money too. There is room for you in the same niche. 

And while you are in those sites,
you can see that there is traffic that will make you profits. If not, you
should consider targeting something else, because remember the important rule:
a website without traffic is like an empty shop offline. Your online business
cannot survive without traffic, period. 

Go to Google and check about your
niche. Are there lots of ads about the products of your niche in the right hand
of the page? When you type in the keywords that you target in your niche, in
the Google search box, do you see also lots of other choices like ebooks about
the subject, videos, blogs, discussions etc? 

That type of information is very
good for you. It reinforces for you, if so, that your niche is good to target
and that you have an excellent chance of success. Of course, there are other
aspects to consider as well or this can look too simplified. At least, these
things mentioned will tell you the niche is good to target. 

Staying then with your niche,
your course of action now is with choosing the keywords that tell you precisely
what your prospects are thinking, or talking about or intend to do to find
solutions to their problems or even to find pleasure for their wants and

You will profit so much more from
concentrating now only in keywords that tell you your prospects are in the
buying mood. If you notice keywords that indicate your prospective customer is
taking a buying action, those are the keywords you must use in your campaigns
to achieve greater traffic and profits for your online business.

Prefer those keywords that tell
you the prospects want to buy, rather then ask for more information about your
program, product or service. You may be thinking, yes but where do I find those
keywords? Well, remember that when visitors to the internet type in the search
engines what they are after, the search engines keep those entries in their

And this information is available
to you whenever you want and in a manner that tells you global and monthly
local searches, competition levels, cost per click of the specific keywords
etc. etc. And it is free. Google lets you know for free a huge amount of data
that you can use for your online business. Yes, practice at using the most
profitable keywords in your campaigns and soon you will see more traffic coming
to your websites. 

Now it is time also to listen
carefully to the terms the prospects use. You too, need to use the same
language, the same words that they use for their searches. The more focus your
approach to this practice is, the higher the rewards for your online business.
You’ll think it is great when you see that you connected exactly with what they
were thinking in their head! That kind of connection is magical for your online

These few things when you are
doing them well all at once, will make sure you get better targeted traffic and
with that a much better chance of success in your online business. Keep
connecting with what your prospects think and the words they use and your
success online can almost be guaranteed, when you deliver to them precisely
what they are after. 

ERP for Small Business: SAP Business One vs. Great Plains Dynamics GP

We would like you to concentrate on your Business Processes
automation requirements in trying to understand which small business accounting
package will fit the best for your enterprise


Database Platform.  There are several reliable and relatively
inexpensive SQL oriented DB platforms on the ERP market: MySQL (good option if
you are making custom programming in PHP platform), Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Select (also consider Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for Small Business Server 2008)
– also you can get scaled down version from Oracle, which is outside of the
scope for this paper.  SQL compliance is
in our opinion critical, and it is not recommended to choose proprietary DB, typically
coming together with such accounting applications as MYOB, Peach Tree, Quick


Words of respect to Linux and other free
Operating Systems.  We recommend you to
review such Linux platforms as Suse, for example, where you can get software
free of charge, and where you pay per customer support case only as you
go.  We would like to keep reservations
at this time to recommend ERP selection on Linux, however we encourage you to
make your own ERP market discovery


SAP Business One.  This ERP and MRP application for Small
Business comes from SAP and we trust this ERP brand.  SB1 is available on Microsoft SQL Server 2005
and with version SAP Business One 2007A it is now pretty reliable and localized
for United States: 1099, Sales Tax, Barcode, Warehouse management, Credit Cards
Processing, eCommerce module, CRM.  SAP
Business One SDK allows you to customize user interface as well as Database
transactions: EDI, Integrations with legacy systems: Microsoft CRM, Lotus Notes
Domino, Oracle


Great Plains Dynamics GP.  This solution is coming directly from
Microsoft Dynamics subdivision.  If you
are one-person-operations, we would like you to review Microsoft Small Business
Accounting – both SAP BO and Dynamics GP would be probably too expensive for
you.  Current Dynamics GP, belonging and
supported by Microsoft Business Solutions had long small business accounting
trace: Great Plains Accounting for DOS: 9.2 and 9.5 were the most popular
versions, Great Plains Small Business Financials 7.5, 8.0 and 9.0 were
dedicated to small business scaled down versions of Microsoft Great
Plains.  Current trend in SBF is upgrade
and migration to Dynamics GP Business Ready


MRP.  Both
SAP Business One and Great Plains Dynamics GP offer discrete Manufacturing and
MRP modules.  SAP Business One is closer
to small business in our opinion, where you can do intuitive Production Module
self discovery.  Great Plains, however
has Bill of Materials module, which could cover small business manufacturing and


Great Plains eConnect versus SAP Business One
SDK programming.  Both SDK packages are targeted
to custom ecommerce applications and software developers.  We would like to treat them with the same
respect and recommend for deployment


Corporate ERP reporting.  In both cases we recommend you to consider
Crystal Reports.  In the case when you
are tight with the budget, try to consider Microsoft SQL Server Reporting
Services or SSRS, as this extension is coming free with Microsoft SQL Server
2005 or 2000 Standard or Enterprise


Legacy accounting data conversion and migration.  If you company deployed such proprietary
accounting packages as PeachTree, MYOB, QuickBooks, we recommend you to
consider printing modules reports and saving them in Text tab or comma
delimited files, Excel also is good option


ERP for International Business.  Even Small Business could be involved in
international operations, such as purchasing your merchandise from China,
India, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Russia. 
If this is your scenario, please try to make the research of Microsoft
Business Solutions ERP products support internationally.  At this time Dynamics GP is supported in
English Speaking countries, and SAP Business One is localized for major
nations: Latin America, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and BrazilFree Articles, Israel to
name a few

Top 7 Problems With Proposal Win Themes

Win theme is one of the top five elements of proposal persuasion – and if they don’t work, it will be much harder to stand out. Here are the top 7 problems with win themes we have observed in a number of companies, no matter what their business size and maturity level has been.

Most companies, despite their best intentions (and even understanding of what a win theme is supposed to look like), fail to sell in their proposals. Win theme is one of the top five elements of proposal persuasion – and if they don’t work, it will be much harder to stand out.

Time pressures force the team to start writing before themes are sufficiently developed and the entire proposal process begins to unravel. Here are the top 7 problems with win themes we have observed in a number of companies, no matter what their business size and maturity level has been:

Planning Out Your Home Improvement Budget

Cost Of Materials

Some people think the cost of materials is what breaks the budget. It’s actually the cost of labor and poor planning that are the biggest factors in budget overruns. Materials can be easily budgeted. Unless you’ve picked a material that has to be custom made in batches, odds are you will be able to go back to the home improvement store and order more if you are short without breaking the budget.

You should develop a spreadsheet with all the materials you will need to complete your home improvement project. You should have already collected accurate measurements for counters or floors, so you can estimate what the total cost is for materials. Include additional materials for any solvents, glues, fasteners, or tools that you need to buy or rent to complete your project.

Cost of Labor

The only way to deal with the cost of labor is to get three estimates from contractors with good references. This will give you an indication of the cost of the labor and also should pinpoint some material costs. If you plan on doing the project yourself, you can save on labor immensely. If you don’t have the experience, but would like to offset labor costs, you might be able to work out a deal where you provide part of the less skilled labor. Some contractors won’t do this at all, so don’t be surprised if you get turned down.

Labor costs for do-it-yourselfers is only cheap if you are confident that you can do the project and meet all safety and quality building codes. Also, you don’t want to start a project and then be required to call a contractor to finish it as an emergency project. Odds are, the contractor will charge for removal of your work and starting over. If you think that you cannot do a quality job or haven’t sufficient experience, check out your local home improvement stores to see if they have classes on the project you are trying to do yourself. This will give you an idea of whether it is worth it to hire a contractor or to attempt the job yourself.


Ten Things to Consider Before Conducting Home Remodeling Project in your Home


Planning to conduct a Home remodeling service in your home is not an easy task but possible to accomplish.  However, a certain amount of money is involved, but even a blue-collared employee like you can simply push through with the project as desired because you are not compelled to flat completely ironed things out in a single blow.  Yes, this is just one of the services home builders offer and a lot more unfolds as you continue to read further.  One should consider these very important factors before assigning a contractor for home remodeling service, as these factors play a vital role.  This is not just to get the long-standing work done in a professional manner, but also the satisfaction of the customer who has been paying for the service in a proper manner.  In today’s world, it is very easy to find the right service provider from the open sources like internet, where one can know about the services, experience of the company, projects completed.  Here are some points to consider laid out for you as follows:  1.Check the experience of the service provider in the home remodeling process  2.Gives the expert suggestions before making your decision  3.Ask for the customer satisfaction by contacting the previous customers  4.Possibilities of designs and styles to choose from a wide range  5.Request for exact estimation with proper details  6.Along with the price include the schedule of the payment to be paid  7.Give the complete project description with the details on each stage  8.Provides city permit, plan and blue print ?Using high quality of materials purchased from a reliable wholesaler  9.Can give prompt answer with the customer support service on phone or site with response form  10.Professional work in all areas so improper service can be avoided   Factors are common to all types of home remodeling service including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement, bedroom, and others.  It is important to know how many years of experienced your service provider have, those who are the well-known name in the renovation industry.  This is where people can get the professional design services along with free estimation and design consultation. It is a myth though that reputable companies offer high stake quotas, it is the other way around.  The bigger the company, the more choices they offer to meet your demands and needs for renovation.  The good thing about it is that, their output has guaranteed by many sources.  In conclusion, it is easier to start a project especially when you know a thing or two about what is going to transpire with your plan.  More importantly, take caution with home remodeling service provider and make sure that both of you gets something in return.  The plan, blue print, and city permit has provided along with the custom-made 3D design for bathroom and additional constructions.  With all projects, home remodeling services are inclined to coordinate and answer all your queries relating to project progress.  Along with these benefits, you have given the assurance that the company of choice uses only high quality of materials, which can give the best results for a long period.  Home remodeling services makes sure that your home is a long-standing investment.  



P. Palungus, a home builder under the company of  Total home Construction, http://www.totalhomeconstruction.com, based in
Long Island providing home remodeling and basement renovations services for ten
years now.  His goal is to serve
customers with the utmost respect, as well as to provide the highest in quality
service, and workmanship for their project. 

Why it Makes Sense to Hire a General Contractor


Need some work done in your home? If so, don’t be tempted to do the job
yourself. Hire a reliable general contractor. You should hire a general
contractor if the job will take more than a week to complete, if it
requires several contractors to complete, or if it requires a few
permits. You should also consider hiring a contractor if you are not a
do-it-yourselfer or if you have a job that is expensive,
skills-specific, and so complex that you need the help of a
professional. Many homeowners do not realize that the average kitchen
remodel takes about 5 weeks to complete. Not to mention that in order to
remodel your kitchen, you will likely need a plumber, electrician,
cabinet and countertop contractor, flooring contractor, painter, and
someone who can install your appliances. That’s a lot of people.
Fortunately, you can hire a general contractor to take care of
everything. Here are the top reasons why homeowners should hire general

They are Licensed

General contractors will protect your interests. They should be licensed
to perform the work that they are hired to do in your state. That
license means that they have demonstrated sufficient knowledge and
experience to work in this field. This will give you peace of mind when
you hire a contractor to work on your biggest investment: your home. Why
would you hire someone who does not know what he is doing?

They Will Take Care of Everything for You

Most people don’t know that work being done on a house requires a
building permit from their city. If you’re doing any type of major job
like adding a room, you’ll need to show your permits to the city
government and the work will have to be approved. If you hire a general
contractor, he will take care of all your paperwork. Everything will be
done for you. The contractor you hire will also schedule the
subcontractors and make sure each job goes smoothly. He will keep track
of the receipts, obtain the materials, and pay the subcontractors when
the job is finished. Remember that the job is not finished until you are
satisfied. Your contractor will also provide you with a contract that
includes the work that will be done, what steps will be taken to
complete the work, what materials will be used, and what the costs will

Save You Money on Supplies

You might be able to save some cash on the materials needed for your
home improvement projects. Most stores selling them offer discounts to
contractors who shop with them regularly, so you’ll end up saving money.
You can also ask your contractor for receipts for the supplies that are
purchased. That way, you know how much they cost.

An Expert in the Industry

General contractors know all the ins and outs when it comes to
remodeling and building. They know what it takes to get the job done
right the first time. General contractors are up-to-date on the current
codes and they will make sure your house passes inspection. Good general
contractors will help you save money, time, and aggravation, so keep
that in mind if you own a home.

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