There’s Something About Money

    2008 Patric Chan

Money- It’s the universal currency that all civilized human beings are familiar with. So what is money? Or precisely, How do you “see” money?

Money means differently to everyone.

It can represent power and authority.

A measurement of success or contribution.

Maybe happiness?

Perhaps, some see it as only a piece of paper and they earn it just so that they can carry on with their lives. Once exhausted, they will work to get more.

Now that you KNOW what money is, consider the difference between money and wealth. Money relates to your income where else wealth is define on the assets you have and how they’re being used.

True wealth has nothing to do with how much money you have in your bank or the car you drive. It’s the sense of well-being, knowing you are ‘rich’ – it does not need to be seen by anyone but just you.

As how many people view money in different ways, power, authority, happiness and so on – some also sees it as a ‘relationship’. Clarifying your relationship with money will determine whether money’s your master or slave – who’s controling who.

So is your relationship with money is something stressful or a healthy one?

You see, if it’s giving you negative impact, no wonder you’re not striking gold. Your unconscious will want to ‘protect’ you from pain and push you to another direction. You’ve heard about this a million time so I’m not going to write more about it.

The only way for you to know the answer is to look in the mirror and face the truth – because all of us hated or feared money at one time or another in our life.

When I was broke, money means a lot to me but that does not means I like it. I was in ‘pain’ because I didn’t have any. I was broke. But noted that I was never poor. You can take my money away and make me broke, but I will strive to stand up and play the game of money again – and win because I now know how’s the game is being played. How do you overcome disassociation with money? “ACCEPT” money into your life without fear or shame.

So if you want to be financially wealthyFree Reprint Articles, don’t just sit and practice ‘law of attraction’? It’s more than that.

Here’s the combination to attract money:

Right Mindset + Right Attitude + A Solid Plan + Proven Techniques + Taking Actions = $$$ Into Your Pocket

Right mindset could be how to attract money into your life.

Attitude? Patience is a good starting point.

Solid plan will mean knowing what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there.

Techniques are yours to choose.

Taking actions need no explanatory and this is the part that most failed.

So what does money means to you and how you make it to be on your side? Your homework for today is to know this and it’ll definitely make you become a richer person.

Cleaning Industry Health and Safety Acknowledgements


If we stop to think about the cleaning industry, it is probably the only industry together with the utilities industries that provides its services to all the other industries. Employing large number of people in all sectors of the economy from schools to hospitals, public places to private offices, shops to factories. With an extensive work range that covers all cleaning activities from strenuous industrial cleaning jobs to day to day office cleaning services and even household cleaning can be included.In this article I’ll take an in-depth look at health and safety for office cleaning services. Before I dig any deeper into this subject, did you know that a risk assessment is required before a company can start to provide its office cleaning services? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.That said, lets take a look on how to create a Risk Assessment for a new cleaning contractor. Risk assessments are not rocket science but do need special attention as they are used to identify hazardous working conditions and provide practical actions to protect people from harm and injury.According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) to create a risk assessment you only need to follow 5 steps:Identify Hazardous workplaces and possible working conditionsPoint out who and how workers can be harmed by the hazardsEvaluate the risks and decide on precautionRecord your findings and implement themReview your assessment and update if necessaryAn example of an office cleaning risk assessment can be found at the HSE’s website as a pdf file.Now we all have a brief on how to create and the importance of a risk assessment for office cleaning services, lets take a look at the most common injuries and accidents faced by cleaning professionals working inside offices and buildings in general.The three most common accidents faced by office cleaners are slips and trips, manual handling and falls from height. These accidents are directly related to the most common injuries affecting the cleaning industry. They are: Injury to backs and upper limbs and occupational dermatitis.To sum things up I’d like to point out a few working places and conditions where there might be risks for those of you working or hiring office cleaning services. Wet floors are the most common working condition with a certain accident degree of risk. Make sure all staff are provided with anti-slippery footwear and wet floors are signalled at all times. Electricity is another area to be extremely aware of, ensure that all cables are covered properly; sockets are not overloaded with too many power leads and keep water away from these areas.Storage room cleaning, ensure that all the old file’ boxes are pilled up evenly and do not exceed the recommended stacking height to avoid them falling on people.

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Concrete Countertops


Counters are one of the most integral part of any kitchen and when you are looking to remodel your kitchen with a new counter than you should look for a material which feasible and even looks good. In Oakland, concrete countertops are getting very popularin fulfilling both of these standards, and are actually appropriate for the odd and diverse Bay Area. If you never thought of concrete as a counter material then you should know a few things about it. Oakland Concrete Counters: The Appearances Many people are not the biggest fans of the idea of a concrete countertop; Oakland residents who have never seen one might think of it as something not up to par but in reality, these concrete counters are just as exquisite as the counters made by natural stone like marble or granite. Get the image of a large grey mass used at construction site and industry because a properly finished concrete counter will be a colorful, smooth, beautiful piece with additionalstrength. Concrete Countertops vs. Natural Stone Of course previously granite and marble stones always had an upper hand on concrete. These classic stones have been used for centuries in some of the most beautiful structures around the world. But in the modern day world we all know that what marvels a man can create just because of the technological advancement. Concrete counters, though are not considered as the top of the line still they have some advantages over the natural stone countertops. The color and pattern of natural stone is determinedby the minerals and condition of weatherwhich is present in the area from wherethey were quarried. Though the Naturalpatterns are immensely beautiful, but still you can’t color or pattern it yourself . With counters made out of, you have the advantage of customizing them with the color scheme of your kitchen or bath. You yourself will be able to choose the color and the patterns. Moreover you can add some other materials to give your counter a more unique look.Benefits and Drawbacks of Oakland Concrete Countertops Like the natural stone, concrete arealso very heavy. When planning to install concrete counters or natural stone counters in a space where there used to be lightweight counters, you shouldadd an extra structural support before you install the counter. Concrete has a similar porous nature like granite and marble. So just like the natural stones if you want to secure the counter top from staining then you should make sure that it is properly sealed. Oakland’s concrete counters are normally made by small companies or by individual artisans, so you will have a lot more control over the final finishes. They can also be prepared at your home rather than in factories thousands of miles away. Now in Oakland concrete is a cheaper base material than granite or marble but due to less production its finishing cost goes up and becomes equal to that of natural stone but once the production starts on mass level this will be a great alternative.



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Demand for Home Purchase Loans, Mortgage Rates Climb


Demand for loans that are intended to be used for purchasing homes rose to a seven-month high last week. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), purchase loans demand increased to 1.1% (seasonally adjusted) for the week that ended on November 26.The group said the result was appropriately adjusted to reflect the impact of the Thanksgiving holiday. Comparatively, purchase loan applications rose 2.7% in the same period last year. MBA said demand for mortgage refinancing dropped 21.6% that week compared to the preceding week. It was the third week in a row that the mortgage refinance index of the group fell. Demand for mortgage refinancing accounted for up to 74.9% of total loan applications for the same week. That was down from 78.6% in the preceding week. On the other hand, mortgage rates rose in the week ending December 2. According to the US Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, home loan rates followed the lead of bond yields, which also rose that week, amid indications that economic growth was on the way. Analysts said an economic gain is usually seen by bond investors as less attractive for buying bonds as rates usually go up. The 30-year fixed rate on mortgages climbed 0.8 point to an average of 4.46% in the week ending December 2. That was higher than the 4.4% average last week. The peak was at 4.71%, recorded at the same period last year.Rates for 15-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 3.81% from 3.77% in the preceding week. That was still lower compared to the 4.27% average in the same weekly period last week. 5-year Treasury-indexed adjustable rate mortgages climbed to 3.49% from 3.45% in the preceding week, but still lower than 4.19% in the same period last year. Most market analysts agree that if economic recovery and growth would continue to rise, mortgage rates would also move up. MBA has released a forecast stating that mortgage rates for 30-year fixed-rate home loans would rise to 5.1% in the fourth quarter of next year. It also predicts the rate to further rise to 5.7% by 2012’s second half. Freddie Mac and MBA are conducting weekly market surveys to monitor mortgage and mortgage refinancing rates. For more news and information about the mortgage industry as well as about foreclosures, check out The Website is regularly updated to feature insightful news covering foreclosure markets.



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Considerations Before Starting a Home Renovation Project


In an era where it is difficult to get a good price for your house due to the slow real estate market, many homeowners are turning to home renovation to make their existing homes more fitting to meet their needs. Before you start any project, however, you need to pay attention to several critical details.Codes and PlansHome renovation must meet the building codes in your area. Start your project with a detailed set of plans. Then, compare your plans to the local building code requirements. Even if you intend to do the project on your own, you will want to talk with an architect or remodeling contractor at this point to help you understand the codes. You can learn more about building codes at your local building authority office. They will provide you with a list of code requirements that go along with your specific project. You may need to apply for permits before you work on major systems, like plumbing and electrical. Planning a BudgetStarting a home renovation project often seems like a good idea at the beginning, but some homeowners fail to count all of the costs before they begin. This leads to projects that do not get finished, increased credit card debt, and frustration on the part of the homeowners.Before you tear down that first wall or dig the first hole for your new foundation, carefully map out the costs of your project. If you are using a professional contractor, this will be done for you when you receive your quote. If you are attempting the project yourself, use your detailed plans to figure this out, and then give yourself some additional wiggle room in your budget for the mistakes you will likely make. It is always better to plan for too much money than not enough.Choosing a ContractorMost homeowners find that they do not want to tackle their home renovation on their own. Those that do often find they need a contractor for some stages of the job, like the plumbing or electrical work. Finding a good contractor is an important part of this project.If you have friends who have done a remodel recently, ask them about their experience with their contractor. If you do not, take advantage of online review sites to find a reputable few in your area. Then, arrange for quotes from the ones you think are going to do a good job. Go with one who seems to have the knowledge and professionalism you want, but also has a decently priced quote. Remember, home renovation is a great way to improve your living space, but it should not be tackled without some careful planning. By taking the time to think through the process before you begin, you can enjoy the fruits of a remodeling project without the hassles and concerns common to homeowners starting down this road. In the end, you will be glad you did.

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Benefits of Choosing Google Premier Partner for Your Business

Searching for Google ads expert or Google premier partner for your business or Google Ads campaign, there are numerous benefits to choosing a Google Premier Partner agency.


Every business owner aspires to achieve his or her goals. Today, digital marketing is a ladder for remarkable growth and digital marketing agency support. Indeed you will achieve everything if your ladder is not cracked. Even a small crack can give you a great fall. The fall is even more painful when you have climbed up far. Many businesses have failed despite wonderful ideas because their support was not wrong. This may happen with anyone but the reason is ignorance.

Little knowledge is dangerous, especially in digital marketing. When you are on a hunt to find a digital marketing agency (your support), you search for Google ads expert, SEO experts, social media marketing, etc. Amazingly, you know all this but it is too little to know in today’s era. Every other agency is Google ads consulting and SEO experts are available at every nook and corner.

When you are searching for Google ads expert one considerable thing is Google partnership. Whether the person serving you is Google partner or not? You are bound to check for it because you have to invest lakhs of budget to that agency.

Basically, there are two levels of Google partners- Google partners (blue color badge) and Google premier partner with (red color badge). There are more than 2000 Google partners and around 89 premier partners in India. Depending on your budget you can choose either of them. Premier partners may charge higher than Google partners due to the difference in the level of performance. There are many advantages to work with them-

Any Google partner must have passed a certification exam. They have enough ideas about designing effective ad campaigns as per your business needs like traffic, leads, conversion, etc.

One needs to be an expert in PPC (pay-per-click), a method to run ad campaigns.PPC offers options for targeting based on demography, age, gender, interest, etc. Certified people are experts in utilizing the available set of options that make it result-oriented. Uncertified people may run your ads but those ads are not result-oriented.

Getting Google’s certification is not a single time process. Companies need to go for the recertification process. It ensures that the company is updated with the latest information on changes adopted by Google.

Google wants to serve the best to its users. It redefines its features to put it in a better way. If you know these changes, you can use it in your ad campaigns to make it more effective.

Google helps companies to learn by providing training in the latest updates.

Your ads are running on Google’s platform so you get a direct line of communication with Google. If there is a malware attack on your ads or any other issue, you can fix it with Google. Otherwise, it is very difficult to contact Google to fix your problems. In businessArticle Search, you can’t afford to waste a single day but working with Google premier partner can save you a lot.

Beta features are features that are in the process of testing. These new features are available for general use after successful testing.

Google’s premier partners get the opportunity to work with those features. You get an edge over your competitors.

Bathroom Mirror as well as Additional Bathroom Accessories to Revamp Your Bathroom


Most people would agree that the bathroom is one of the most well-liked areas in the house. This means that individuals spend time cleaning it and money in redecorating it just to make it look more applealing. When designing your bathroom, you have to put up the right bathroom furniture, taps, bathroom mirror, shower enclosures, bathroom vanity units and other bathroom accessories that you could think of. You need to think about the accessories you will put in to the design of your bathroom and even the look of the home.  The bathroom is a spot where you can relieve, freshen up and maintain your personal hygiene. This is particularly true among women who loves to spend more time in the bathroom putting on their makeup, drying their hair and other usual beautifying regimen. Because of those, you would have to come up with a nice bathroom mirror. The bathroom mirror can add sparkle to your bathroom, completely changing how your bathroom looks.You can find a lot of styles of mirrors but you also have to think of your house’s design when buying one. If you have a conventional bathroom, you ought to go for Victorian style or those with wooden frames. For modern homes, go for those with metal frames or those with no frames at all.When you select the appropriate mirror to go with your bathroom, you need not only think about your bathroom size, but also the bathroom vanity size since the mirrors shouldn’t go beyond the vanity since this can result into an unbalanced look in your bathroom. If you need a more contemporary style for your contemporary bathroom, then frameless mirrors would be ideal. Mirrors which are circular or square in shape will make your bathroom look more contemporary. If you want to add more drama to your style, you can discover various benefits of wall mirrors which can offer a unique look for your bathroom. You can choose mirrors which have built-in lighting and can also be set up inside shower enclosures as well as around the area where you take a bath.Now, you can simply choose whatever design you need for your bathroom mirror. The internet can provide you all of the designs you want: different sizes, different colors, various frame designs, or anything that yow will discover which will complement the look of your bathroom. Allocate time to pick the right accessories for your bathroom so you can be on your way to getting a nice and posh looking bathroom in your house.



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Oil 4 Wales for the Win: New 24-Hour Truck Stop in Brecon

In welcome news for haulage companies operating in Wales, oil distributor Oil 4 Wales has launched a new 24-hour truck stop at its Brecon depot.

In welcome news for UK haulage companies with drivers regularly delivering loads to, from and around Wales, oil distributor Oil 4 Wales has launched a new 24-hour truck stop at its Brecon depot, providing a much-needed facility for the local transport industry.

A Family Affair

Oil 4 Wales is a family-run company that has grown exponentially to become the leading provider of petroleum products in the country, turning over around £50m in its first year and £110m in its latest financial results. Managing Director Colin Owens enjoys a long history in the oil industry: he established Owen Fuels in 1991 and built it up to a turnover of £350m a year before selling to Texaco in 1997. The family wanted to establish an authentic Welsh brand, believing that as major oil companies pull out of “downstream supply”, the door is opened to small independents to capitalise on the ability to offer a more community-based service.

As well as supplying products to the commercial, domestic and agricultural markets, Oil 4 Wales has plans to establish a chain of retail garages across south, mid and north Wales, and has invested more than £500m into the local community at truck stops in Maesteg and Powys. The company employs a large staff across its depots in Wales and contributes generously to charitable agricultural projects in support of the local farming industry.

The company’s development of the Brecon truck stop is a true passion project, with Director Sally Owens expressing their personal pride at being able to provide such a vital facility for the region. 

The Brecon Truck Stop

With over £70m of investment, the Three Cocks site at Brecon is already proving itself to be an invaluable service for local haulage companies and independent lorry drivers. The fuelling facility provides Adblue, diesel and red diesel via the pumps, with Oil 4 Wales declaring their aim to support and service not only haulage companies, but also vehicles used in the local agricultural industry. The Brecon region is heavily utilised by the transport industry and the availability of 24-hour fuel is a much-anticipated and long overdue service.

In the interests of optimum convenience, the truck stop accepts all versions of fuelcards across the widely used Keyfuels system. For haulage companies or drivers who currently do not use a Keyfuel fuel card, Oil 4 Wales has ensured that obtaining the free card is easy through their dedicated department. (The Oil 4 Wales Fuel Card Department can be contacted on 02920 674917.)

A Positive Development for the Transport Industry

The 24-hour fuelling facility at the redeveloped Brecon truck stop is a very positive development for anyone making a living doing delivery work in the greater Welsh region. The immediate and overwhelming take-up of the facility suggests that investments into the local infrastructure by companies like Oil 4 Wales not only benefit the transport industry, but the entire community. Industry stalwarts are hoping that the Welsh model’s success story will encourage investors to develop similar facilities across the country.

Have You Created Your Business Plan?

For any aspiring entrepreneur, building a successful business plan can seem daunting. Many small businesses ask themselves: Do we really need a plan? Well, if you have a business or want to start a business, you NEED a business plan! “Winging it” never worked for any successful business. Even well-established businesses need a business plan, or need to drastically modify their business plan when the situation changes.

The first step to building your business plan is determining your goals and objectives for your business. Imagine where you want to be in a few years. Do you want to remain a small business, or are you more adventurous? Also, consider your personal goals and objectives. How much work are you willing to put into your business? Is this a business that will provide a livable income, or more of a hobby? What tasks and jobs are you willing to delegate to your employees?

Second, determine what you bring to the customer. What distinguishes your business from your competitor? You must come up with the key attributes of your business that will draw customers to you again and again. Without proper brand development and recognition, your customers will glaze over your website and you won’t have appropriate levels of business to sustain.

Third, consider your budget. How much money will you need to start up your business? Are you going to take out a business loan, or find investors? Do you want to allow investors in on your important business decisions? Also, consider what happens as your business changes and grows. How are you going to spend income? Are you going to re-invest in your business? Finally, how much income do you need to support your personal lifestyle?

When you have these essential elements, you can consider your business strategy. Basically, this is a plan of how you’re going to market, design, and operate your business. In any business plan, you will usually open with an Executive Summary and Business Description. After that, you get to the “meat” of your plan.

The third section of your business plan is your Marketing section. Consider your target audience and how large your customer base may become. Then, consider how you will reach your market (how feasible it is to actually contact your customer base). Will you use website only? Or perhaps television and paper mediums? This will help define your pricing, distribution, promotion and marketing methods. Once you have this section completed, you can see how you measure up with your competitors. You should aim to outperform and outlast your competitors, and draw their customers to your base.

The next two sections are the overall design and operations plan of your business. How will you design your business’ brand? What are your most visible attributes? Also, how many employees do you want, and how will your business flow? Will you delegate tasks or handle most of it yourself? A lot of this section is highly personal and gives you a chance to show your passion about your product or service.

Finally, you must come back to your finances and determine what is feasible for your business. Also, try to examine what your future financial goals will be as the market changes and your business grows.

With a business planHealth Fitness Articles, you can ensure your business has a solid foundation in reality and what you can feasibly expect from your venture. This is essential to business success and will maximize your profits!