My DIY Wind Turbine


This is my project and it is not finished yet, but I figured I would show it to you. It can be done and sometimes cheap. First of all we will start off with the supplies a friend gave me. Most of them were free. His son worked construction and he was building a house and had lots of extra stuff left over and he wanted to get rid of it. So I helped him out.  He gave me 30 – 8 foot 5/8 all thread some ¾ plywood and some kitchen lights. These are the ones that are 4 foot and recess into the ceiling. I paid for 2 bearings and the solid steel 10 foot rod. The real money comes when you make the generator but that’s the part that isn’t done.

Let me tell you how I constructed this out of those parts in our list above. The picture is above so you can see it as we are going through the steps. Step one was preparing the plywood. We need two round circles to start with.

Trick here on how to get them both the same. You need a table saw for this and you need to find the center of your plywood. You should also make the marks for the blades this is easier when the plywood is square. If you have 6 blades you need 6 marks should look like a pie with 6 evenly cut pieces. The more blades the smaller the pieces of pie. This really needs to be done right for balance. These marks are for the positioning of the blades so the marks need to be made on the inside top and bottom when the project is put together.

My plywood was already 4.5 x 4.5 when I started. Now you need to make a hole in the table saw (I had to add extra table panel on mine to use all the wood) about dead center of the blade. If the hole is 2 feet from the saw blade you should get a 4 foot round circle.

First take off the guard and lower the blade all the way down. You hold it down with some all thread or 4 to 5 inch bolt and I used a weight from an old weight bench and some washers and nuts. Put the plywood with the hole in it and put the bolt with a washer down through the weight then the plywood then the table saw. Now put the washer and nut on. Do not make this too tight!  The idea is to roll the plywood round and round until we get a circle.

Best results you need a very good blade or new. Warning: TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!! You just raise the blade a little at a time. Start very small to get a feel for it and spin the plywood slowly. Keep your hand away from the blade but firm on the board. Should look like this when you’re done.


Now put the two round circles together and mark your hole for the all thread to hold the turbine together I used 5/8 all thread. Remember they were 8 foot so I cut them with a chop saw and use a die to clean up the thread. I used 4 of them. Also you need to mark the side with a “V” so you know what is top and bottom. If you use the V method then you will always be able to match them. These holes need to be fairly perfectly placed for balance.

It’s coming together now you will need nuts on both sides to lock it in. I bolted the bottom together first put the top on loose. I bet you are wondering where the recessed lights come into the turbine project. In the light there where two nicely shaped, rounded pieces of metal and two diffusers prefect for our blades. You will have to work on the next part, moving the blade around. The way I did was if you ever saw a blower cage or look at my turbine at the top to get an idea. Once you get where you want it then from the marks you made you should be able to duplicate the rest so they are all the same. I used small L brackets and screws to hold it together. Then tighten all the nuts up remembering about balance. Try to get everything the same your blades and the all thread. I started the all thread at the very bottom of the nut (flush). When you cut the all thread all should be the same length. If you really want to get technical you can weigh them. Also I doubled the nuts for security reasons.

Final thing is to get the bearings in straight. I only used a 1 inch solid rod I am going to go 1 ¼ 80 grade pipe with some stronger bearings. I hoped you like this article and hoped the pictures will give you some ideas on some junk your friend might have that you could put to use to make a wind turbine. I will keep you informed on the rest of the project as it comes along. Find out more about wind turbines here.


My DIY wind turbine was a great little project and I wrote this to give you some ideas if you just look around you could find some real gem out there. May be at your house or your friends house. I also built one of those generator type wind turbines I will do an article on that soon. I have some references here Wind Turbine Facts

How To Get The Most From Your Commercial Or Office Cleaning Experience

Great Commercial Cleaning does not happen by accident. In this article I will explain how you the customer can get the most from your office cleaning or Janitorial Services.

First, education. A great cleaning company should educate not only the employees on the intricacies of cleaning correctly but also their customers on how to take advantage of their services. Customers need to know how to work with their office cleaning, or full service company in order to get the most from their office cleaning service.

Be aware of your cleaning companies schedule so that you can prepare for the next day’s cleaning. What do I mean by prepare? Isn’t it the cleaning company’s job to clean not mine you may ask? Of course, but the cleaners have rules and these rules are important in order to maintain a certain harmony with their customers.

For Example, cleaning professionals are usually instructed to never touch papers or other nick-knacks on top of your desk. The reshuffling of stacks of business paperwork in order to clean your desk would completely put some customers over the edge when they can’t find what they need for the early morning meeting! So the day before the commercial cleaning service is scheduled to clean your office, straighten up your desk and expose more of the surfaces you would like cleaned. Do you really need every nick-knack on your desk? Choose your desk bobbles carefully. The more open your desk and cabinets surfaces the easier it is for your janitorial service to do their job.

Also, take a look down around you. Do you have boxes, packaging material or other clutter that needs to be organized or thrown out? Ever wonder why that old Styrofoam coffee cup sitting on your desk didn’t get thrown out when your cleaner came through? Most professional Cleaning companies do not allow their office cleaners to throw away an item unless it is in the trash can. Clearing of desks, boxes, floor clutter and other items will help to make sure the cleaners do a great cleaning job and you are happy with their service. This will allow them to vacuum or perform carpet cleaning unencumbered, thereby reducing the over all dust and dirt in your office.

Finally, be heard. Don’t suffer in silence. If a cleaning company is not meeting your expectations, let them know. Usually your office manager or facilities manager is the primary contact, so do talk to them and do follow-up with them later. No cleaning company wants to be fired because they never received constructive feedback about their performance.

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Cleaning Satin Clothes

Satin has always been an elegant and formal fabric. This is due to not only to the soft and almost sensuous feel that if gives but also to the shine and aura of sophistication of gives off. The trouble with satin is that it is not only delicate, it tends to trap dust and if it gets stained, these are difficult to remove. In fact, if satin gets stained, do not try and experiment with stain removal at home. There is little that can be done without proper equipment which even your domestic cleaning agency is unlikely to have. Your only option is to take it to a dry cleaner as quickly as possible. However, until you can get to the dry cleaner, try spreading talcum powder over the stain. This may reduce the amount of stain that the fabric absorbs.

Here is how to go about normal washing of satin. Please always check if the item has any specific care and washing instructions. If so, follow those only. In the absence of any specific washing advice, here’s what you should do.

1. Satin should preferably be hand washed. If for any reason this is not possible, then machine washing should be done but only on the delicate setting.

2. Do not use hot water if washing by hand and ensure that the hot water is switched off if machine washing.

3. Wash in cold water using only a mild detergent.

4. Mix the water and detergent well and let the cloth soak in this solution for about five minutes.

5. Now gently squeeze the cloth in the water so the suds run through the fabric. Be careful not to squeeze too hard or for too long.

6. Never wring or squeeze the water out of the garment. This could cause it to lose its shape and be ruined. Also never machine dry the garment. This could also ruin it.

7. The best way to dry satin is to lay it flat in a clean towel and then roll up the towel. Once the towel looks like a jelly roll, press down on it to get the excess water out of the satin. Then unroll and remove the garment.

8. Now once again lay it flat on another clean dry towel and allow it to air dry away from sunlight or any bright artificial lights.

9. Once it is dry, the garment can be ironed. Always iron it inside out and use a light setting without any steam.

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Dog Friendly Yards

Spring is finally here! Technically, the first day of Spring is March 21st. However, a sure sign that Spring is upon us, are the daffodils and crocus appearing in the garden.

The garden looks beautiful until a dog runs through it. Keeping dogs out of the garden can be a challenge. Sometimes chicken wire and decorative picket fences are necessary to prevent blooming flowers or just planted shrubs from being trampled.

Some pet owners train their dogs to stay in a certain section of their yard. This helps prevent brown spots on the grass and trampled gardens. It also assures dog owners with small children that there is a clean area of the yard for their children to play.

Dogs enjoy being outside and running around in the yard. Electric fences, fenced in yards or dog runs keep dogs safe on a dog owner’s property. Dogs who like to chase rabbits and squirrels can endanger themselves and others if they run loose in the neighborhood and/or street in pursuit of wildlife.

Keeping your dog on your property also prevents issues of neighbors getting upset with dogs pooping or peeing and leaving brown spots on their lawn. Responsible dog owners should have control of their dog at all times.

After work, get outside and enjoy the extra hour of daylight. Dogs who are crated all day will appreciate a long walk. An eco-friendly solution to pick up after your pet is Clean Go Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags. The unscented leak proof bags have quick-tie handles to seal in odors and will naturally decompose after use.

Dog parks are a popular place in the Spring. The temperature is not too hot for your dog to run around for a couple of hours. The Spring rain showers can make the dog park quite muddy, so bring along a towel for a quick clean up before your dog jumps in your car! Old blankets or car seat covers keep the car upholstery free of pet hair, dirt, and moisture.

A little sunshine and exercise does wonders for humans and canines alike! Being outdoors replenishes our energy level. Spring Ahead to a wonderful season of health and happiness!

The days are longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. It’s perfect weather to enjoy a walk in the park with your dog. Joanne Gallagher recommends visiting Jake’s Dog House to equip your dog with nice Dog Sweater for those long walks in the park.

Benefits of website redesign

For the past 12 years, New York-based creative web design agency Website Redesign Pros has been building beautiful, engaging websites that have the power to make great conversions. We tackle the whole range of issues concerning web development, and website redesign is one core area we have been attending to quite often of late. Well, it’s just a reflection of the exigencies of the current day. A lot of people ask us about the benefits of website redesign, and each time, we tell them the five key parameters that can strengthen their business. Given below are the five parameters that come in the guise of benefits under a website redesign:

a) Image makeover: The first thing that a website needs is a professional look. It has to convey the real deal in a simple, attractive way. Everything on the website should carry a signature of the brand. At the same time, there shouldn’t be an overdose of any element. The perfect makeover is rarely seen, and that’s where we do the magic.

b) Making a grand first impression: Your website should be able to hook the visitor with some informative content and soothing web designs. The user should feel that he’s reached the right destination. The first contact should make him come again for more. That’s where website redesign can add a tinge of exotica to the user experience.

c) Meaningful content: The tone and tenor of the content on your website should suggest currency, relevance, and reliance. You may not get it right the first time. During a redesign of the site, it becomes all the more compelling to make the content blend with the designs and colors.

d) A whole new package of branding and marketing: Tell the user why and how your brand strikes a chord with people. Make him feel that he is a part of your family. If the user is convinced of big benefits from your marketing, branding, and service strategies, then he may even spread a good word about you and get you more customers. Website redesign gives you the flexibility to work on different models of marketing and branding with easy-to-customize applications.

e) The conversion mantra: By being user-friendly and service-oriented, you can work wonders. Always give something valuable to the user. Make that extra effort to know his needs and demands and then work towards providing him the desired services. The whole purpose behind website redesign is to facilitate greater conversions. It provides you the right platform to make this smooth transition.

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Blind Cleaning

Many people feel that hiring a cleaner is something of a luxury and not something that they would want to do. Whilst this may be the case of your everyday cleaning and household chore needs, there is nothing wrong with getting someone in to take care of the rest of your home for you.

Take for example the blinds that you have up in your home. You can try and dust these to the best of your ability, although this can be tough if the windows are tall and you are not. Just dusting these will not get them looking brand new and actually giving them a full on clean can be hard work.

Why not look at asking a company that specialises in blind cleaning to help with your cleaning needs. These are professionals in this field and therefore can clean your blinds to a high standard. Lots of the companies take away your window blinds and then return then when they are cleaned. Whilst they are away they are then cleaned and treated to perfection to give your blinds that just new look.

Of course blind cleaning isnt something that every company offers, so you may not find someone on the high street that offers this service. In this case what you can do is look online for a company that can help. If you search online for blind cleaning you should find companies that offer this service. You can then browse through the services that they offer and how much they charge in order to help make up your mind on the company that you would like to hire to take care of your blind cleaning for you.

Dont worry about what type of blinds you have, because no matter what they are made of you will be able to find a company that is able to clean then. After all, they are the professionals. If you feel like you may want to look at getting your blinds professionally cleaned then have a look online because you are bound to find someone local to you that offers the service. is the North Wests number one blind cleaning company, working seven days a week; visit our site for more information.

The Skills The Perfect House Maid Will Be Able To Render

One of the most ancient kinds of labor employment in the world will be a maid. Working as one for a person or a whole family is absolutely nerve-racking and nerve-wracking but enjoyable at the same time. Becoming a maid, a servant, or whatever you want to call it is certainly probably the most specialized jobs within the entire world. You will possibly not agree with it being professional job but it surely is particularly when you’re discussing one of the wealthiest families on earth or for Bill Gates where you’re recommended to do special tasks which should be study appropriately.

As being a maid isn’t just performing the normal tasks for cleaning the home, cooking dinners for the family, and attending to the children. For some employers, they might need expertise in these areas plus much more. But as a consequence of modernization plus the changing lifestyles of individuals, a lot of the work of maids or servants (in Old English term) are generally simplified or made intricate. That’s because some should employ modern day tools and appliances in serving the needs of the whole family.

However in countries like Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, and the majority of areas of USA, the maids are usually known as household assistants and giving domestic help or aide à domicile in other words into the family. The increased number of domestic helpers in the different countries incredibly shows the changing routines of persons where they’re able to manage hiring one for the ease of the family unit.

And understanding that, let us uncover the varieties of maids employed by a household throughout the world.

1. Maidservant is the name usually used to refer to housemaids or perhaps maid. They’re female employees hired to undertake domestic works such repassage or pressing irons onto clothes, preparing food, cleansing the house, and all the employers may make them do.

2. Between Maid or Hall Girl usually means a woman junior servant that has the task of setting the table for meals, taking off the dishes after the meal, including waiting while dining for any necessities of the family. But because these varieties of aide à domicile are not that truly needed within the family household, hall girls were not employed in great volumes.

3. Chauffeur is exactly what you call someone employed to do the job of driving the employers on their destination while using the family’s car.

4. Dog walker may well be among the easiest jobs to complete inside the household. Although it’s not easy to manage dogs specifically when they’re running around and all that yet it may be fun.

5. Nanny is actually a female worker usually accountable for tending to the kids. They may be in charge of the daily needs of the children even walking within a park. They usually don’t do repassage and are just focused with the wellbeing of the children.

Katlyn Weston has published several articles for various clients for over five years. Her solid background in information technology and journalism allows her to experiment different techniques in writing. She is a web enthusiast who loves to write about aide à domicile.

How To Redesign A Website

Redesigning your website will surely help to show off a big difference. It will indeed help to determine the time of stay of your visitors on your website and also will help to know the how regularly or frequently your visitors are referring your site to their friends. It will even help you to know how much they buy from your website.

If you don’t see good conversation rates on whatever you sell, it is time to redesign your website. You can opt to hire professional website redesign service providers like EBriks to help you resolve your redesign issues. You should first start with redesigning above the fold. It is a term that denotes whatever a visitor sees before he/she starts to scroll through your website. This will help to determine the time of stay of any visitor on your website.

So what do you need to place on above the fold area? Professional website redesign service providers like EBriks will help you to know things in detail such as the following.

If you are running an e-commerce store, you need to place your most famous selling products. You can also mention about special and unique deals that you possess on your products. If you are offering unique selling point [USP] or coupon on your website, you then need to make sure that your visitors can see them easily.

You also need to make things easier for your visitors to checkout. You don’t have to make them fill out a very long registration form. Instead, you can detain information that is really necessary to complete the sales task. You can even ask them for extra details; however you can make them to be an optional one.

People purchase from websites that they trust the most. You need to make sure that your website is also optimized for that. How do you that? Some colors, for instance, blue, have the propensity to enhance trust. However it also depends on what kind of visitors you are targeting and also on the average age of them.

By having SSL certification, Better Business Bureau, and Hacker Safe certification, you can easily make your visitors trust your site. You can even put them in the footer to make sure they are visible evidently.

It becomes very much difficult to know what your customers want exactly, unless you inquire them. You can ask them for suggestions and also what they precisely want to see on your website. There might be a specific product that is very much famous but you don’t have it on your website. They can even tell you some good suggestions that you might have never thought before. Getting feedback from your visitors will be helpful for you to succeed in your online business.

All these above said things will be performed by good website redesign service providers such as EBriks in the best manner.

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Acquiring Permits for Home Improvement Projects

If you are planning to improve your house in Northern Virginia, you will be required to acquire some permits and approvals from the state. If you plan to repair sidings, paint your walls, add a front porch, or add a second floor in your house,  it is best to review the guidelines in your local homeowner’s association (HOA), whether there are restrictions and requirements for maintaining and improving your house.

Building Code and Zoning Approval

You have the liberty to do some improvement projects to your house; it is under your ownership, after all. However, the country requires homeowners to secure a building permit and/or zoning approval when new constructions—such as fences, swimming pools, and parking areas—within the property will be done. For instance, in the state of Virginia, there is the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC), which contains the regulations in constructing a new building or an extension or addition to an existing building. It also gives regulations to protect residents from the hazards arising from the construction.

Projects that Need Permits

Home addition is a home improvement project that requires a permit. You need a permit if you will add up a porch, a deck, a sunroom, or a shed that has an area of at least 200 square feet, to your house. For decks, permits are needed if the floor is equal to or greater than 16.5 inches. A permit is also required if you plan to replace gas furnaces or gas logs.

In Northern Virginia replacement windows and door installations also need permits, especially if structural adjustments will be made. Changing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and heating systems also require a permit. You will also need to seek for approval if you’re building a swimming pool in your lot, particularly if it requires more than two feet of water and is larger than 150 square feet.

Projects that Do Not Need a Permit

Some home improvement projects may not require a permit, but performing them still needs to conform to code standards. These projects are classified as “ordinary repairs”, such as interior and exterior painting, wallpapering, and replacing cabinets and light fixtures. No permit is also needed for a roof repair Northern Virginia roofing contractors execute.


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