How to clean power supply

Your computer’s power supply is one of the most important components on your machine. The power supply is responsible in converting the regular household current into the voltage suitable for your computer’s use. Malfunctioning or damaged power supply can result in more costly damages to your computer’s circuitry. So keeping your power supply clean may be the most important thing you ever do in terms of caring for your computer and preventing problems. A lot of people don’t even make an effort to check their power supply boxes aft. If your computer makes a grinding noise as it powers up or shuts down, it can serve as a good indicator that you’re well overdue for power supply maintenance.

1. First of all, shut down and unplug your computer. Some CPU casings have a master switch for power at the back. Turn this off. Never clean the inside of your PC while it is running or plugged in; this can result in accidental electric shock or other such injuries. Wait for your computer to cool down if it has been running for a prolonged period prior to shut down. This action will help you avoid burning yourself. Wait at least 1 hour to ensure that all internal components are cooled off.

2. Ground yourself to your computer with a grounding tool. If not, you run the risk of burning your computer circuitry with static electricity. Unscrew and remove your computer’s access panel. Make sure that you jot down where the wires go, so that you can put these back afterwards.

3. Find the power supply by looking for the place that your computer’s power cable goes into. The power supply is also recognizable because of the large fan it contains.

Open it with a screwdriver. Wear a dust mask if the power supply unit is dusty.

4. Use a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle to blow dust and dirt off the power supply. Hold the nozzle about 2 inches from the surface you’re cleaning and always blow from the inside of the PC outward. Be sure to thoroughly clean the fan, the circuitry and the wiring.

5. Make sure that you have cleaned all parts of the box before assembling it back. Place the access panel back on your computer and screw it back in.

After you have done the cleaning, check if the computer is working properly. If your computer hangs or freezes, this might be a sign that your PSU is still dirty.

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Selecting A Great Rug Cleaning Company

Most people call up me and get, “how much is that to clean any rug?” then they figure out the size. Generally they have both a cheap machine-made rug they will purchased with a store, or perhaps on the avenue, or a important hand-made rug.

I’ve been professionally cleaning Asian and other rugs including constructed from wool, cotton, man made fiber, and polypropylene for more than twenty years. If you are unsure precisely to go about cleaning your own oriental mats, I have several tips for an individual.

Do it yourself or Skilled?

It’s worthwhile to pay more and make sure you’re hiring a actual rug cleaning expert who may have both encounter and references. The best cleaning approach will depend on the rug, but do not try and clean it your self. You could damage it, and also you won’t be able to get the desired end result anyway, therefore don’t waste your time, call up a pro. I propose someone with IICRC (international Institute of Cleaning along with Restoration Certification) credentials, or Woolsafe credentials, or both.

What approach?

Looking for a reputable rug cleaning company, it’s worthwhile to know something regarding the different cleaning procedures that should be used to clean rugs. The method that is certainly most effective is often what’s known as full water immersion cleaning. However, this method cannot be used on almost all rugs, therefore a topical ointment method of cleaning is employed in some cases. That means that much less water is used to wash the rug. This is where hiring a actual expert is very important, because he or she can first identify your own rug type, next pick the best cleaning way for it.

Pet Stains

One thing we often run into is actually pet stains and significant odors upon area rugs, in which a dog or cat could possibly have had a major accident. This can trigger major scent problems at your residence, causing you to roll-up your rug along with throw that in the storage area. This is not suggested by the way, as there are likely to be rug moths ordinary storage scenario who will food on your rug if it is made of constructed from wool! and, consider heart, normally the pet scent can be removed, though oftentimes the stains turn out to be permanent. What on earth is usually the most preferred method to remedy these issues is actually immersion cleaning, though, as I said just before, other procedures must be used as soon as your rug cannot be laundered with a real method.


Yet another thing that people have difficulties finding, is actually someone who may repair divots, abrasions, worn “overcasting” (the extra edge of an persian rug) and perimeter damage. In case left unrepaired, these kinds of will only grow to be much worse with don and occasion. So another critical factor in choosing an persian rug cleaning company is to use one who also can repair these people for you.


Finally, maybe you have had difficulty obtaining a rug cleaning company that can thoroughly clean the fringes of fringed rugs. This involves special knowledge and experience, too. Sometimes the fringes have just been too worn-out and may even be coming aside, in which case perimeter replacement is a superb option. However, generally, choosing a reputable business to clean your own rugs will that they can fine detail the fringes for you, although that you will find an extra price.

Having these things checked off whenever you select a business to clean your own rugs will be a big resource. The support may not be affordable, but believe me, you don’t want affordable in cases like this.

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Rug Doc – Rug Cleaning Company In Toronto

Many people have embraced the use of carpets and upholstery as accessories in their houses. This is because rugs have a unique comfort to the dweller, especially when they prefer staying barefoot while indoors. Moreover, carpets improve the beauty of the interior of a room as well as being a good indicator of the social class of the owner. However, dirty and unhygienic carpets are a recipe for disaster.

Carpets and upholstery constantly collect dirt as a result of food and drink spills, dust, hair, dandruff and even a pet’s fur. These turn out to be food for bugs and dust mites. They are serious pests that may worsen diseases such as anemia, as the bedbugs suck blood from the host. Mites exacerbate asthma and skin diseases as well. It is from the carpets that the bedbugs spread to mattresses, while the mites thrive on dead skin flakes found on carpets. These two can live for a long time even without food therefore it is hard to get rid of them by just doing ordinary cleaning of the carpets. Rug Doc has the know-how and the right equipment to make your home mite and bug free. The mattresses also are cleaned and you are guaranteed of a same-day service.

The business community has come to appreciate carpets and upholstery. This is because they add value and have a good first impression to the customer. Rug Doc strives to ensure that your carpets remain clean as it has many benefits. These include reduced costs that come with replacements because clean and maintained upholstery lasts longer. Additionally, customers need a clean and healthy environment to do business. Rug Doc understands that cleanliness in a business is the single most important element that will talk volumes about the company or the individual. That is why there is professional and dedicated staff for this service. Rug Doc uses exclusive cleaning agents coupled with a low moisture, fast drying technique that reduces the time it takes for the work to be completed. The chances of getting your accessories lost or spoilt are nonexistent. Furthermore, the business is insured meaning that your items are protected too.

Rug Doc is miles ahead in terms of the cleaning process as the qualified and experienced staff use the latest combination of techniques and agents. Pre-inspection and dye testing is done before cleaning to make sure that the items being cleaned are not damaged. Pre-vacuum and /or pre-spray is also done to remove loose dirt and on heavily soiled areas so that cleaning solutions can work directly on tough stains. Free post-cleaning services are also offered should the customer feel dissatisfied.

Molds too are found in rooms. They have bad odors, stain walls and are a threat to your health. Rug Doc has specialists in this area and guarantees you a mold free home. Let your house become a home by simply making it accommodating through cleanliness and care. Work places too need clean carpets and upholstery as this makes sure that they last long and enhance cleanliness, health and more business.

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Preparing for your first cleaning company visit

So, you’ve taken the plunge and engaged a cleaning company to help you with your household cleaning. Obviously, you don’t want the house to be a complete mess when they arrive, but there’s no point cleaning to the point where there’s nothing for them to do! How much cleaning, then, is enough?


You probably tidied and cleaned to a certain extent before you had the cleaning company round to give you a quote for their cleaning services. So that level of cleaning is what they will be expecting to deal with. But it doesn’t matter if the house isn’t in exactly the same state every time your cleaner or cleaners arrive. After all, it’s a working household, isn’t it, and nobody expects a working household to be in a state of stasis. Don’t forget, cleaners live in a house of their own, so they understand this! In fact, it’s one of the few situations where you can employ someone and be absolutely sure that they know what to expect… at least to a degree.


Having said that, it’s only courteous to have the house or flat in a state in which the cleaning company’s employees can do the job to the best of their ability. This means it should be tidy enough that they won’t be tripping over toys and books left out in the kids’ bedrooms, or slipping on spilt drinks (or marbles!). Remember, also, that you have a duty to ensure a reasonable level of safety in the working environment. Be careful not to leave cables and wires running round open areas, and make sure electric sockets, etc. are safe. You don’t want them plugging in the vacuum cleaner and getting an electric shock, do you?


Depending on what you’ve agreed that they should do on their first visit, the best thing is to give the cleaning services personnel the chance to show you what they can do. If you’ve chosen to have a full spring clean, for example, the whole house should be easily accessible, and you should provide the equipment and materials that will be needed (unless you have agreed with the cleaning company beforehand that they will provide these themselves). If, on the other hand, you’ve asked them to give all the bathrooms/shower rooms a deep clean, it’s only fair to check first that all the toilets are clean and recently flushed, and there’s no underwear lurking behind baskets or under cabinets! One of the many good things about using professional cleaning services is that it provides an incentive to have a quick check over wherever the cleaning company people are going to be working before they arrive (saves embarrassment on both sides). That way, they can provide the best cleaning services possible, and you get great value for money. But don’t overdo it – if you choose to employ a cleaning services company in the first, it’s because you want them to do the work for you!

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Gardening by yard

If you have a tiny yard and would like a simple but well-maintained garden, you only need two things – determination and know-how.  Here are some tips on how to keep your garden by the yard looking spruced up and glamorous.

1. Deadheading
Keep your border free from wilted flowers and dried leaves. Deadheading or removing dead flower heads will encourage the plants to produce more blooms for longer. Many perennials such as geraniums and dahlias, and some annuals benefit from having spent blooms removed

3. Pinch out tops.
Certain plants – especially foliage plants like Coleus – respond with a spurt of growth when their tops are pinched out. Pinching out makes the plant much bushier and so more blooms are produced. Fuchsias are prone to becoming leggy unless they are pinched out.

4. Fertilize lightly.
A minimal amount of fertilizer will further boost the growth of your vegetation. If you water your yard frequently, you have to fertilize it more regularly because of nutrient depletion. A fortnightly application of liquid fertilizer is sometimes more beneficial than granules as it is more readily absorbed by the leaves. Container plants will be considerably healthier with a half-strength solution of liquid fertilizer applied regularly.

5. Weed out.
This is one of the best ways to preserve the beauty of your garden by the yard.  Remember, weeds compete with your plants for both nutrients and moisture. If the weeds are not close to seeding, leave them on the bed to rot down for mulch. If you must use a weedicide, try and get a wick applicator, rather than a spray. This will protect you plants from spray-drift.

6. Water them well
One good tip when it comes to watering your garden by the yard is to give it a thorough soaking once a week, making sure there is no run-off to cause erosion. Deep watering will encourage the growth of deeper roots that will be able to withstand dry spells weatherwise

7. Say no to chemicals
Chemicals are dangerous to humans and often kill the natural predators of the pest in your garden, so avoid them if possible. There are many organic alternatives that work almost as well.

Waterproof systems and solutions

Energy star roofing systems

Metal roofing and repairs

Licensed roofing contractors


Window Cleaning Pole

Cleaning the upstairs windows of your home is easy with a telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

Why pay to have your windows cleaned by someone else when you can simply clean them yourself when they become mucky? A Window Cleaning Pole makes the task seem easy and you won’t have to struggle with awkward ladders and put your life in danger in the process. Now you can have sparkling windows on a weekly basis thanks to an easy to use Window Cleaning Pole.

Is the Window Cleaning Pole expensive to buy?

No it isn’t. Sure, you’ll have an initial outlay for the pole but once you have paid the asking price you’ll soon recoup the cost by not having to pay your window cleaner anymore. You might be tired of waiting for your window cleaner to turn up at your home and are at their mercy in some respects, because you are reliant on their services. Buy a Window Cleaning Pole and you set your own regime to ensure your glazing gleams throughout the year.

Does the Window Cleaning Pole reach all corners of the upstairs windows?

Sure does. Thanks to its telescopic abilities the Window Cleaning Pole can extend to 18 feet in total and held at arm’s length it’ll comfortably navigate all areas of the glazing. You’ll soon get used to using the Window Cleaning Pole and you might just find that the exercise does you good. That’s not to say it’ll be hard working operating the Window Cleaning Pole because it proves to be easy to control and you’ll soon master the technique.

I’m convinced, where can I buy a Window Cleaning Pole from?

Spend a minute to look online and you’ll find a site that is selling a Window Cleaning Pole in large numbers. They offer a variety of poles that come with water-fed features and they are ideal for homeowners or people who are setting up in business as window cleaners. You’ll never look back or regret your decision once you buy a Window Cleaning Pole and you’ll never have to peer through a dirty window again. is a specialist supplier of Window Cleaning Poles . If you’re looking for a Window Cleaning Pole we have a range of to suit your requirements; visit us today!

Transform Your Yard

Plano fencing is a great addition to any yard for a variety of reasons. A Plano fence can provide privacy and a great hosting atmosphere. A fence Plano has the ability to transform any yard from plain to beautiful. The wood fence has incredible potential. There are several chief reasons why Plano fencing should be added to your outdoor space.

One reason why you should add an enclosure to your yard is to increase privacy. Neighbors will no longer be able to peek into your personal space or observe your personal moments. More privacy will enable you and your family to enjoy outdoor time without interruption. Added privacy will make life more pleasant. Your worries about what your neighbors will see of you will be dramatically reduced with the addition of your new wood enclosure. Your new found privacy will set you free. This is the first reason why adding a wood barrier around your property is a brilliant idea.

Another reason why it is a wise decision to add a barrier around the edge of your property is because the enclosure will add beauty to your yard. Instead of seeing your elderly neighbor tan you’ll see your beautiful wood barrier. This is definitely a plus. Waking up in the morning and going out to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea outside in your newly enclosed yard will certainly jump start your day. Having beauty around you makes your life brighter. A beautiful yard adds value to your house too, which is a huge advantage to a wood enclosure. The wood enclosure will complement your yard and house thereby creating a beautiful look. This is another chief reason why you should invest in a wood enclosure for your yard.

Another reason why you should invest in a wood enclosure for your yard is because it will create a great environment for hosting parties and events. Your friends and family will look forward to attending outdoor parties in your beautifully enclosed yard. With a barrier protected yard parties will be private and more fun than ever before. A barrier may restrict your yard, but your fun level will not be restricted. A wood enclosure will create a wonderful yard that will become a prime party environment that all your relatives, friends and colleagues will enjoy. Don’t you want your yard to be known as the party capital of the world? This is another primary reason why you should definitely purchase a wood enclosure that surrounds your yard.

Clearly, adding a wood barrier around your yard has a lot of advantages. One of the advantages that the addition of a wood barrier provides is privacy. The enclosure also creates a beautiful outdoor atmosphere that your friends and family can enjoy. A barrier will also create a terrific outdoor party atmosphere. Entertaining guests will be taken to a new level. These are the numerous reasons why adding a wood enclosure to your yard is an excellent plan that will pay off in the future.

Chuck R. Stewart vacationed at a ranch where a Plano fencing company had installed the vast amount of fencing. The Plano fence company spent three months installing the acres upon acres of fencing.

Home Exteriors: Interesting Home Improvement Projects

The roof keeps you safe from extreme climatic conditions like heat, rain, and snow. Conducting maintenance repairs is advisable to keep your roof in good condition. Maintenance repairs also address roofing issues such as leaks and missing shingles before they become major problems. However, when the damage is too extensive, replacing and renovating your roof is your only recourse.

When you begin performing your roof repair project, it is necessary to have an objective. List down the goals, resources, and materials needed to complete the project in a timely manner. In addition, you should list down your overall objectives. You should set realistic objectives to ensure that your roof repair project is successful, is completed in a timely manner, and stays within the budget.

After listing down the objectives of your project, you should devise a financial strategy that meets your expectations. There are several elements affecting the price of your roof repair, such as the slant of the roof, the supplies used, and the market rates provided by roofing contractors. Determining these elements will assist you calculate the approximate price of your roof repair. In addition, you need to evaluate the level of difficulty for the project. Easy gable roofs are simpler to repair compared to other types of roofing. However, if the harm is more substantial, then roof replacement might entail more intensive labor and a greater financial investment.

To ensure that the project runs smoothly, you can make an outline of the project and its parameters. Creating a timetable allows you to keep track of the schedule. Additionally, an organized timetable helps you and the repair crews coordinate, so that the maintenance work does not interfere with your personal life. A Gantt chart will assist you plot the start and end date with the GIG Harbor roofing repair project.

When supervising an Olympia roofing  repair project, make sure that you are following safety and legal requirements. The contractors you hire must have insurance coverage and worker’s liability. The right insurance coverage will stop you from paying extra expenses in case accidents occur on the project site. In addition, you must obtain the necessary building permits from authorities before proceeding with the roof repair. Moreover, adjacent property owners should be notified a month before beginning with the project, to avoid legal issues.

Even though minor roof repairs are fixed as do-it-yourself projects, it is always recommended to consult a roofing contractor. A roofing contractor inspects the roof, and identifies problems that require repair. You can check your local yellow pages or the web for Puyallup roofing contractors’ local residents recommend, and begin the maintenance repairs.

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Commercial cleaning advice

Every business owner has to ensure that their offices are well taken care off. Therefore the up keep and cleaning needs to be of an impeccable standard. This leads to creating the perfect environment for your employees. When everything around them is clean and cleared of clutter they will not have a problem focusing on their work. There is no doubt that clients are deterred from forging any business relationships if they walk in to an untidy office.

Cleaning is not a simple task for large commercial companies that need attention on an everyday basis. Employing janitorial services is therefore crucial. Well prepared personnel are needed to take on this exercise so that the work is carried out properly and in a timely fashion. The services offered must consist of: carpet vacuuming, removing trash, window washing and toilet cleaning. If a company needs more specific tasks to be carried out the hired company should be able to accommodate these requests.

Chemicals that are utilized for cleaning purposes need to be employed with the utmost care. All chemicals used should not result in damaging effects to either the workers or the furniture in the office. There are standards in place for a good reason because the well being of a person is important and therefore chemicals should not endanger ones heath.

A meeting needs to take place before receiving the complete and finalized quotation from janitorial services. They need to be shown through the building so they can gather how many people need to be assigned to the task as well as listening to any special requirements you have so that you get an accurate quotation.

Diving in and hiring the lowest bidder might leave you sorely disappointed.

After all you are entrusting them with the upkeep of you possessions and they need to take care of it so you don’t end up having to deal with costs because you have to replace damaged furniture and equipment. If the figure is low go about asking some pertinent questions. For example how much time is going to be spent on your office? Make sure you follow up on references. If they have other clients that are pleased with their work then this can help immensely with the decision making process. On the flip side there could be a perfectly good explanation for a high end quotation. Maybe the chemicals being used are of a good for the environment and therefore expensive.

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Commercial Food Hygiene

Starting and running any form of food business has its challenges. But of all the things that you need to concern yourself about, the one concern that should be on top of your list when you start a food business is hygiene. This should never, never be overlooked, because doing so will lead to serious health, business, and legal repercussions for you and your business.

In the year 2000, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) was established by an Act of Parliament. The FSA is an independent department of the government that protects the health of the public and the interests of the consumers on all food items. In conjunction with this agency, The General Food Regulations 2004 and the General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002 are legislations that were put in place for food safety; both were based on the Food Safety Act of 1990.

Laws are there for compliance, and as a food business owner, you should do everything you can to make sure you know the law and comply with it. Of course, reading these laws line by line might be time consuming, so just to start you off, here’s a quick summary of the most important parts:

1. Hand washing. Yes, complying with these standards starts with something as simple as washing your hands (1) before you handle food and (2) several times during the cooking process, especially when you handle raw meat. Cross contamination is the most common method through which food borne illnesses spread, and unwashed hands are the most common vehicles for passing harmful organisms around.

2. Food washing. All the food, especially fruits and vegetables, must also be washed properly before they are cooked or served. However, because some foods spoil faster once they have been washed, you should wash them only right before they are to be used. Do not use soap for washing, as this could be absorbed by the food and be toxic to your customers. Instead, use cold water in washing, and for hard produce such as potatoes, use a clean vegetable brush to scrub its skin.

3. Site inspection. Regular inspections of the kitchen and all food-related areas such as freezers should be made. These inspections should be done as often as possible, and things that can be improved on should immediately be taken note of and corrected. Additionally, food areas should be cleaned whenever possible. Local authorities can sometimes do inspections themselves without notice, so you should always be prepared.

4. Transparency. Your customers should know what they are buying. For instance, they should know exactly what is in your sausages. The “nature or substance or quality demanded by the purchaser” should be what is given to the purchaser. Do not serve pork sausages if the order was for beef.

5. Food processing. Take all efforts to make sure that the food you serve is not made dangerous to your customers’ health because of a substance or ingredient you added or removed from the food, or because of any processing methods that you subjected the food to. For instance, if a certain type of sweetener has been proven to affect people’s health adversely, that sweetener should not be used, even if it is in your commercial interest to do so.

6. Traceability. Where did your food products come from? You should know, and you should keep records of all places from which you got your food, as well as all places to which you delivered your food. From time to time, authorities shall be asking for these records, and it is important that you be able to provide them.

Food hygiene legislation is strict, but it is that way for a reason. Keep your commercial premises clean and following these laws to ensure your customers won’t get sick and your business will not, as a result, be closed down. It is for everyone’s good – but surely, you already knew that.