Home Staging and Redesign

What does your home look like? Most homeowners would say that they love their homes and that  they are quite livable and pretty. That might be true for you, but how about other people?


What do other people actually see when they look at your property? Often, the worst evaluators are the homeowners themselves because they all have selective memory.


They don’t want to see the flaws of their houses, as if this will help them sell the house at a higher price. So this is your first challenge as an aspiring home stager: see your home for what it really is.

The market is very competitive with more sellers than buyers. This results in longer listing periods and frustrated sellers having to wait for longer periods to get their homes sold. Buyers have more options and can afford to take their time and be more demanding about what they buy.

So, as a seller how do you get your home sold quicker and also at the right price? The best course of action is to make your home more attractive than your competitors. Give buyers a compelling reason to choose your home over the multitude of other homes on the market. Motivate them to buy your home! Over deliver!

Here are a few simple yet effective Home Staging Design Tips


To get your home sold quicker you can take advantage of some these quick and easy methods to ‘refresh’ your own property before putting it on the market which will help significantly:


When a potential buyer comes into your house, we want them to imagine what it would be like to live in your house. We want the potential buyer to want to live in your house right at that moment


Remove your personal mementos because you want people to fully imagine themselves living in the various spaces of your home. Your identity as the home owner will detract from this.


You can stage the house gradually over a period of time or you can do it in just one fell swoop. Home staging typically involves the following steps:


Thorough cleaning of the property


Removing the clutter from the house


Repairing what needs to be repaired, inside and out


They say paint covers a multitude of imperfections. A coat of paint both inside and out will do wonders for your home and make it look new and fresh. Be sure to choose your colors carefully, you want to use only neutral colors when repainting your home. These give the home a broader appeal to your target market.


Second to walls the next thing that buyers notice the most is flooring. This is a window into the amount of care the home owner has taken of the property over the years. Worn or dirty carpets, scratched hardwood or broken tiles will definitely devalue the property in the buyers mind. Great care must be taken to repair broken tiles, and if your carpets are old and musty, you can invest in new carpets.

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Floor Molding

Floor molding is a traditional sand molding process. Floor molding means we make the sand castings on floor or ground by sand boxes.

The deference from other casting method is we use green sand or resin sand, and mold by manual, not by molding machines. It is a kind of old and traditional molding method, but is still widely used in China and worldwide.

As we know, floor molding uses sand as the molding material, which has low cost, easy mold manufacturing, suitable for small production volume and mass production. So, floor molding has been the basic technology of casting production.

Floor molding has existed for many years, and usually uses green sand and resin sand as the molding materials.

The most commonly used casting sand is silica sand. Silica sand can not meet the basic requirements of temperature. Chromites sand and other special corundum sand will be used for special temperature requirements. In order to make the sand mold and core with a certain intensity, casting foundries usually add sand binder, in this way, loose sand will bond together to form the molding sand. Sand binder most widely used is clay, may also have a variety of drying oil or semi-dry oil, water-soluble silicates or phosphates, and various synthetic resin for molding sand binder. According to the difference of sand binders, molding sand can be classified into the wet clay sand, or called green sand, dry clay sand and chemical hardening sand.

Although the foundries use different sands, the molding is still called floor molding. In China, we usually call it as wet sand molding, or green sand molding, but in western countries, it is still called floor molding, or floor moulding.

This article was from Dandong Foundry Blog.

A Home Designer

This is a field of Drafting and Design that is quite often overlooked. Many people equate this professional with a drafter or architect. This is actually a separate field where the designer was trained by another experienced home designer or by an architect as an apprentice.

Most people believe that all they to need do is hire a draftsman to draw the plan that they have designed. The problem here is that a drafter is an illustrator who simply takes the ideas and sketches of another to create technical drawings. Unfortunately, a drafter may or may not posses the education and skills necessary to catch a code infraction, suggest a proper flow and layout to a home design, etc.

Whereas, an architect has training to handle most large commercial or residential designs and many do not believe they should waste their time with small to medium residences. Sure, this professional is trained in all aspects of construction and design but there is a premium price to be paid in using their services.

That is why there are trained home designers. In most cases, you will find the training and experience you will need to have a workable and functional house plan completed by this professional that will not only stand the test of the building inspector but also the test of the contractor in the construction field.

A trained home designer should not only posses the ability to draw your plans, but also the education and experience to understand the building codes and what will or will not work functionally in a homes construction. He or she should also respect you enough to realize that the home they are drawing is yours and should reflect your wishes and your personality.

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Custom Yard Signs Work at the Pace of Today’s World

Every advertisement department of a business unit has a dream-to reach out to its customers and clients as much as they can. For achieving this aim, they keep on finding new advertising means. TV, radio, newspapers, internet, banners, billboards, window decals, yard signs-the means of advertisement has been getting better and better with each passing day. And lately, the yard signs are getting its significance in the marketing field as it has a lot to offer.

When there is a factor in your promotional work which is curious to the onlookers, the purpose of advertising is fulfilled and each creative marketer wants this to happen with his or her advertising tool. The yard signs are going to be a great advertising tool which actually gives a lot of benefits to a promotional activity. Yard signs are much like those adhesive posters that we see in restaurants and cinemas. Nevertheless, unlike other banners and signs, yard signs do not need holes, grommets, nails, or stings. You place them in a yard to pull all the attention and that is going to be a smart choice for any advertiser.

Yard signs are best suited for any outdoor advertising campaign. When advertisement on vehicles and decals on storefronts do the job well, the yard signs just convey a lot of things to the passerby. The best thing about these signs are that they stand un-crowded in a visually pleasing green yards and this very fact make it really very endearing to those advertisers and marketers who look forward to win over anything and everything on their way at any cost.

It’s a classical means of promotion. Besides that, a long term utility is already promised. They stand unscathed in a yard for a long time and etch well on the memory of general public and that indeed comes as a huge benefit for an advertising unit.

What is more, the yard signs are giving the benefit of customization to them. With high end technology and the material used, the glossy material remains as the supreme. Along with that, an advertiser gets the benefit of customization. Indeed, a marketer has some genuine ideas while he designs a promotional work for advertisement and yard signs just meet the need.

You might have come across many yard signs such as Apartment For Sale, Flat For Sale, Flat For Rent, Yard Sales and exhibitions. These signs are beautifully done because they can be paced elegantly in the yard without the help of rope, grommets or nails. They stand as a prominent and permanent advertising material and do the job nicely.

If you are planning to promote your business successfully, make sure that you have focused on yard signs and placed them in the places where it attracts public with its great visual appeal. You can avail these yard signs either in a local store or from an internet store. Online stores are great as you can find out many sample signs in the website and that will ultimately help a marketer to choose the appropriate yard signs for the promotional campaign.

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Maid Services Charleston – Additional Services

When you are considering hiring professional maid services for the cleaning of your home, you will also need to consider exactly what tasks the cleaner will carry out once he or she begins working for you. The services provided by various cleaning services vary. However, many of the services will tell you that there are basic cleaning services and others that are considered additional services. Additional services will in most cases be offered at an additional fee. This fee will depend on the services being offered. If you are planning to hire professional maid services Charleston you ought to make yourself familiar with services that are considered additional.

Spills are bound to happen in the oven even if we are very careful about placing food. These spills often build up and may cause bad odors and stubborn stains if they are not cleaned. Cleaning the oven is not a task that many people like to carry out daily. This is especially since these stains are usually very difficult to deal with. Professional cleaners will have the equipment as well as the necessary training and experience to handle the cleaning of ovens and removal of stubborn stains.

A maid service will also count the cleaning of the interior of your refrigerator as an additional service. Though we often don’t take notice of it, the fridge is one of the largest and most important appliances in the home. This is where all food is kept until it is needed for consumption. The fridge ensures that food lasts longer and is free of harmful germs. There are however, some microorganisms that can grow in this cold environment.

These are very harmful to human health and should be destroyed.

A maid service Charleston will ensure that your fridge is kept clean and germ free. They will clear your fridge and clean it thoroughly. The cleaner will also ensure that all stains in the fridge are removed.

The cleaning of light fixtures, walls and ceilings may also be considered an additional service. These do not require cleaning every week. They may be cleaned once in a month or two. If you want the maid service cleaner to clean these, you may have to schedule a special day for the cleaning aside from the regular cleaning.

Cupboard cleaning and organization of the home are also considered additional services. The cleaner can help you reorganize your belongings to create space or for your convenience. The cleaner can also help organize and clean your kitchen cupboards.

It is important to differentiate between standard cleaning services and those that are considered additional. You may find that you are charged an additional fee for not having realized that the task you requested your cleaner to perform was to be done at an additional cost.

If you are planning to hire professional maid services Charleston, The Cleaning Authority will provide you best services with additional service if required.


Are you searching to obtain some new flooring inside your house? Sometimes it is often complicated with so a lot of options available. The floors can genuinely create a massive distinction with your residence. That is why it is so essential that we make the accurate choice when it comes to these issues. We will aid you choose the most beneficial floors for your house.

The initial thing you will desire to select is what type of floors to choose. A lot of people typically go for carpeting, ceramic, tile flooring or a mixture with the three. All of those are beneficial options but everyone has their unique likes and dislikes at the same time as prices. If you might be searching to obtain the position done and get it carried out cheaply then you definitely may possibly wish to go with ceramic. This seems to be a kind of plastic flooring that can be place down easily enough and taken off with out as well a lot problems. Ceramic is affordable and simple but may possibly not constantly be the best-looking flooring.

Many people commonly get a combination between floor and tile. These two are broken up in properties for tile in some places for example the kitchen and hallways whilst the carpeting is inside the most well-liked rooms. This can be what a great deal of traditional houses do. Gym floor is a beneficial selection to possess in a very home because it can be really comfy to walk on barefoot. It could also arrive in a very broad array of shades and textures too to suit the design of your own home.

Tile in these latest a long time has turn into one from the most popular types of flooring accessible in the marketplace these days. Tile floorings are nicely appreciated mainly because it is possible to very easily clear them following a mess is made. They are low upkeep and so they look beautiful. You are able to choose a kind of tile you like and it will last you for a long time. It is not usually the least complicated to set up so you may want to possess a group of professionals to install it.

Tile is also good simply because it is possible to have designs it. You will find tile styles known as listellos and mosaics, which can be put to the tile inn certain places with your property. These can significantly alter the appear of your home from ordinary to gorgeous and extravagant. These patterns are starting to be a lot more and far more well-known in our time. Use one of these strategies and you are going to find the appropriate type of flooring for any residence.

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DIY Conservatories

So, you want to buy a conservatory, but you’re on a budget. You don’t want to sacrifice quality: if you’re going to end up with a conservatory you don’t want, you might as well not waste your money. Where you can save money is by erecting the conservatory yourself. From “Changing Rooms” and “Home Improvement” all the way through to the more grandiose plans of “Grand Designs”, there’s been something of a DIY revolution over the past 20 years. We’re all busy putting up shelves and curtain poles, so why should a conservatory bother you?

First of all, rest assured that doing it yourself doesn’t mean sacrificing choice. DIY conservatories come in all shapes and sizes, and most popular designs are available for home construction. These include the lean to designs popular for use with bungalows, as well as more traditional Victorian and Edwardian designs. DIY conservatories also offer the opportunity for you to design your own style of conservatory. Maybe you need something slightly smaller than the standard design, or a conservatory twice the size of any on the market.

You can adapt your design so you have a conservatory that maximises your available space. Many suppliers offer DIY conservatories with wall panels and skylights which can be built up around existing flooring. It also removes one of the trickiest parts of conservatory construction; digging the foundations and pouring concrete. A note of caution. You might be the world’s most confident DIY enthusiast, but before you go charging into the conservatory construction business, take a step back and ask yourself objectively, “Have I got the necessary experience?” We’ve joked about it, but it’s important to remember that building a conservatory is a construction job like any other and shouldn’t be taken on lightly.

Even if you have plenty of experience in similar minor construction jobs (e.g. erecting a garden shed, porch or treehouse), sit down and run through everything that you might need to know for the job. Do you know how to dig foundations? If you’re planning to add certain amenities, do you have the necessary experience and qualifications? Have you ever plumbed in a water supply before? Are you familiar with wiring? Remember, it is illegal for unqualified personnel to go messing about with gas supplies. If you do have the experience and are confident in your own abilities, then don’t let me stop you.

If, however, you realise your skills are lacking, then there is no shame in calling in a professional builder, electrician, glazier, etc. You can always order your dream DIY conservatory and then have a builder you are familiar with build it. That way, you will still make a saving on the astronomical costs of getting one firm to supply and build it. You might alternatively get help in for specific parts of the job. You might have all the necessary experience to erect DIY conservatories and fit blinds, flooring, etc, but get a spark in to do the electrics. The best suppliers will be able to give you additional advice during constructions, but its best to make sure they offer this service before you order from them.

It’s also worth noting that even the most confident of builders will need a couple of friends along to help with stages of construction. You can’t lift and fit an entire conservatory on your own.

Once it’s done, you can sit back and enjoy your custom-designed conservatory. And how much better will it feel knowing you built it with your own bare hands (or, at least, slightly fuller pocket)?

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Do-It-Yourself Favors

As a bride, one of the last things you want to be doing is operating a hot glue gun on hundreds of favors just weeks before the wedding. One of the worst parts about do-it-yourself favors is that if you aren’t creatively inclined, you could end up wasting more money in the process.

So how can you achieve the affordability of do-it-yourself favors without running the risk of looking cheap?

Mix and Match – While we understand that the main reason for creating do-it-yourself favors is generally to save money, you can’t cut too many corners on your favors. One easy way to ensure that your favors will still look great is to combine a pre-made favor with your own DIY creation. This works well if you want edible favors, like cupcakes, cookies or chocolate covered treats. You can bake or create your edible portion of the favor the week before the wedding and order a simple custom container, like monogrammed bags, or personalized jars or tins.

Quality – Go for quality materials on your favors. If you’re creating a do-it-yourself favor you should be able to cut costs drastically without cutting out the quality of your favor. If you’re being crafty, make sure you’re using the right kinds of adhesives, fabrics and paints. Cutting corners on materials can lead to a DIY favor disaster, so if you’re following instructions, make sure you follow them to the tee.

Make it meaningful – Some people prefer to create their own favors to thank their guests in a unique and personalized way. This is great for creative brides and grooms that take pride in their special baking, drawing or musical skills. For instance, if you have a secret family recipe that your friends and family love, packaging it yourself shows you took the time to show your gratitude. For truly unique wedding favors, you could include a portion of your vows or some of your favorite quotes.

Personalize – Adding some customization to your DIY favor is one of the best ways to achieve a high quality look. Attaching tags with ribbon or ordering personalized stickers are a simple and cost effective way to personalize your gift. If you really want to personalize for each guest, you can replace your placeholders at dinner with your personalized favor, which helps combine two costs. One tip on personalizing is to avoid handwritten tags and stickers whenever possible. Even if you’re going for a casual look, hand-writing on your favors is a quick way to give away the secret of your favor’s origin. Unless you’re great at calligraphy or custom lettering, it’s easier to print tags, buy pre-made ones or even go without instead of going with handwriting.

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Home Design Software Reviews | Home Design Software

he band is wider and thicker in the case of the engagement ring for the to-be groom and thinner and more delicate for the bride-to-be. The engagement ring designs could be contemporary or antique. The designs and material depend on the budget of the couple and personal preference. The engagement rings are designed in gold or silver or platinum, in the case of an elaborate budget. The antique style engagement rings are very popular for their exquisite designs and intricate metal work. The most popular antique style engagement ring is the inter-woven ring. The pattern is unique and very elegant to behold.Antique style engagement rings for the to-be groom:
In the case of men, the antique style engagement rings do not really have much variety to offer. However, you can be innovative and work on an existent design. You could consider setting a birth stone or one with your favorite color or even embossing an initial or complete name. The antique style engagement rings for men include the symbolic Celtic knots and patterns. The inter-woven strands of metal, the believed symbolism behind the design and the overall appeal add to the enigma that these rings flaunt. The circle of life, the law of cause and effect and eternal love are just some of the symbols in the antique style Celtic engagement rings that you could consider.
Antique style engagement rings for the bride-to-be:There are a number of antique style engagement rings available for the bride to be; the puzzle ring, the name ring and the inter-woven ring are just a few to name. Antique style engagement rings for the bride-to-be can be personalized by giving an existent preference a make over. The metal could be gold or silver or platinum in this case too.

Keeping in mind the household chores that a woman deals with daily, the antique style engagement rings for the bride-to-be are very versatile and easily removable. The puzzle ring is a set of inter-woven rings that do not come apart, but simply slide over one another and remain linked forever.Antique style engagement ring resources: There are a number of dedicated jewelers that operate both online and offline and are accessible 24×7. They understand the budget and design the antique style engagement rings for the bride and groom-to-be accordingly. These resources have professional craftsmen who come up with some fantastic add-ons and embellishments to existing patterns, and ensure that even if the couple is confused in the choice between a contemporary, modern design and an antique style engagement ring, they create a great combination of features! It’s your engagement ring, who says you can’t be innovative and experimental! Antique style engagement ring features:
It is very easy to recognize an antique style engagement ring. The common features include the dull look, the neat finish, the intricate strand work and the overall craftsmanship – well rounded edges and all! The antique style collection of engagement rings for the bride and groom-to-be come from various cultures across the world and quite a few are responsible for the resurgence of interest in the forgotten art. The ring patterns replicated today are copies of the unearthed artifacts and prized museum exhibits. The market for antique style engagement rings is enjoying an upscale with many couples tracing real value for the investment within these designs; Victorian and Celtic.The antique style engagement rings for the bride and groom-to-be, interestingly, from different cultures, symbolize an eternal bond; the band being a sign of the circle of life. In some ancient cultures the engagement ring stood for the promise of fidelity and in case of the contrary, the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be had to slide the ring off before and after an act of infidelity! Wow, food for thought! For some people, buying a wedding ring insurance or engagement ring insurance may not seem to be a good idea. It could be due to the emotions attached with this piece of jewelry. However, one shouldn’t forget that just like any other commodity, you need to protect your engagement ring too. Let us understand the various aspects of engagement ring insurance.It should be noted that a renter’s or home insurance policy doesn’t provide full coverage for fine jewelry items like an engagement ring. The information about different engagement ring policies provided below, would help in understanding them in a detailed manner. On the basis of careful study of different policies, one should decide upon which policy to buy.To buy an engagement ring insurance, one should possess all the receipts and certificates of the ring. The next step in the process is determining the cost of the ring. A ring appraisal should be secured in order to fix the cost of the ring. One can think about getting engagement ring insurance arranged by the jeweler itself. It is however necessary to obtain correct information regarding the extent of coverage provided by the insurance policies.Homeowner Policies Under the homeowner policies, coverage for engagement rings is provided in case any damage is caused to the house due to tornadoes, fire and other such problems. These policies however, do not cover damage caused to the ring as a result of household chores and other such things.


Do-It-Yourself Candles

Do-it-yourself candles have become a recent craze. More and more homemakers are turning to candle making as a source of income and a worthy pastime. It is a great way to make personal presents and giveaways. But as we all know, this craft is nothing new. Before there were light bulbs and lamps, there were candles.

In order to earn big bucks from making your own candles, buy good quality materials.

If you want to cash in on candle making, or would simply like to make your own candles, you must perfect the process of molding the candle itself. You want to get high quality materials for you candles. Materials include wicks, molds, coloring and scents. These are all available in either craft or hobby shops.

The first step in candle making is to prepare the wax. You do this by melting it in a double boiler. A double boiler is simply one large pot filled with water and placed on the stovetop. Another smaller pot that contains the un-melted wax is sat inside the larger pot. Wax will burn when you try to melt it so using a double boiler makes it easy.

Carefully place a wick on the center of the mold you choose while filling the mold with your melted wax. Let it sit until the mixture is solid. To make the process a bit faster, you can put the mixture inside the freezer. To ensure easy removal of the wax mixture, coat your mold with non-stick spray.

There is almost no end to the different types of candles you can make at home. With the different fragrances, colors, and decorations your only limit is your imagination. Some candle making enthusiasts have gone as far as to make their own molds using liquid latex in order to create amazing candles.

These molds however are notorious for being flimsy.

It is going to be quite hard to fill it with wax if you don’t have anything to support the mold from the outside. You can use a cardboard piece to remedy this. Just place a hole big enough for the mold to fit inside the cardboard. Be sure that the cardboard only covers until the lip of the latex mold. The board will prop up the otherwise flimsy latex mold.

Selling candles can be extremely simple, once you acquire the skill for making candles. Coupled with your own creativity and attractive packaging, you will definitely find a market for your homemade candles. Perfecting candle making requires a few tries but once you’re on a roll, you will be surprised at how fast you’ll be selling them.

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