Maid of Honor Toasts

You’re the Maid of Honor. Congratulations!

You’ve got a lot of responsibilities in your position as the bride’s best friend and helper. For example, did you know you’re required to make the Maid of Honor Toast?

Yes! Really!

Okay, relax. This is not as scary as you’re probably thinking. Take a deep breath and sit down. Here are some suggestions:

1. You’re not expected to be polished and professional. After all, you’re the bride’s best friend, not Colin Powell! The reason you’re here now is to honor the bride and groom. It’s not about you. It’s about THEM. Remember that and you’ve mastered half the battle!
2. Start with a brief introduction of who you are. Most likely at least half of the guests (the groom’s side, anyway) will not know who you are. You could start with something like, “I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Olivia, and I grew up with (bride’s name).”
3. If you have a funny story about you and the bride, share it. Wedding guests love to hear stories, and it will help you warm up to the audience a little. After all, who doesn’t like to hear a funny story? (And a little laughter will help you feel better!)
4. Say something nice about the bride and groom, maybe how nice they look, or how much in love they are, something that you’ve noticed and think others will see also. Remember, it’s about them!
5. One of the advantages of giving the Maid of Honor Toast is that you know of one of the bride’s funny quirks that the groom is now going to have to live with. Share it! Everyone deals with some silly habit from a loved one, you know, Grandpa leaves his teeth on the kitchen counter and Grandma constantly drops them in the garbage disposal, or Aunt Lucy leaves the cap off the toothpaste and drives Uncle Joe crazy.

If the bridal couple are of a spiritual frame of mind, you can offer some Bible verses or other spiritual thoughts.
7. Advice! If you want to, that is – you can offer some words of advice to the new couple, things like “look at each new day as a new beginning,” “treat each other like fine china, gently and with care,” “tell each other I love you every day,” “start each day with a kiss,” and so on.
8. Offer your best wishes to the couple. Again, this is about the bride and groom and their new life together. Tell them what you wish for them, long life, happiness, many children, etc. These are things that you wish for them, but also things that you know they are hoping and planning for also.

Some Maids of Honor Toasts are long, and some are short. There is no hard and fast rule. You may want to have a list of things you want to cover, or you may not, depending on if you want to be spontaneous. Most Maids of Honor bring at least a small outline. It is very possible that you may feel all conscious reason leave your brain when you stand up to speak, so an outline may be helpful to keep your thoughts together!

Generally a Maid of Honor Toast is made within the first half of the reception, after the initial excitement of the meal but before people start to leave.

Remember, this toast is about the bride and groom, not about you. If you can keep this in mind, your toast will be beautiful!

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