You Have to Believe in the Law of Attraction and Money If You Want It to Work


A person’s perspective has a lot to do with whether they have money in their bank account or not. If you are always feeling sorry for yourself or worrying about what you don’t have, more than likely you will receive more of the same. The people who focus on the opposite will always have abundance. However, it is important to focus on things that are actually attainable. When you choose things that even your logical mind cannot believe, it won’t happen because there is doubt lingering. If you say you will win the lottery, but never buy a ticket, it isn’t going to happen. Things won’t magically appear without any effort. The idea is to believe in small things and gradually take steps towards larger affirmations. This helps your logical mind grasp the things you want, and it helps you become more accustomed to receiving things through the law of attraction and money. The idea is to find a money affirmation that works for you. You will want to focus on this idea and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. It needs to be said like you believe it and needs the attention it deserves. Once the original law of attraction and money has been accomplished, change it to something that focuses on the current situation.



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