Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can make a huge difference to your home and there are many different styles and types of flooring to choose from. You might choose to purchase laminate flooring, or you could choose to go for the real wood flooring. Either look great, are easy to take care of and relatively easy to fit.

Laminate is a popular choice and this type of flooring may be fitted in just about any room from the kitchen, to the living room or bathroom. Of course you will have to choose a waterproof flooring for such as the kitchen or bathroom. When it comes to choices and styles there are many. Laminate is made of fibreboard plank that has been compressed and is then covered with a realistic image of the type of wood, stone or even tile that you have chosen. This type of wood flooring is one of the cheapest and there are many good points to purchasing it. It is generally hard wearing and has what is termed as a ‘click lock’ system, which means it is very easy to install without the need for glue. However, some types do require gluing so choose with care.

Real wood, when used for flooring, is typically made from a single piece of wood and generally fitted used a tongue and groove system. When you choose real wood for your floor it usually comes with a score which tells you the hardness of the wood. This, of course, relates to how easy it is to damage the flooring. With this in mind, if you are using it for a part of the room that will see a lot of traffic, the higher the score the better. The beauty of using this type of flooring is that if the top does become damaged, it is relatively easy to sand it down and restore it to its former glory. As you might expect, real wood is more costly than laminate flooring. However, it does look exceptional when fitted and is harder wearing than laminate. Something to be aware of is that if damp gets to the wood it has a tendency to swell and then shrink in dry conditions. It also has to be glued or nailed, which makes fitting it more of a job than installing laminate flooring.

When considering purchasing wood flooring from Wickes, be sure to take into account the fact that there will be some waste when cutting and laying the floor. Therefore it is advisable purchase an extra pack of laminate or wood flooring. Usually, flooring comes in packs enough to cover 2 square meters of floor space, so when measuring your room ensure it is rounded up to the very nearest square meter, taking into account extra. Bear in mind also that you may need underlay if you are using laminate flooring and of course you will want to purchase the tools that make laying flooring much easier. Order online and have your new flooring delivered to your doorstep.

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Wood Flooring Contractor

There are many considerations that go into purchasing flooring for your home. This is true whether you are decorating a new house or redesigning an existing one. You will discover that there are a wide variety of flooring choices. Wood floors are some of the most popular and sought after styles. They require expert techniques and a qualified contractor.

What to Expect from a Wood Floor Contractor?

It doesnt matter, what style of wood floors you choose. Hiring a qualified contractor will be paramount. There are a number of things to consider in this process. You can choose from laminate or traditional wood styles. Most contractors are able to accommodate the customers wishes. This is why you need to find out specifics from a potential contractor. Dont feel intimidated about asking questions. You will need to know details about the services a contractor is able to provide.

Experience Matters

One of the important things to look for in a contractor is one that has experience. This doesnt simply mean that they have worked on laminate wood flooring. It means that they are experts in the field of wood flooring. Certifications and licenses should factor into this consideration. These will allow you to feel secure in the experience level of your contractor.

Have a plan

You should not only expect to question your potential contractor. He or she will most likely have some questions for you as well. This is why knowing what you want before hand is important. You will also need to think about your budget for your project. Are you having the floor in your hallway or dining room finished? Or will your entire house be included in this project? These differences will effect the time required and the overall price of your work.

Details to look for

Depending on the project that you have in mind, you will require specific tasks from your contractor. This is one of the reasons to consider your individual project before hiring a contractor. There will be time consuming details required for specific projects. Here are some of the things to consider for your wood flooring:

* Installation steps for new floors

* Installation steps for refinished floors

* Process for treating wood floors

* Choices for finishing your floors

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Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring’s have always been very trendy or fashionable and now it’s also gaining popularity in offices or other formal rooms. The reasons behind their popularity are their warm look, variety, affordability, ease of maintenance, high value and Eco friendliness. Today there is a very wide variety of flooring materials in the market, so it is not very difficult to choose a perfect hard wood flooring material for your home or office. People like more hardwood flooring’s as compare with other flooring’s like tiles, vinyl etc, because the hardwood flooring provides very simple and attractive look to their homes. There are many choices available for hardwood flooring’s but the most famous are parquets and plank. Basically the parquet floors are made up of hardwood and it has a square shape. Different people arrange these hardwood squares in different geometrical designs, in order to get attractive look.

The second most prominent design of hardwood flooring is plank style. In plank style the hard wood strips are put together in one plank. Generally these planks are between three to six inches and they can install easily as compared with any other hardwood flooring design. The installation of hardwood flooring’s becomes very easy nowadays, because the manufacturers have developed their installed systems which help their consumers to install these flooring’s by themselves in their homes or anywhere they want. But you can also get the assist of professionals in order to install your hardwood floor. The hardwood flooring’s are also very easy to maintain and clean. You can easily clean the dust or any kind of dirt with the help of a soft rug. Nowadays some specific cleaning liquids are also widely available for more serious cases like wax drips or oil spills. Cuts and scratches can be sanded out after a specific time period, so the floors will retain the same look as they have when they were installed.

In market there are various types of urethane solutions are available, which you can use to refinish your hardwood floors. The most common type of urethane is oil modified urethane. It contains a base which can be made up of different materials like plasticizers, petroleum resins, and many other ingredients that can increase the durability of your hardwood floor. This product is available with different sheen levels. It is a solvent based solution, so it dries in about 8 hours. The water based is another type of urethane. This kind of product is composed of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming materials. This type of urethane is very popular because it has an excellent ability to resist moisture. The cost of water based urethane is more than any other kind of such materials, but it also provides very beautiful outlook a hardwood floor. The other advantage of this material is, it is least odorless as compare with any material and it will dry after 2 to 3 hours after applying it on the surface of hardwood floor.


Wood Flooring

Wood floors in Spotsylvania, VA have always been popular.  Wood floors give a room a sense of formality and warmth and allows for versatility.  With a wood floor you are not locked into a color or pattern like you would be with carpeting.  You can leave the wood floors exposed, or by adding or changing out the area rugs in the room you can easily change the whole look and feel.  And with the many choices of woods available anyone will be able to find something in their budget that will work.
If you have an unlimited budget you can make your flooring very unique by adding borders or medallions to a room.  As beautiful as this is and as much as you love it, you want to be careful not to personalize it too much.  If there ever comes a time when you want to sell your home, instead of adding value, it could take away value if people feel like they will have to redo the floors.  

Many people like the idea of wood floors in Spotsylvania, VA, but don’t want the mess or an overwhelming expense to put the flooring in their homes.  The flooring industry has responded with engineered flooring.  This is a layer of real hardwood flooring over some type of plywood that with click and lock together.  The hardwood is finished at the factory so there is no mess when it gets to your home.  No need for sanding, smelly finishes, or having to wait to walk on it.  Click and lock it together and you are ready to go.  

If you want the traditional wood floors in Spotsylvania, VA there is a wide variety from which to choose.  You can go with the hardwood domestic woods like oak and maple, or there are more exotic wood available too.  The exotic woods could be tiger wood, teak, Brazilian rosewood, or more.  The exotic woods will give you a wider range of colors from which to choose.  These types of hardwood floors would likely be better installed by a professional.  
And if you want to go green you have some choices as well.  Bamboo is becoming very popular because it is very renewal and durable.  Bamboo is not really a wood, but works like it is.  It is naturally a light color but there is bamboo flooring that has been stained darker. 

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